Written by shyguy694you

18 Mar 2008

It was a few days before Christmas and within the main thoroughfare of the shopping center stood Santa's grotto that was erected the previous week. A lady, a few days previous had noticed the person who dressed up as Santa enter the grotto before she was to bring her little girl in and now returned, waiting for an opportune time to enter alone.

As closing time approached the crowds dwindled away along with the queue of impetuous children. The women walked the snowy path and entered the doorway, closing the bright red door behind her, making sure the closed sign was evident as she did so. As the woman appeared around the corner from the opening, Santa sat looking somewhat weary from all the unruly children that had passed through during the day.

He looked at her, and then stretched to his right to see if there were any children accompanying her, she stopped in the doorway and waited for Santa's eyes to come back to her. He looked back at her bemused, somewhat confused as to why the lady was alone. Santa felt uncomfortable until the lady broke the silence.

"Do you not give presents to big little girls Santa" she asked pouting her lips pretending to be upset.

Santa coughs clearing his throat "little girls and boys no matter their age are always welcome in my grotto....ho ho ho" he ended, falling into character, feigning some joviality.

She walked slowly towards him, deliberately swaying her hips as she did so until she stood in front of Santa, her legs slightly apart. Looking down at Santa she asked "Is this little girl allowed to sit on Santa's lap?" still pouting pretending to be up set.

"Of course you can my dear, how can I give you a present when you are standing up there" with that Santa taps one knee gently with his hand.

The lady smiles to herself, turns slowly and lowers herself on to his lap instead, resting herself fully between his legs then leaning back. "Mmmm" she's mouths quietly as she get comfortable.

Santa tries to lift himself up out of the way, but it was too late. He then coughs to clear his throat and regain his composure before speaking to her again.

"OK my little girl, lets have a look to see what we have here in my sack then" he leans awkwardly, fumbling around within his sack to the left of his chair trying to reach for a present.

"Santa?" asks the lady coyly.

"Yes little girl" he replies absent-mindedly.

"Can I have a special present?" she whispers quietly in his ear, waiting for him to turn his head and face her. As he does so she stares directly at him, smiling and reaching down between his legs and grabbing for his cock.

His eyes go wide with panic but continues to maintain character thinking quickly to himself "All the gifts for little boys and girls are in my sack my dear" it was a brave effort but the deep sigh and the slow roll of his eyes told her he was getting turned on.

"But you haven't got anything in there for big little girls have you" she added, grinding against his now hard cock.

"Um"¦..err"¦.." he coughs to clear his voice still looking for something to say but words escaped him, instead he subconsciously moved himself so that his cock pushed against her even more, and groaned quietly to himself.

The lady smiled, stood up and turned around to face him "it's a bit hot in here Santa, do you mind if I take my coat off"

Santa said nothing but watched as she unbuttoned her coat and let it fall behind her. She wore a loose fitting top that hung low revealing the top of her frilly bra and curvature of her breasts. She groped herself with one hand whilst walking forward placing her other hand back on Santa's crotch and kneeling facing him.

She could feel his hot rapid breath against her chest, as she pushed herself against him until her breasts were only inches away from his face. Her breathing was also rapid and she let him know it by panting close to his ears and groaning under her breath indicating him that she wanted it.

He tentatively touched her on the waist with one hand slowly moving it up her side; she grabbed his hand forcefully and placed it firmly on her breast before putting her hand back down but this time slipping it under his trousers to grab his cock firmly between her fingers and began stroking it.

She slid his cock out from beneath the Santa outfit, continuously stroking it close to her chest, she slowly slipped down until her heavy breath washed over his hard cock. He willed her to place her mouth around it and sliding it down his shaft, instead, a the last second she stood again, smiling to herself knowing exactly what he wanted.

She unbuttoned her trousers and eased them to the floor before assisting with his so that his erection wasn't restricted in any way. He did nothing but dumbstruck, looking at her body, her heaving breasts leaving little to the imagination under such a thin top and now only a thin pair of panties hiding her hot pussy from view.

In one fluid move she grabbed his cock and slid it in her mouth, causing him to gasp with shock and excitement. She only sucked for a brief moment before climbing on the chair and squatting down on him letting him slide in slowly as she did so, once he was all the way in she groaned and held herself they for a moment before beginning to raise and lower herself at a gradually increased, panting heavier and using the arms of the chair to support herself.

She felt him begun to throb and knew he was getting close, instead of finishing, she stopped, lifted himself off him now standing on the chair. She moved herself towards him, placing her damp pussy next to his white bearded face and pulled his head into her until she could feel his tongue tentatively probing the edges of lips and tasting her juice that ran freely into his mouth.

Within seconds he began to explore her, circling her lips and sliding it in between in into her, before moving up to find her hard licked in long strokes of his tongue. She gyrated herself on his face knowing that she wanted to cum, she pushed his head back and turned around stepping off the chair.

Facing away from him she sat back on him the same way she done so the first time only a matter of minutes before, this time positioning him until he slipped back inside her again. She sat up and began gyrating, using the arms of the chair once again to allow to move better, she felt herself getting herself getting close and began grind back and forth rapidly, groaning loudly forgetting where she was and not caring if anyone heard.

She felt him suddenly grow within her, she felt herself cuming and let out one loud groan of relief and convulsed in unison with her orgasm, her convulsing and groaning subsiding as her cum slowly ebbed away, slumping back on Santa who too panted heavily but other than that did not move.

She recomposed herself after a minute and slipped off him and stepped back into her trousers and put her coat back on. She looked back at him with flushed cheeks and smiles.

"Thanks for my pressie Santa" she said in an innocent voice, before a look of shock spread over her face "Oooh, it looks like I unwrapped my present early, I hope you don't mind"

Santa said nothing, just slowly shook his head as to say no.

"I didn't think so" she paused, then smile before walking out through the exit as if nothing had happened, giving a brief sideways smile back at him as the door closed behind her.