Written by unknown

2 Jan 2010

Hi I'll call myself Dave I am 51 yrs old my wife I will call kath is 50, she's about 5ft 6" tall plumpish size 16 and has very big breasts.

We have always had a good sex life until 16 months ago I had major heart surgery and the tablets I am taking effect me where's I still get sexual feelings but never a full hard on which makes things difficult in that area, kath says it does'nt really bother her but I know it does the times I hear her pleasuring herself with the vibrators etc and the tubes of jell lying around used says it all.

Anyway I've visited this site over the years and always enjoyed the stories some too good to be true but hey you believe what you want to believe, I talked kath round to looking and ever sincs she's never been off the site.

Recently I talked her round to chatting online etc and she's been talking to this guy called bill he is 63yrs old married and lives about 70miles away, there was nothing to it until I said why don't you meet up with someone you need a good seeing too kath, she looked sheepish and said weel to tell you the truth bill has suggested meeting but without our partners, I said look go ahead she said no only if your there so they arranged to meet up half way with me being there, bill seemed a nice guy, he had a thick scouse accent I thought a bit old for kath but I think she felt safer, we had a few drinks and chatted he said his wife was not interested in sex he had'nt had sex for about 4 yrs and said he was away golfing, he looked fit for his age did not look 60 never mind 63.

I suggested we go up to the room for drinks he went off to the toilet and I said to kath be easy on him she smiled nervously and said are you sure you want me to go ahead with this I placed my hand between her thighs and she was damp with excitement so I knew it was right to go ahead, bill came back and up we went I said look bill you know the score you can do anything you want to to kath as long as she excepts it, he smiled and said I'll be gentle not sure if she will with you I laughed I sat in the tv area of the room as they both went into the bedroom after a few quiet mins I looked into the room as they agreed to leave the door open they were both kissing and petting each other heavily kath was well into him he had his hand up her skirt feeling her well trimmed bush as kath looked my way I smiled and said enjoy it babe.

He then unbuttoned her top and it was off before I knew it pushing her bra up and over her big tits gorging himself on her nipples she just sighed with delight as he sucked on her tits and fingered her they both stood up and undressed fuck me bill had a cock about 8" and thick and stood to attention like a 20yr olds his eyes bulged out when kath took her panties off I don't think he'd ever seen a cunt so well trimmed and ready to be fucked before

He went straight down on her the noise of him lapping her juices was quite a turn on I think she cum straight away wrapping her legs over his shoulders and grabbing the sheets as though she would slide off the bed, he came up for air and said in his scouse accent I've never tasted anyone so good now I'm gonna fuck your cunt good and hard, he started to rub his big bell end up and down her crack as she moaned and held tight onto the sheets as he entered her eager wet hole she let out a scream of contentment biting his shoulder as her filled her up to his big balls his balls were the size of a bullocks they were massive the noise of them bouncing off kaths wet arse and fanny and her juices flying everywhere she started to claw at his back my god I thought you were well and truly ready for a cock he exploded in her as he turned her over his hot spunk was running out of her well used gaping hole then he entered her again fuck me I thought are you really in your 60's he was fucking like a young guy after a few seconds kath made a heavy sigh I knew she'd cum the noise of her fanny was so loud I thought she was going to faint he withdrew and kath eagerly mounted him her big tits bouncing in his face as her juices splattered everywhere she moved off him slowly kissing him down to his balls where she started to lick and suck them running her tongue up the length of his shaft she then started to suck it taking every inch of him slowly until he came again the spunk was running out the side of her mouth but she kept swallowing before they both lay fucked on the bed after he dressed and left for his room kath said it was amazing and started kissing me and rubbing my soft cock she said I'm still horny so I suggested she follow bill to his room which she did after I escorted her there when he opened the door his smile lit the place up as you can imagine I left them to it and he fucked her all night the dirty old sod.

She is still chatting to guys on line and we are meeting a young guy in his late 30's tonight in the same hotel so I will keep you's informed.