Written by softjoe

24 Feb 2008

It was Friday afternoon and the usual "˜winding down for the weekend"˜ atmosphere filled the office as 5 o'clock approached. There was a knock at the door and Amanda entered from the Admin. Office, bringing some letters for my signature. She was a very pleasant and nice-looking woman in, I'd guess, her mid-to-late thirties, although having a good figure and legs and dressing well, she looked younger.

"Coming to the party tonight?", she asked, as I read through the sheets before scribbling my name on the bottom. To tell the truth, I'd forgotten all about Richard's retirement"'party and was glad that she'd mentioned it as he and I had joined the Company at the same time and I had enjoyed working for him before he'd moved to another branch.

"Oh, yes", I replied. "Thanks for reminding me. It"˜s at the Coach and Horses, isn't it?"

"Certainly is. 8 o'clock "' don't be late!" she said with a smile, and went back to her office, leaving a hint of Chanel in the air.

At home I had time to for a shower, a shave and a sandwich before heading back out to the pub. Most of the others had already arrived, so the place was pretty full. Having located Richard, offered my congratulations and bought him a drink I managed to find a vacant seat in one corner of the bar and homed in on it, grateful to be out of the crush. My respite was short-lived as I'd been there only a few minutes when Amanda appeared "' but this was an Amanda I'd not seen before, wearing a loose v-necked black jumper flecked with gold threads, and a black skirt which, reaching half-way down her thighs, displayed her legs to considerable advantage.

"No-one"˜s talking to you!", she exclaimed. "Do you play Pool?", she continued, without waiting for a reply, nodding towards the poolroom whose open door revealed the vacant table.

"Badly!", I replied, smiling.

"Oh, good!", she said. "Perhaps I"˜ll win for a change!" So saying, she pulled me up and led the way , closing the door behind us.

I set out the balls and as she prepared to break I stood at the far end of the table, receiving a tantalising view of her cleavage as the front of her jumper hung down. I felt a stirring in my shorts, watching her breasts move as she sent the cue-ball down the table. Having cleanly pocket a 'stripe"˜, she surveyed the table, looking for her next victim, and winked at me. I took a seat, expecting to have little more involvement! As luck(?) would have it, her next shot had to be taken from right in front of me; as she bent forward over the table, her skirt rode up, revealing that what I had assumed to be tights, were in fact sheer black stockings; she leaned further forward, bringing her black panties also into view, and I could control myself no longer. My prick about to burst, I stood and caressed her thighs and backside.

"What are you trying to do?", I asked, incredulously.

"Turn you on.", she repled quietly. "Is it working?"

I couldn't believe that this was the same respectable Amanda I'd worked with for the past 18 months. I took her hand and placed it on my straining prick. "What do you think?"

"Mmmm...I think I want it inside me now.", she replied, squeezing gently.

"Not so fast!", I teased. "I have to be sure you're really ready." With that, I lifted her skirt clear, slid my fingers up the inside of her thigh and stroked the crotch of her panties, which was aready damp to the touch. She groaned and murmured something barely intelligible.

"What was that?", I asked, innocently.

"I said: Fuck me! Fuck me hard!", she panted, pushing herself down onto my fingers.

"Anything to oblige!", I chuckled, and hooked my thumbs onto the elastic of her panties, easing them down to her knees as I kissed and licked her buttocks and thighs. Unzipping my pants, I released my rigid member from my boxers and ran my tip along her soaking-wet labia a couple of times before sliding myself fully into the hot wetness of her love-tunnel, listening to her soft moans and feeling the grip of her muscles on my shaft.

I didn"˜t have the self-control to tease any more and began to pump in and out as hard as I could, using my full length to maximum effect. Before long she began to jerk and moan more loudly as her orgasm took over; her muscle-spasms in turn gripped onto my prick and brought me over the top, sending jets of cum deep into her.

As our mutual orgasm subsided there came the sound of slow applause. Still deeply embedded in Amanda I spun my head around, almost giving myself a whiplash injury. There, calmly sitting watching the "˜show"˜ were two men who had come in for a game of Pool but hadn't been averse to the alternative entertainment. They were John and Graham, two of the pub"˜s regulars with whom I'd often shared a joke and a pint. With nods and gestures they made it apparent that they liked the idea of sharing Amanda too. Amanda smiled and nodded, so I slipped my deflating cock out of her, allowing John to take my place as she lay slumped over the table. She moaned quietly as his erection entered her but responded enthusiastically to his thrusts on the way to her "˜second cumming"˜, shortly before John spent his load and made way for Graham.

Graham was less impatient and spent a little time caressing her thighs and buttocks and fingering her well-used crack before finally releasing his huge cock and easing it into her, making her gasp at the tight fit, even after having been loosened by John and I. For our part, John and I could only look on in astonishment and admiration at the size of Graham's member, and Amanda's ability to take it all! Needless to say, it didn't take long for her to cum again, but Graham kept pumping for another few minutes before finally letting go.

Having had their fill, so to speak, John and Graham soon departed, leaving Amanda and I alone. She was still sprawled exhausted across the table and I used my handkerchief to mop up the cum which was leaking out of her vagina and trickling down her thighs and stockings; she moaned and flinched as the cloth brushed against her tender clit. That done, I pulled her panties up and, with a regretful kiss to her behind, replaced her skirt and helped her to her feet. I supported her as she staggered uncertainly to a chair, then fetched a gin & tonic from the bar to help her recover.

When she looked rather less shattered I suggested that I give her a lift home. She agreed gratefully and soon we were on our way. A short distance from her house, she instructed me to turn and stop in a dark side-road. I complied and looked at her enquiringly.

"I haven't thanked you properly for a fantastic evening.", she explained, mysteriously. "What would you like?"

"We-ell...", I faltered, surprised in spite of everything; "I"˜d love to kiss your breasts "' they look fabulous!".

"I wish you would", she replied approvingly; "No-one but me has touched them all evening!". That settled, she helped me to remove her jumper, revealing her gorgeous breasts, held by the lacy black cups of her bra. It was the work of a moment to slip the shoulder-straps down and liberate her pert nipples, erect and eager to be sucked. As I did so, her legs parted and her hips began to move slightly so I ran my fingers over her nylon-clad thigh and back to the damp crotch of her panties. She squirmed and begged me to be gentle as she was so sensitive after the evening's activities, so very lightly I stroked her clit through the cotton as I sucked happily on her nipples. Not surprisingly, this brought her to another climax but this time it was a softer, more melting affair, following which she took my face from her nipple and kissed me - for the first time!

"Now for the thanks!", she said, to my surprise. Unzipping my pants, she took my pulsing prick out and smiled at me "I've wanted to eat your cock since I first saw you", she breathed, and lowered her lips over it, taking almost the full length in her mouth before retreating slightly and bobbing her lips up and down over the tip as with one hand she pumped at my shaft until I flooded her mouth with another delivery of cum. She kept her lips clamped onto it as she sucked and swallowed, not wasting a drop.

Having eventually dropped her at her house, following a lingering Goodnight-kiss, I drove back home thinking that I must have fantasised the whole thing. But as I undressed for bed, the lipstick on my penis told another story...