Written by Unknown

4 Oct 2007

The Meeting

She had been relaxing in the new hot tub that she had purchased with her lottery winnings.

It hadn't been a fortune she had won. But just lazing in the hot tub and dreaming what she was going to do with the rest of the winnings had put her in an excellent mood for the day.

The new hot tub was not the only extravagant purchase she had made that day. Though this other purchase was something she had been looking forward to for some time.

She walked over to the bathroom door and took her silk bathrobe from the hook. She looked at it in her hand and let the exotic soft material run through her fingers.

Raising a corner to her face. She rubbed the soft edge of the robe against the perfect olive skin of her soft cheek. It felt good.

Another of her spur of the moment purchases and one that made her feel like a Princess whenever she donned it.

Though the robe was in no way the most important thing on her mind at that time. She was thinking of something much more valuable to her. Something she wanted close to her skin much more than even the finest of silken bathrobes.

She was thinking on her lover.

She was to meet him today. For the first time. They had spoken many times on the phone and written to each other over the Internet. She felt she knew him intimatly, even though they had never touched or kissed once.

She felt she had been in his arms in her thoughts and lain with him in her dreams. and what dreams they had been. Dreams of love, dreams of happiness, contentment and dreams of pleasures she never knew she could experience in a mans company.

But she was far away from him. Far away in her new flat she had bought. She had wanted to move closer to him. But she had things to sort and a job to continue. Though

They seemed of little importance when they talked and laughed.

If she was totally honest, nothing else mattered, and she knew he felt the same about her. That was the wonderful thing. She knew his heart was hers and that made her stomach produce a thousand beautifully coloured butterflies when she thought on it.

He would be with him soon. The extravagant purchase she had made had been of a chauffeur driven car. She had sent to pick him up.

It wouldn't be long before they could look into each others eyes and know that feeling that they had both dreamt about so often.

The sound of tyres on gravel snapped her out of her daydreaming. He was here! At last!

But what to do? She hadn't even dressed yet? What would he think of her? If she opened the door dressed only in her bathrobe?

The doorbell rang and she knew she just didn't have time to dress. So he would have to put up with her dressed in nothing but her silk robe.

Though secretly she was pleased she didn't have the time to pull on her clothes that she had set out on the bed so carefully.

She wanted to greet him as she was now, and that was a woman who although feeling shy and unsure. Was also feeling passionate and wanton.

She had felt like his woman for a long time now, and hoped that today she could finally enjoy what she had just dreamed of.

Putting on the gown. She felt it fall over her body. The light soft material brushing against her nakedness and sending a small shiver down her back.

Quickly glancing in the full-length mirror beside of her. She noticed the robe did not hide much and the lines of her body showed through the sheer material.

Would he be shocked?

The doorbell went again. No time to worry now. She rushed to the door in her bare feet and opened it.

He was on the doorstep. Dressed in a jeans and t-shit and looking straight at her.

She felt his eyes piercing her very soul as her stared into her eyes and it was all she could do to mumble the words come in.

He was as she had expected him to be polite and funny and cute and sexy. All the things that she knew she loved about him and he knew by the soft way he addressed her. That his heart was beating in time with hers, and that the love that had only been a dream. Had now become a reality.

She giggled as they stood there and suddenly realised she hadn't even answered his short "˜hello'.

"˜Hi hun"¦' Her words drifted off. He had moved much closer to her. Much closer.

He raised his right hand and very gently brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek.

"˜You are all I thought you would be Babe"¦and much, much more.' He said

She felt herself blush. Or was it flush? She wasn't quite sure.

She went to say something. But he pressed his forefinger gently against her ruby red lips.

"˜Later' he whispered to her.

And gazed into her eyes and moved even closer to her. She so wanted him to hold her. And she wasn't going to be disappointed. So she pressed her body up against his. Feeling his chest press against hers. They embraced and looking into each other's eyes pressed lips together and at last. At long last they could kiss.

She felt his lips press softly against hers at first and then the feelings that they had both held back came forth and they kissed with a passion she had not known for some time.

He had his arms around her. Moving his hands down her spine. She could feel he wanted her. She could feel that this wasn't going to end with a kiss. He wanted to take her, and she was quite happy to let him do so.

Their tongues mixed with passion in each other's mouths the kissing deeper and more passionate as they pushed each other's bodies together.

Her hands searching all over his body until she had a firm grasp on his backside and she pulled his crotch into hers. She felt one hand on her bottom. She could feel the warmth of his hand through the sheer material. As his other had moved up and down her thigh.

He released her for a moment to remove his t-shirt and as he did she loosened the cord on the bathrobe and the robe parted. Revealing her pert firm breasts and her womanhood below.

She no longer cared now. She wanted to be taken. She wanted him to take her in as many ways as possible. She felt a hot passion in between her legs and was desperate to have it satisfied.

Embracing again. She could feel his hard cock through his trousers. Pressing into her stomach. She wanted it and wanted it now.

His hands were on her breasts now, he had removed her robe and she was totally naked and as he kissed and nibbled at her neck he felt her hard firm breasts and ran his hands over them feeling her nipples harden as his cock was hardening in his trousers.

He undid his belt and she helped him remove the rest of his clothes. Wanting him as naked as her and as ready. She licked at his neck, and feeling his cock against her moved her hand down to take him in her hand.

Stroking his hard cock as he kissed her neck and moved to her breasts. Taking one and then the other hard nipple in his mouth and sucking as a thrill went through her body.

They were all over each other and their hands explored each other's nakedness.

She was ready for him now she could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter between her legs.

"˜Take me, shag me, screw me, lick me, fuck me' she whispered into his ear. No shame now, no politeness. They both had to have each other. His hands moved between her thighs and he stroked at her thighs before moving his hand to where she really wanted it. She gasped slightly as he ran his fingers over her wet pussy.and felt his fingers exploring her and softly entering her.

He kissed at her breasts again and then slowly bent down kissing her lovely soft stomach.

"˜Lay down babe' he asked.

She lay down on the floor and he continued to kiss at her stomach. But now he was slowly moving downwards.

She felt his strong hands grip her thighs as he parted her legs. He kissed her thighs one and then the other and slowly started to move inwards licking and kissing as he went.

Until she felt his hot wet tongue where she desperately wanted it to be. She felt his warm tongue slowly covering her pussy, taking it in his mouth. Using his lips as well as his tongue.

Stroking her thighs with his hands as his tongue searched for and found her clitoris. A shudder went through her body as he licked at her pussy concentrating on her clitoris.

She moaned with pleasure as he licked at her. Licking faster and faster and pleasuring her more and more. She wanted him deeper and pressed his head into her pussy. His tongue searching deeper as it caressed her clit and pushed inside her.

She knew it wouldn't be long as his speed increased and she moaned and gasped louder now.

She could feel the waves of her orgasm building up inside her and was reaching to finally come. When it was upon her. An orgasm the like of she had not felt before. Her back arched and she let it come to her and wash over her body. She screamed with pleasure as she came and then came again as he continued pleasuring her. Until she was sated and her body felt so wonderful.

She felt so good and was ready to return the favour. But it seemed He had other ideas.

He moved her over to a chair.' turn around' he demanded and turned her to face the chair. He then bent her over. Her hands on the chair. He ran his hands over her back and gripped her from behind. She waited expectantly and it wasn't long before she felt his hard cock entering her. She was still wet from the oral and he slid into her easily.

Pushing into her she gasped as he went deeper.'oh yes' she gasped as he shagged he hard in and out in hard bursts. She wanted him to fill her as much as he could. Running his hands all over her body as he fucked her. Her long hair flew around as she shook her head in pleasure as she moved her body to the rhythm of his.

"˜Yea babe. Oh yea feel my cock inside you babe' he whispered as he leaned over her and licked at her neck and back.

She found herself begging him to fuck her harder and harder and push it into her deeper and deeper.

Her naked body shuddering as he entered her hard and fast.Pushing deeper all the time.

She was enjoying it so much"¦When he took his hard cock from her and kissed her back"¦

"˜Wait here"¦he said"¦don't move...'

She wondered what he was going to do"¦but was ready and willing for anything.

He returned and planted hot wet kisses on her back as she bent for him"¦kissing and licking her neck"¦nibbling and blowing in her ear"¦

She soon found out what he had planned as she felt the long hard,wonderful feeling of her vibrator being pushed into her hot wet pussy"¦As it vibrated within her..and he pushed it in and out"¦She was desperate for more cock"¦

More"¦give me more she groaned"¦

He had his hands on ther back and from behind he slowly and gently pushed his hard cock into her tight backside"¦She had not done it this way many times"¦but the feeling of being filled by two cocks"¦was wonderful"¦he pushed into her as he fucked her with the vibator"¦She was going to come hard..come so hard"¦

The waves of orgasm hit her..and she arched her body and came with a yell..It felt so good..She hadn't been this dirty for ages"¦and she was not ashamed"¦.just perfectly pleasured"¦the orgasm subsided and she gasped for breath"¦but didn't want to leave her lover unfulfilled"¦

"˜I want to taste you babe' she said through gasps.'take you in my mouth'

And she turned to face him and running her hands over his body began to kiss his chest and slowly move down to where she knew his hard cock was waiting for her.

He was getting more and more aroused and was getting bigger and bigger"¦as she pressed her lips into his stomach he knew she was going to pleasure him like never before.

Holding his cock in her hand she gently licked up and down the shaft as she slowly masturbated him with her hand"¦she then ran her tongue gently over his balls before finally taking him in her mouth.

She felt him thrust gently forward as he encouraged her to take him deeper. As she sucked at his hard cock he moaned with pleasure.'Oh yea babe. That feels so good'.

He murmured as she took him deeper into her mouth. Kneeling naked in front of him. He was so turned on as she sucked faster and faster.

After being inside her and enjoying her beautiful body and now being in her hot wet mouth. It wasn't long before he was close to coming. He groaned more as he came closer and closer and she sucked on his cock faster and faster. Until he could hold back no longer. He felt his orgasm hit him and he pushed into her mouth. She felt his hot cum fill her mouth and she swallowed hard as he came. Until finally he was spent and removed himself from her lips.

He kneeled down so he was level with She and kissed her gently on the lips and softly put his arms around her and held her tightly.

They held each other for what seemed like ages. Neither wanted to let the other go and neither wanted to move an inch. They felt as one, and there was no better feeling in the world.

She knew he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with and when He whispered in her ear.' You are the most beautiful, gorgeous wonderful woman on the planet Princess. Never forget that.'Cos I sure as hell won't I'm the luckiest man in the world to have the chance to share the love I have with you'

And with that they walked hand in hand to the bed and spent the rest of the day exploring each others fantasies.. Until they were so exhausted. They just fell asleep in each other's arms.