Written by unknown

18 Aug 2008

My girl friend was a shy girl small but with 36dd tits with big nipples which she kept hidden under her baggy tops.I was her 1st sexual bf and she was shy but after a while she loved sex and didnt mind where we had it or if seen which turned her on .

I always read sexy porn mags and jane got to reading them and even buying them which was a turn on for me and we go back to mine and read the stories and look through contacts.I told her I like to see her sucking another cock she was turned on by this .

In the mag we saw an advert for a porn cinema private members etc I called up and found out where it was and cost etc and nighs it was open .I told jane we were going out one fri night and told her to wear her short denim skirt which was a long skirt but got it made very short only 3 buttons up front and a c thru top hi heels and hold ups with no underwear.

We went to a few pubs and had a few drinks where every one looked at jane and she flashed a few people which made her horny as she rubbed my cock in the car .We pulled up in car park behind cinema jane did not know what I had planned nor did I really but went for it and went into cinema and to the back row where there were 4 guys wanking which we disturbed .The place was ok enough room at back and there was about 15 rows of seats with about 20 guys watching wanking .

we both watched film for about 10-15 mmins and saw jane hand slide up her thigh i tgold her she can undo as many buttons as she like and saw her undo one i undid her blouse and rubbed her ytits throufg blouse as she stroked herself .Saw her undo last 2 buttons on skirt and it fell open as she gazed at the screen. by now i noticed a few guys get closer one sat next to me and one next to jane i undid her top and opened it up and told jane to stand up as i took it off she was nude except for hold ups .

Told jane to look round and she saw a guy next to her and beind her a guy with cocks out told her to suck guys cock she bent over and rub his cock then went down on him this seem to be the green light for every one to have a feel .

Jane was sucking wanking and a guy was fucking her could hear jane moaning swearing to be fucked hard as guy came in her mouth and another took his place.

Someone suggested going to the front as more room jane got up walked naked to the front and waited for guys to follow dont thiunk she cared if i was there as guys kissed her grabbed her tits got her to wank there cocks and to suck them coming in her mouth face tits etc and seeing guys fuck her making her scream as she came .

It was 2hrs of shear pleasure seeing my gf being used by so many guys strangers ,jane got dressed did her hair but did not clean up still had cum in her hair and on her face and tits .

On the way home we stopped in a pinic car park and told me to strip she put my hands behind my back and handcuff me ( we have spare in car )and then did a strip for me telling me that i was going out wit a dirty slut who likes cock and guys cum over her and in her .By this time i was fucking hard she told me to kiss her andi could taste the cum which turned me on and to lick her tits which was covered in cum as she rubbed my cock.

She laid me down on seat and went into a 69 position as she lowered her puss onto my mouth and sucking my cock slowly as i licked her hole juices mixed with cum which made me cum , she got off and kissed me but she passed my cum into my mout and said swallow so you can see how it felt for me.

My cock was hard as jane sunk onto it and she fucked me hard cumming several times and screaming abuse calling me bastard cunt etc saying she was a cheap whore we both came lots and then collapsed into each other ...

At home we had a more slow but hard sex and afterwards both agreed that it had enhanced our sex life and to do something like this in the future .........