Written by unknown

26 Nov 2007

I am sitting at a table having supper with friends

in a small club, I am dressed in a short skirt with no panties

- my legs are crossed under the table - I suddenly feel hands

fondling my thighs by a person who is under the table-- hidden

by the tablecloth- my legs are gently uncrossed and pulled

apart so I slide down the chair a little trying to hide my

surprise and pleasure from my friends - the next thing I

feel are fingers running over my pussy and pulling it apart

to expose my clit- then I feel a tongue working it beautifully - I cannot keep

it a secret as it is so fantastic- my friends stop eating

to see what is happenning- and as I slide further down the

chair someone pulls the chair out to the middle of the floor

and I see a naked and beautiful girl with her head down to

my pussy and her hands are pulling my pussy wide open - by

now my friends are all watching and I see some of the other

people in the club have come closer to watch; I am so enjoying

this that when the girl stops and stands up to reveal that

she is completely naked save for a gold chain around her

waist and stilletto shoes, she turns to show me her full

breasts, erect nipples, slender body and clean shaven

pussy - I wonder why and wanting much much moreof the girls

tongue - I stand up too - my skirt round my waist and my wet

and glistening shaven pussy completely on view to everybody-

the girl then takes my hand and leads me to a small stage -

I am standing facing her as she invites 2 men from the audience

to come up to the stage - who then stand behind me- the girl turns me to face the audience and as a spotlight

is turned on me she pulls my skirt off over my head and then

unbuttons my blouse and pulls it off to expose my breasts

and erect nipples, I am quite naked by this time and so excited

by now that I can hardly control myself. I start to find my

clit with one of my hands so I can masturbate- I want to do

that for myself as I am so excited and it turns me on more to

do it for the people watching but the girl takes both my arms

and gently raises them above my head- ties them loosely

together with a scarf- then leads me over to a small low coffee

table and not sure what to do- I sit on it and she pushes me

back so I am lying on it with my legs over the edge of it and

my feet resting on the floor she then places a big cushion under my bottom and I can see

my pussy is raised high and I can see it clearly - then I see

several people gathered round and one man kneels to my right

and takes one of my nipples in his mouth and starts to suck

it and one kneels to my left to suck the other both men are

fondling my breasts and tummy with their hands while they

do this - two girls then come forward to hold each of my legs

so I cannot move them-- and the naked girl kneels at the end

of the table between my legs and places her hands on my raised

pussy and I watch as she pulls it apart to expose my clit and

then invites several of the men in the audiance who are watching

it all, to come closer- and one at a time - they bend over to

fondle my clit and vagina with their fingers and then, still,

one at a time, they come and bend over me and put their mouths

over my cllt to explore it with their tongues for only a moment

and then step back to watch as another steps forward to have

a turn- meanwhile my nipples are being licked and sucked

by the two men either side of me- this goes on for quite a while

and I am more excited than ever before - looking for and waiting

with longing for the next warm moist tongue to find my clit

-- helpless to stop it even if I had wanted to! then there

is a pause- the naked girl between my legs is still pulling

my pussy apart with her warm sensitive hands and then she

bends her head over my pussy and putting her mouth over it

she starts to really suck and nibble my clit for a few moments

and then cruelly, stops - pulls me to my feet and then gently

ties my hands together behind my back this time- - as I am

standing there legs apart - one of the other girls lies on

the floor and pulls me down to kneel over her face and as I

feel her warm mouth and tongue exploring my vagina and searching

for my clit - the naked girl kneels in front of me and starts

to fondle my breasts, she kisses and sucks my nipples - I

look up and see that one of my friends who is watching has

pulled up her skirt - taken off her panties and her bare hairless

pussy is being fondled by another girlfriend and another

man has taken his hard penis out of his jeans and I see another

girl is kneeling in front of him sucking it - but all the time

they are really turning me on as they watch me- I am nearly

exploding with pent up excitement by the time I am pulled

to my feet and the beautiful naked girl unties my hands and

places the scarf over my eyes and asks me to bend down with

my hands flat on the floor- as I do this I am almost at the point

of orgasm - then I feel my bottom being fondled and my anus

being gently massaged and as I wriggle trying to spread

my bottom more to enjoy this new sensation I sense another

person between my legs lying on the floor, I drop down on

to my knees and elbows - positioning my pussy over what I

hope to be their mouth- and as I feel their hands come up to

fondle and pull my pussy apart to expose and suck my clit-

I feel a vibrator going slowly and gently in and out of my

vagina and I can stand it no more- I have a fantastic orgasm

unlike any other I have experienced.