Written by acapp1

28 Jun 2010

This is a fantasy that I have held for more years than I can remember. You see, I would just love to see some-one make love to my wife and fill her with hot sticky cum. I don't want to see them just stick it in and fuck her, I want to see her enjoy the caressing and kissing before it gets to the fucking stage.

I am, I suppose, a latent cuckold just wanting to see another man enjoy what I have been enjoying for all of our marriage and be told to sit and watch while he shows me what a real man can do by making her cum repeatedly using his finger, tongue and cock.

We have discussed this many, many times and she has admitted that she would love to be taken by another man while I watch and this makes her cum hard every time we make love. The problem is how to make fantasy become reality? How do you find another man that will fulfil our fantasy, it's not like we can just go out together and another man chats her up and seduces her with me there is it? She has said that if this happened and she fancied the other guy and everything felt right about it, she definitely would but what can I do to make it happen? The only stipulation she has said about this happening is that it must be "˜coincidental' and not "˜set up' to happen as if she knows that I have set it up, she would not enjoy the moment at all....she wants it all to happen naturally.

Perhaps if I describe my wife you guys could give me some ideas about how to go about this and what you would do to her if we could fix this up?

Sue (not real name) is 5'3'' tall, slim and has the cutest 34b titties a man could wish to suck and nibble on. Although she is nearly 50 she looks at least 10 years younger with her sexy smile and shoulder length straight dark hair. She really looks after her body and keeps herself completely shaven which makes licking and sucking her little clitty a real pleasure as you don't get any awkward little hairs caught in your teeth or down the back of your throat!

She has the cutest smile that makes her appear "˜sweet and innocent' and her lips are just made for kissing. This is something she is particularly good at as she lets her tongue explore all areas of your mouth. She just loves her neck, hair and face being caressed as she kisses and especially likes little kisses around her neck.

One thing that my Sue really likes and that is to feel hands gently stroking her body all over while I get to work with my tongue between her sweet little lips at the top of her legs. This makes her gently moan with pleasure and thrust her hips so my tongue can explore inside her or from her bottom to the top of her mounds venus. A guaranteed way to bring her off quickly is to pull her lips open and gently pull the skin up towards her breasts as this exposes her clit even more for the attention of my tongue.

Do you think you can pleasure her as much (or more)? Let me know how you think the love making would go and who knows? I might just have to put on SP where we will be, what time and when for you to try and make this happen.