Written by malaki

22 Jan 2009

My name is Roxanne, I am a 30 year old brunette with 38DD and a good figure if I do say so myself. I am married to Alun, we have been together for 10 years and had one swinging session once on holiday with a Turkish waiter.

I wanted more, Alun has a big dick but he does not have the sexual appetite that I have. We have sex 3 times a week and always on a Sunday morning. I have always fancied anal sex but Alun does not. He is not convinced he would like it, so it looks like I am going to remain an anal virgin.

My birthday was coming up and I told him that I wanted something special, the Turkish waiter type of special. I told him what I fancied.

Well unbeknown to me he placed an advert in a swingers web site and told me he had it all in hand. My birthday soon arrived and I was so excited, would it be the Turkish waiter or some other stud? Alun told me to go upstairs and get my best Basque and stockings on. Once I was ready I was to call down to him. I was ready, my pussy was more than ready I was dripping. Alun put a small blind fold on me and took me by the hand down to our dinning room. He placed me on my hands and knees on the table. My legs were tied each to a leg and my hands to the other legs. There I was blind folded, tied up and my sopping wet pussy and arse on display.

Alun then went into another room and I heard him talking, I later found out he was on his mobile phone. A few minutes later the front door was opened then closed. I could hear footsteps coming into the room, Turkish waiter must have come for a holiday for my birthday!

Alun came and whispered into my ear, stay calm and enjoy what ever comes your way, dirty bastard.

All of a sudden the music centre was turned on and my favourite song blasted out. I could hear some one undressing then some one put there fingers quickly and lightly over my wet pussy, I came there and then. Then some one climbed onto the table and I could feel a cock rub my juices and then begin to nudge forward and enter my pussy. The someone in front began rubbing their cock at my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. It was quite different to Alun's dick. It must be the waiter, but then I thought no this is much bigger. The cock in my pussy was beginning to get into a steady rhythm now when the music suddenly stopped.

Each of the two cocks moved out of my pussy and mouth. Then I was aware of a cock at my pussy again pushing in slowly. I had just sucked it rock hard so I thought I was in for a treat. Then a cock touched my lips again and I gobbled it in. Wait a minute, no pussy juices. The dirty bastard had two guys fucking me.

Little did I know at that time I had six well hung guys all lined up ready to stick their cocks into my mouth each having a go at each end and changing when Alun stopped the music. This went on for what like seemed ages and ages. I was getting fucked hard at both ends and the sensation and the orgasm was terrific. What a great birthday I was having.

It turned out that the best was yet to come, Alun was playing musical chairs. It started off with 4 chairs, my mouth and my pussy as safe. Once everyone had got into the swing of things when the music had stopped everyone not fucking me had to fight for a chair. If they did not get one they had to sit it out until the end. Alun was good on the HiFi, he had them going for ages and a few seconds and it was good fun.

Then I got a whisper from Alun who said that the fun was just about to start and the game had been won. It turned out the winner was the one who was left with his dick in my pussy. So what was his present I wondered, not for long because I soon found out. He withdrew from my pussy and then moved it to my other hole and slowly pushed it forward. Pop in went the head then oooh pain and pleasure ripped through my body as another organism raced through my body. He began to push in and out faster and faster. I still had a cock in my mouth too, lovely. Then the cock in my arse got faster and faster and I could tell he was coming and then a loud howl, yes he had hit the spot. He then got off and so did the cock I was sucking. Then another cock was pushed at my lips and I eagerly sucked on it for all my life. Another cock was then pushing at my little arse, and he went in and out until he came.

I later found out that the cock I was sucking was my next fuck and then this was replaced by the next in line. The competition had decided who was the first to fuck my virgin arse and who had sloppy seconds, dirty bastards but I was loving my birthday present. When everyone had fucked my hole silly they all disappeared as quick as they had arrived. Alun then climbed the table and slowly inserted his cock into my now sore and sloppy arse. He rode it for all he was worth and as he came he said happy birthday my darling I hope you enjoyed your surprise. I think that I had had an orgasm for every year of my life, who needs candles.