Written by dickthrust

11 Jul 2008

As he opened his eyes, it hit him like a bolt, he was back.

His experiences of the previous days had left him drained, he reached awkwardly to the bedside, drinking greedily from the cool bottle, the water overspilling his mouth, running down his neck, glistening as it clung to the hairs on his chest, forming pools on his stomach.

He lay wearily, on the bed, his bones ached, and he smarted as the scratches on his back rubbed against the scarlet throw, creased angrily around him.

He could still smell her perfume, and his arousal returned.

"What deeper state of pleasure" she had whispered as he sank into her. She stared into his eyes, stroking his face, kissing his mouth. She moaned as she reached down, grasping him him as he slid softly into her, slowly withdrawing, slowly repeating.

Shrugging the throw, Dick headed for the shower, half aroused from her memory as the warm water began to cascade and massage his shoulders. "splash splash splash" thought Dick and laughed as she had laughed as the water had gushed onto them only a week earlier.

Changed into his favourite black silk shirt, black linen suit, Prado loafers and sunglasses, Dick set off, he was going to her, he was now hers forever..............

first draft tbc if you want - Have fun DT : )