Written by unknown

26 Feb 2008

what turn on to see my partner and his first bi ex!!

we'd been out clubbing and as normal i was hot as hell and horny for some cock to play with. i was getting alot of attension from a group of 7 black guys, g was watching from the bar as their hands worked there way over my body i was so horny by then i didn't care that my brests were on show and my skirt was up but i felt a hand playing with my lips and god i was wet. the next thing i was in the toilets of the club on my knees sucking nice black cocks i heard g asking if they wanted to come to ours. in no time we was in our place with me sucking on 8 yes 8 cocks 1 being g's it was long before i was being fucked from both ends. being filled full of cum thats when i saw it g was sucking on 1 of my black cocks and this made me even wetter than i'd ever been. his always been bi-courious now he was there i felt a slame of hot cum ozzing out of my pussy as the cock he was sucking exploded over his face he was now being bent over the sofa next to me his face contorted as a cock was pushed in to his arse he let out a few crys as he was being fucked the others had finished with me so i moved over and pushed his face to my pussy and told him to lick it clean of cum. they all took turns of fucking him and having him suck there cocks. and i loved it and want more it was so horny watching him being fucked now we both love black cocks ;-)