Written by softjoe

19 Feb 2008

It had been one of those days when the best that could be hoped for was Not Quite Right, and everyone seemed intent on driving me mad. I was looking forward to a lazy evening of unwinding and doing nothing before hitting the sack.

I locked the car, let myself into the house, left my briefcase in the study and walked through to the drawing room, where Diane was waiting. I gave a low whistle: "Your hair looks fantastic!" I said. "So today was your appointment with Angela?"*

She smiled appreciatively. "Yes indeed", she replied. "I spent a very productive hour or so with her"¦ you look as though you've had a hard day, though", she observed; "Would you like something hot?"

"Like what?", I enquired.

"This", she replied, moving over to me and kissing me deeply, grinding her tummy against my suddenly-swelling prick.

Automatically, my hands caressed her buttocks and moved over to the zipper of her skirt, whereupon she stepped back quickly, shaking her head.

"Uh-uh!", she admonished, "My treat!". So saying she turned her back and, looking back at me over her shoulder, unfastened the top button and slid down the zip of her dark blue skirt before letting it drop. She turned to face me again, unbuttoning her white blouse from the bottom and letting it join her skirt on the floor, to stand before me in a delicate pink bra and half-slip with her panties and garter-belt showing through the filmy fabric; her legs slightly parted, dark stockings and black high-heeled shoes completed the picture.

Reluctant to take my eyes off her, and completely forgetting my tiredness, I fumbled with my belt; seeing my agitation, Diane moved forward and released it for me, smiling wickedly as she unfastened my pants and slipped her hand inside. Our lips met again and for a couple of minutes we stood kissing as she stroked and squeezed my erect penis, then hurriedly we tore at my clothes until I stood naked, the tip of my member wet with pre-cum. Eyeing it hungrily, Diane stepped back, hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist of her half-slip and eased it down her legs to the carpet. Taking my hand, she slipped it down the front of her panties and I began to stroke her wet labia and clit as her head rolled back and she squirmed at my touch. Suddenly she tensed, then began to shudder as an orgasm rocked her, making her vagina clamp onto my probing fingers.

When her climax had subsided she knelt and licked the pre-cum from my prick, then bade me to lie on the floor. I did so, my rigid cock standing up slightly from my solar plexus, whereupon she quickly removed her panties, knelt over me and, taking it in both hands, guided it deep inside her wet pussy. Pausing for a moment to feel it fully inserted, she began to move up and down, backwards and forwards, faster and faster until I could feel her muscles tightening again, making me come simultaneously with her second orgasm and pump my load deep inside her.

Our convulsions over, she slumped forward, my cock still firmly in place. I reached behind her and released the catch of her bra, slipping it off to liberate her lovely breasts, just within reach of my eager tongue and lips. As I sucked contentedly on first one nipple, then the other, she calmed down and then began to rock to and fro on my deflating cock, reversing the deflation process! Lubricated with a mixture of my and her fluids, the sensation was fantastic and before long I was cumming again whilst watching my glistening member sliding in and out of her.

I lay back exhausted, eyes closed and panting as Diane eased herself off me with a luscious slurp from her vagina, then took my still-hard prick in her mouth to clean up any remaining cum. It was the most exquisite torture as with great delicacy she worked her tongue around my over-sensitive glans and sucked gently to tease the last drops out.

Opening my eyes, I could see her pretty face, framed by her long hair, bobbing slowly up and down on my cock. I cupped her left breast in my hand and squeezed gently, making her groan involuntarily and move her pretty behind within reach. Releasing her breast, I moved my hand once more to her wet crack and resumed my stroking of her labia and clit until she raised her lips from my member and came for the third time.

Diane sat back against the sofa, legs apart and facing me with a fulfilled, gentle smile on her face "' the streaks of my cum on her cheeks and chin a fair exchange for the lipstick smears on my penis! I smiled back at her. "I'm afraid we've made a bit of a mess of your hair", I said.

She didn't seem at all concerned; "It was well worth it!", she replied dreamily, "- and I can always go back to Angela to have it fixed"¦"

* See "The Appointment"