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The dentist met Ann

"and how they became friends"
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Jackie, Trish, Den and I spent the summer weekends meeting, having loads of sex, resting in the hot tub or sunbathing in the garden. I was spending more time at Jackie's but still had other lovers. As summer turned to autumn and the garden became less inviting we decided to go out for dinner. Den drove, it was not far but I had never been to the place before. We were shown to a table, given menus and asked what we would like to drink. The waitress, Jan as her badge said, was early 20s, red hair, slim, tits that said look here, and a neckline that did nothing to disguise her cleavage. She took our drink order and left us to select our food. "I know what they want for dessert." Trish informed. "The waitress?" Jackie asked. "Shall we take her home?" "Best not." I advised. "Why not, you both want to fuck her!" Trish retorted in her crude language. She never spoke like it all the time, but she turned it on when it made the most impact. A couple looked over from a table behind her. "True, but this is not the place to recruit." I suggested, Trish looked behind herself. She toned down her language, leaned over the table and proceeded quietly. "...but you would play?" "Yes I would but this is not the place." "Prude" Trish retorted. The conversation was interrupted by drinks and an invitation to order food. Jan took our orders. I have to admit I was a little jealous of Den, Jan was standing right next to him, her tits almost in his face. Mercifully the conversation changed, the food was good, I paid the bill, Den left a large cash tip. I should not have eaten so much and loosened my belt as we reached the car park. Trish sat in front with Den, Jackie with me. "Would you play with that waitress?" Jackie asked. "I would, in the right situation, would you mind?" I answered. Jackie was silent, "They would both fuck her." Trish filled the silence. "I don't think so. I'm not sure I would like it, but I think I would be OK." Jackie informed everyone. "He fucks me, and Den can fuck who he likes as long as I'm there." Jackie thought, "You can play with who you like." She hugged my arm. "You can't stop a man when he's after pussy." Trish concluded. Everyone left that remark unanswered, each for their own reasons. Back at Jackie's we stripped down to undies. Trish asked, "Would you fuck her?" Den admitted he would. I asked "You clearly fancy another woman here, does it have to be the waitress?" "Why not the waitress, you looked at her like you wanted her?" Jackie came to my rescue, "Do you know someone who would join us?" "I do" I showed a face picture of Ann on my phone. Trish asked "lets see some tits….for Den!" "I don't have any." "Look what Den took of me." Trish produced pictures of tits and pussy on her phone. I could tell Jackie was becoming tired of Trish. I took the phone from her, pulled her knickers down, freed my cock and pushed it into her. "Did the pics turn you on?" "No, getting my cock in you did it." "Did you like pictures of me fingering my cunt." I was surprised she came very quickly, well before me and I just continued to bang away. There was not much I could do to distract her. I thought sex would but Trish just whispered loudly about the waitress being shagged and fucked by Den and me, how seeing Den fuck turned her on. That is how the night continued, Jackie was a bit embarrassed, Trish fantasized about the waitress and I wondered if she had a bi fantasy she was hiding. The following weekend was different. Trish and Jackie cooked, I did some last minute running around and Den set the table. Den and I were in smart open necked shirts. Trish and Jackie waited to change. Trish changed into a blue dress, a single cord around her neck held a flap that almost failed to cover her breast, the cutaway back plunged stopping just short of bum cleavage. The dress was ankle length but slashed almost to her hip. Each step revealed her thigh. Jackie wore a red silk dress, loads of pleats in the skirt, but body hugging up top. She slipped 2 inch heels on when the doorbell rang. Ann arrived wearing a loose fitting grey dress. I had seen it before, the bow around the back of her neck acted as a quick release. A tug and the dress would fall to the ground. If G2gshe kept to form the dress was all she wore. I introduced everyone, we had drinks, sat on the sofas, very proper. I had warned Trish to moderate her language, pussy not cunt, play not fuck and asked Ann to play straight, not that play was a foregone fact. Ann sat at the end of the table, Den and I next to her, Jackie by Den and Trish by me. Jackie and Trish served food. The plates were large and portions small, very novo cuisine. They had done an excellent job and I was impressed. Ann ran her foot up my shin, she was happy to stay and play. I asked how the garden was doing and everyone made positive comments. I was not bothered by Den's comment, I took it as read that he was up for fun. "Shall we go upstairs?" I asked, "or would you like coffee?" "Perhaps later." Jackie suggested, taking Ann's hand. The bed was king size, four could play easily, I wonder how much room there was for five. I waited Den to look, I was standing behind Ann, I tugged at the bow, the dress fell, I gently pushed Ann forward, she stepped out of her dress, towards Den. He froze, she opened his shirt, then his trousers, she pushed them down, took a buttock in each hand and pulled his body towards her. His hard cock pressed against her stomach. That broke the spell, Den took hold of her, shuffled to the bed like a penguin, his trousers around his ankles. I pulled down the zip on Jackie's dress, it fell to the ground. She undid my shirt, "didn't you want her first?" "I've had her, let Den have the pleasure, besides, Trish wanted to see." "You're very considerate." "Perhaps I just want you?" "I don't think you could want just one woman my love." She said that softly and with feeling. "Do you mind?" I lifted her onto the edge of the bed. "As long as I am one of them." "You will be one of them for as long as you want to be." I checked with a glance Den, Ann and Trish, then I pushed into Jackie's pussy. Her pussy did not resist, she was hot, wet, she felt like she had been stretched, but the last cock she had in her was me ten hours before. Jackie came quickly, I put it down to Ann being there. I emptied my first load. I was still hard so kept working, Jackie came again and I left her. She hugged me, we watched Den fucking his Trish. Ann looked over at us. Jackie offered me to Ann, she sat astride me. Everyone had agreed to bareback but I ensured there were condoms. Den had not used a condom. Ann leaned forward, kissed me, looked at Jackie, rested on her hands and ground her clit on my body. Jackie touched my chest. Ann sat up straight and began working her clit with her fingers. I'm sure Jackie and Ann spent most of that fuck gazing at each other. We spent a few hours Den and I exchanging women. We had coffee and Ann went home. The rest of us spent the weekend as normal having sex. Sunday, Trish and Den went home and Ann returned. The three of us went to bed, I fucked Ann and went to make dinner. It was a casserole, not up to the standard on Friday but I popped in in the oven and went back to the bedroom. The door was open. I liked what a saw. I leaned against the door post. Jackie was on her back, Ann was working Jackie's bean. I'm sure Ann knew I was there but said nothing. Their heads were close but they never kissed. I was willing them to kiss, but they did not. Jackie arched, bent her head back her eyes were closed, she was panting, she let out a long breath and opened her eyes. I could not believe how embarrassed she was. She hid her face in her hands. I kissed her on the forehead and went back to the kitchen. I had no reason but figured she needed some time. I returned later with olives, savory and salty biscuits and wine. There was no hurry to eat, we nibbled, sipped wine and touched. They kissed me, I made love to Jackie. Ann rolled her finger over Jackie's bean and touched her finger to her lips, then to Jackie's lips. "Can I have more?" Ann asked. "Yes" said Jackie. Ann bent her head to Jackie's pussy. I laid back on an elbow and watched. Ann was delicate and caring. Jackie was nervous at first but relaxed, then started to enjoy. Jackie bucked and came. I kissed her, she relaxed in my arms and it was the beginning. I caressed her I asked if she enjoyed it. She looked at me, eye to eye, snuggled her naked body against me and told me she did. "Now you know." "Know what?" Jackie asked. "What having a woman play with you is like." "Not yet.." Jackie looked at Ann "..can I?" Ann extended a hand, ran it though Jackie's hair. " Of course you can." "What should I do?" "Do whatever you like being done to you." Jackie began to touch Ann, Ann told her what she liked. I did nothing but watch. Eventually Jackie touched Ann's pussy, then kissed her low down. Ann moaned, they remained in embrace, "Did I do right?" Jackie asked. "Very right." Ann answered. That was how Ann and Jackie became close.

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