Written by Unknown

16 Sep 2007

I met the lovely sexxy Sue and loved every minute of our intimate play. She stripped me of my clothes and made a beeline for my cock -- OMG -- I don\\\'t think I\\\'ve *ever* had such a good BJ -- I still have the scars to prove it --- I could barely even speak whilst she had me in her mouth .... And talk about cumming in an exuberant way -- Sue is fantastic -- really sexxy -- turned me on massively just to be close to her ..... And the second time we made love she was on the sofa with me kneeling in front of her --- I just love that position -- I could look her direct in the eyes and smile -- and kiss her from time to time -- and really give her the best thrusts I could find .... *very* exciting .... and *very* wet .... it worked for me babes -- and when I left to kip in my car I could hardly get into my sleeping bag cos I was still stood out like a tent pole .... soon babes ... lets spend the night together and made wild passionate noisy sexx -- your pal TJ xxxxxx