Written by supercooper

20 Dec 2008

I've got to tell you about my cousin Meadow she is known as "flashing Meadow"

The very first time I had actually seen her "flash" was back when I was in college and on the bus with the rest of guys on the football team. We were pulling up to the stadiumm grounds and there she was at the entrance to the lot cheering and waving along with a few of the other cheerleaders. All of a sudden she lifted up her tight pink top to expose to all the team her real 38Ds, it was a sight to behold, she jiggled them around a bit and made every guy "rise up" and take notice if you know what I mean. Word had gotten around the bus that she promised everyone a "feel" if we won, needless to say we proceeded to play our best game of the year and kicked opposing asses all over the field.

At the after party most of the team showed up and the majority of them to Meadow up on her promise, myself included. She was the center of attention throughout the evening as there was a fair bit more than boob squeezing going on if you get my drift. It was a very stimulating night but that is another story!!