Written by unknown

26 Mar 2008

my X was very inexperienced in sex as i was her only partner when we married, we had 2 small children so money was tight. so she took a job as a bar maid in a night club as it was the only time she could work to fit in with my work time. it all began when a girl i worked with said her boyfriend had just got a job as a doorman in a new night club that was about to open, she mentioned it to my wife ( who i will call kay ) she went for the interview and as she had worked in a bar before, she got the job.she was always in by 3am then the door man ( ken ) said to save both of them driving he would pick her up & drop her off so she could have a drink after work. a few weeks had passed and there was a fancy dress night coming up so i she said she and a friend were going in grass skirts etc, off she went ken picked her up she didn't get in until 5am she was very drunk and horny as i put my hands up her skirt her thong was wet i pulled them off and could tell it was'nt her cum but some body else's all sticky after kissing and while i was fucking her i said has somebody else fucked you tonight she went all quiet and defensive. i said wqas it ken she said sort of, the boss had asked to see her in his office as everyone was away apart from himself, ken and kay. he shut the door and started to kiss her and feel her tits she said i was aroused but i said no at first then he started to rub her slit and slid his finger inside of her thong. as they were kissing her put his finger insidfe of her and started to rub her now wet and swollen clit the two and then three finger bynow she was wet and he had her tits out sucking them he lay her over the table and pulled her soaking wet thong off and started to lick her he then got out his cock she said it was about 9" and very thick and started to rub it up and down her slit then he thrust it up her with one heavy thrust making her cum straight away he then turned her over and took her from behind making her scream and cum again he then asked her to tit wank him with her 38d tits and she said i took him in my mouth and swallowed the full 9" and swallowed all his cum. they got ready and left the room. ken was just about finished locking up and when he let the boss out he said to kay i just have to lock the cellar come with me and we will go straigh out. she said i need to go to the toilet first and when she went in she had forgot she left her thong in the boss's room just as she entered the room for her thong ken was sitting on the chair with her thong in his mouth he said i was at the door listening to him fucking you now it's my turn she said he fucked her against the wall on the floor over the table the took her into the club and they fucked in the middle of the dance floor she said she had never cum as much he the turned her over and arse fucked her she said it hurt at first but was the best experience she had ever had, obviously after she told me i pounded her now red raw fanny and arse and she fucked ken and her boss for a few months after that as well.

will tell you some time about hte holiday experience with two black guys she had