Written by Unknown

1 Mar 2008

still been seeing our friends and had our best meet yet the other evening.we had been to a and j house and been in seperate rooms until me and j went to join the others as we sometimes do.however they were still shagging so we lay down next to them and started all over again.j got into the doggy position and i moved behind her and drove my cock straight up her and began pumping into her,without warning my wife crawled under me and began licking my swinging balls.not to be left out a got behind me and lifted my wifes legs into the air over his shoulders and stuck his cock up her love tunnel.i was giving my partner a good shafting,slapping her arse cheeks and slowed when i felt i was about to shoot,as i stopped my wife took my balls in her mouth and sucked hard as j started to buck back onto my cock.i let out a large grunt and emtied my load inside her as my wife continued to act like a vacumm.just then a let out a yell and done his stuff up the wife.when we had all calmed down we changed positions and went at it again.what a night