Written by unknown

27 Nov 2007

I used to help my exboyfriend live his fantasies and found myself really enjoying them too:

my ex boyfriend loved to see other men fuck me and he

loved to see other women lick an suck my clit in front of his

friends-- he loved to see me restrained and sometimes he

and his friend held me tightly but gently so I could not move

too much then he would get another girl friend to spread

my pussy and help another man fuck me - so other guys could

suck me and fuck me - he liked to invite some of his friends

to watch that too- he liked to blindfold me as well, when

he did this- I quite liked all that - he liked to do it so somebody

could film it , then he could watch it or play it back to his

friends. One of the big fantsies I helped him with was when he

liked to see another man tonguing my anus and he loved to

spread my ass for them to do it- or he would spread cream or

champagne on my anus for them to lick up. he used to like to

blind fold me before I bent down or knelt down so he could

spread my ass for them- once at one of his friends small parties

I lay down on a table blindfolded and I masturbated slowly for his friends

to watch and he asked a girlfriend to film him masturbating

and coming over my face!

It would be nice to do it again!!