Written by shyguy694you

18 Mar 2008

It was a warm sunny day; sporadic clouds offered temporary respite from its rays as they floated overhead pushed along by the cool breeze that also helped to keep the temperature down. Within the woods shade was everywhere and offered a good refuge from the glare and somewhere secluded and serene for people to go.

A gravel car park was located at the top of gentle incline just in from the edge of the wood where prospective ramblers could stop and enjoy the surroundings, makes shift pathways and preordained routes laid for them to follow.

There were a handful of cars left in the car park, but as the evening was drawing in, most of them where considering leaving as opposed to arriving. However this wasn't to say that others didn't prefer this time of day purely for the reason that it was less popular and offered more privacy.

It had gone passed seven o'clock in the evening, and a couple were making their way to the woods, still travelling on the main road looking for the information sign and the associated turn off for the car park. It was the first time the couple had been to the woods and secretly both were somewhat nervous and excited about what they were going to do when they got there.

The female, more familiar with the area drove, she wore a tight fitting skirt and a tight low cut top that allowed the frilly top part of her bra to be seen underneath, and the shapely breasts contained within. All a conscious act on her part to tease the male who accompanied her in the passenger seat.

He was more conservatively dressed, choosing to wear loose fitting casual trousers and a short-sleeved shirt, his hands rested in his lap mainly to cover any obvious signs that he was aroused by the anticipation, and the fact he was stimulated by looking over at her body which for all intents and purposes was completely on show. The dress she wore had ridden up somewhat only just stopping before her panties became exposed.

Eventually the sign for the car park was up ahead and the female slowed and indicated to turn off, once on the gentle track leading up to the car park they both knew the moment was on them. Instead of accelerating, the female retained the slow pace and reached over with her left hand to feel his hard cock hidden under his strategically placed hands.

He put up some resistance, which faltered and crumbled only after a matter of seconds of her rubbing it gently, she smiled knowingly at him and eased her legs apart causing her skirt to rise up that bit further to reveal her silk panties beneath and invite him to have a fondle too. He moved his hand across, gently stoking her inner thigh before moving it up to the soft surface of her panties, her legs moving further apart as he did so to give him greater access.

Slipping a finger around the edge of her panties he felt her slippery moist pussy that allowed his finger to slide effortlessly inside. She rotated her pelvis for him and breathed out deeply as he did so grabbing his cock tightly through his trousers before relaxing her grip again.

The car moved slowly through the car park, almost crawling to its final destination away from the remaining cars and solitude from any prying eyes. She pulled his hand out from within her knickers allowing her to reposition herself to manoeuvre the car to is final position, before pulling the hand brake on and switching the ignition off.

He looked at his finger glisten in the evening sun before slowly putting it in his mouth and sucking her juices from it. She looked at him as he did so, absent-mindedly stroking herself at the same time before getting out of the car before him not wanting to waste anymore time.

He followed immediately after reaching around to the back seat for the blanket tucked away in the holdall ready to take on the walk they had planned before hand. When he turned round, he unexpectedly found her sitting on the bonnet leaning back using one arm to support whilst with her other she played with herself, waiting for him.

He shut the door and walked to the front of the car for a better look, he couldn't take his eye off her, with the soft light she looked gorgeous, made more so by the fact that she was feeling extremely horny. He dropped the holdall where he stood and slowly walked forward towards her, she reached out with her hand grabbing his shirt and pulling him forward on top of her, pressing her lips and against his and his hard cock against her soft pussy.

She tasted good and there was a distinct smell on her breath that told him she was exceptionally aroused. He placed a hand underneath her and pushed himself harder against her which made her go wild, she forced her hand down between them reaching for his cock before pushing him back away from her.

She lowered herself from the bonnet and knelt swiftly in front of him unzipping his cock from within and sliding it hungrily into her mouth, moving her head back and forth rapidly, only stopping to growl more than breath before eagerly consuming it again. It felt amazing and the speed at which she sucked away meant it was impossible to hold on.

Without warning he came inside her mouth, letting out a deep groan as he did so, he half expected her to pull away but she did not, instead she kept going without even a pause, swallowing it as quickly as it entered. Once he'd finished coming she looked up at him with a grin whilst still wanking him off with her hand before going back down for more until she made him hard again.

She held on to him tight whilst removing her panties and lifting one of her legs up on the front bumper. She pulled him closer by his cock and pushed it into her allowing him to take over and pushing it the rest of the way. Instantly she began panting, holding on to him whilst watching him slide in and out, her juices smothered all over his hard shaft.

Feeling herself get close, she released her grip from him and lied down on the bonnet lifting her other leg up for deeper penetration. He watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed; her nipples hard underneath her top clear to see as the evening sun shone down on her heaving body.

She began to groan arms flailing looking for something to hold to before gripping her legs and pulling them up as she climaxed. She arched up and let out a loud scream not caring at that instant who may have heard before falling back in the bonnet of the car writhing with every pulse.

He never stopped just slowed as she did pushing himself in, in unison trying to enhance her orgasm, he looked down, her pussy was completely soaked and couldn't resist the invitation before him, he pulled himself out and kissed her briefly on the navel before licking up the juice as it seeped out, before gently pushing his tongue inside then moving it up slowly circling around her clit.

When she had relaxed back on the bonnet, he slowly made his way back up, kissing her repeatedly all the way up her navel and passed her breasts until her rested his lips on hers. The held each other for a moment, almost forgetting where they were until there heard a rustling within the ferns before a dog bounded out and ran around the car panting away before disappearing back from the direction it came.

The looked at each, he smiled with her smirking between clenched lips, he kissed her one last time before lifting himself off her, with her slipping off the bonnet and lowering her skirt, as she did so. They smile at each other continuously, walking back around the car for their things before seeing an elderly couple appear from the tree line with their dog, she giggles causing the couple to look over briefly unsure as to why she was laughing.

He reached in for the blanket and the bag off the back seat, his view momentarily impaired as she flung her panties at him before biting her lip and smiling at him. He said nothing but still grinned from the brief encounter they just had then shut the door.

They walked slowly through the woods, soaking in their surroundings as they did so, being close to nature always made her feel more aroused and he knew that the grin that remained on her face had nothing to do with before but to do with what they had planned ahead of them.

She squeezed his hand as they approached the place were she wanted to go, stopped, turned and kissed him and place a hand on his crotch to see if he was as horny as she felt. He was, and a the quick touch told her all she needed to know, kissing him a little while longer, before smiling at him and squeezing his arse briefly before leading him on.

She walked up a small accentuated her stride as she did so, looking round to see if he was watching as he followed. His eyes were transfixed on her swaying behind, her skirt not quite going high enough for him to look beyond, when he saw her looking back at him, he smiled but felt slightly embarrassed that he had been caught looking.

When they reached top, the ground levelled out with clusters of ferns interspersed the trees with only occasional rays of light still breaking through the canopy ahead. She looked briefly reaching the crest before bounding off again to where she wanted to go.

He walked slowly catching her up as she leant against a fallen tree, hitching her leg up on broken branch exposing herself to him, he looked down at her and could see was even wetter than before with a redness in her cheeks which had nothing to with her brief jog.

He pretended to ignore her as placed the bag down in the clearing next glancing over towards her. She wasn't interested in waiting and reached out with her foot tucking it under his chin drawing him closer, he didn't resist and her knew exactly what she went after teasing her after she had came on the car.

He spread the blanket awkwardly in front of him then crawled on hands and knees to where she had waited. He held her leg and pulled it away from his chin and slowly kissed it, allowing it to slid over the top of his shoulder as he did so easing her legs apart as he got closer.

She smiled and licked her lips, placing a hand on the back his head pulling him in, her kissed her first on the clit and planted soft kissed to the sides before resting his lips directly on her pussy and slowly pushing beyond his lips inside her, she exaggerates a moan but continues to hold him close against her.

He flicks his tongue sideways and up and down ensuring he didn't go close to her eager clit and excite her prematurely. Slowly her exaggerated moans stop and becomes absorbed into what he was doing to her, willing him to plants his tongue firmly on her clit, moving her pelvis in an attempt to do so.

He held off until he sensed that he had built up her anticipation up to breaking point, he wrapped his arm round her leg and placed his hand gently above her pussy exposing her clit to what he was about to do.

Without warning he whips his tongue side to side rapidly over her clit, the flood of sensations was like a tidal wave over her, and the accompanying climax consumed her unexpectedly causing momentary shock and stillness before she moaned loudly and uncontrollably.

Feeling she wanted more and quickly she threw him down to the ground, and pulled his trousers down violently, grabbing his hard cock sliding it into her in what looked like one fluid movement. She mover back and forth quickly as the flood came over her again and the thought of her arousal and sudden dominance brought him to climax quickly.

He came holding her pelvis to pull her hard against him, her moans grew louder as he throbbed inside her, taking her over the edge again but this time the prolonged orgasm she felt completely consumed causing her to slump on top him, he held her close as she panted on top of him, pecking her neck and running his fingers through her hair as she recovered.

He held her and both of them stare up to sky in the dying light, then stretches over, grabs the bag and smiles to her. He looks at her and suddenly she giggles and kisses him.