Written by CIC

21 Nov 2007

You are dressed in a black rubber jacket and skirt, Jimmy Choo stiletto boots and fishnet hold-ups. Nothing else. The skirt is zipped open at the back from the bottom upwards - just enough to clearly show the curves of your arse and that wonderful space between the tops of your stockings. The jacket is unzipped low enough to show the fabulous curves of your breasts but still just covers your nipples.

We are in the bar. We are both getting a little drunk.

I watch you order drinks for us, whilst a guy waiting to be served flirts with you and tells you how great you look. You smile teasingly and thank him. You feel his eyes on your arse as you walk back to me. You tell me what he said, so I slip my finger between your legs and penetrate you, making sure you get wet whilst he watches. You part your legs more to make sure it's obvious. You don't look back at him.

Later on a girl in a tight, short, red rubber dress starts chatting to me and is very friendly. It's obvious I like her. I introduce you. After a polite little chat where we all pay compliments to one another, she says she will catch us later and leaves us to take drinks to her friends. "You want to fuck her don't you?" you say, You put your hand on my trousers and rub my cock, feeling me get hard, telling me you want to suck it. We go to a dark corner where you crouch down, legs parted wide. You take my cock in your mouth, sucking noisily whilst fingering yourself. You bring yourself to near ecstasy but we stop before either of us cum. Saving ourselves.

We go to the dance floor. We dance and we sweat.

We are back at the bar. I watch you as you walk away to go to the washroom. I love watching you walk. The way you move your body always seem to be saying "˜Fuck Me', and you can't help yourself. When you return you are smiling as you tell me about two attractive girls who were saying how sexy you are. You told them how much you think your boyfriend would fancy them. They told you how lucky your boyfriend is.

We walk through the club, watching other couples touch, kiss and suck each other. We watch a black guy and a white girl fucking whilst standing in a corner, her pushed against the wall with her leg wrapped around the back of his.

As we walk around we come across the girls from the washroom, standing in a dark corner and kissing. You stop, smile at them and introduce me. They each put a hand on your arms to suggest they want you to come closer. They tell me you are very sexy and I am very lucky. I reply, "I know. What would you like to do to her?"

Smiling, they turn your body so you are sitting on the edge of a table, with your back to the wall. One girl starts to kiss you, her tongue playing with yours. For a while her friend and I just watch to see your reaction. When you part, your eyes are wide-open, and you are smiling whilst biting your bottom lip. The second girl makes a sound of "˜Mmmm' and bends down between your legs, gently moving them apart, and starts to softly stroke your cunt.

You let out a small groan of delight, pushing your back against the wall and your hips towards the girl between your legs. The kissing with the first girl becomes more passionate, your tongues deep in each other's mouth. She unzips your top a little further, puts her hand around your breast, and bends down to lick, suck and bite your erect nipple. She puts her mouth around your breast, sucking as much as she can get into her.

The girl between your legs is licking your soaking wet pussy, pushing two fingers inside you. You feel the sensation of delight shoot through you. "Oh fuck yes" you say. Your fingers are entwined in her hair, and you pull her closer, forcing her fingers deeper into you. She moves them in and out faster and faster, her tongue flicking across your clit.

I'm standing facing you, blocking the view to anyone else. My rock-hard cock is in my hand.

The girl kissing you takes your hand and presses it between her legs. You feel her wetness. You gasp with pleasure. You put your finger inside her.

The girls work together, licking, kissing, finger-fucking. Faster and faster. You feel your entire body responding. You are lost in the moment.

You have your tongue deep down the throat of one girl, and the other now has three fingers inside you. Your body starts to shake. You pull them both closer, making a mewing sound.

You pull away from kissing, and with a load cry, you cum.

The noise has attracted people who have started to gather round.

The girls lift you to your feet, and you put your arms around them. The girl from between your legs puts her cum-covered fingers into the mouth of the other girl to suck them clean. You put your finger into her mouth, smiling with pleasure as she sucks.

People look and smile. Then start to move away. Show's over.