Written by playfulserf

13 Apr 2008

This is only a fantasy, but who knows fantasy's can become realities!!

When watching a blue film of Indian women being pleasured by two males in the company of a friend and his gorgeous Indian wife, Ricky mind was full of naughty thoughts. Ricky couldn't help it; his friend's wife was gorgeous and really flirtatious.

When the film finished, the husband teased Ricky that if he was to "watch the Master at work" and watch his friend satisfying his wife that he would literally cum in his trousers.

The couple teased Ricky in to accepting the bet, after all, if he enjoyed watching Indian women being pleasured on his TV set, surely he would like to see a real Indian woman being pleasured in his own lounge or on his own bed.

The terms of the bet were as follows,

"¢ Princess was allowed to seduce Ricky, to ensure that he was suitably aroused.

"¢ Ricky would have to be obedient and to comply fully with both his friends instructions

"¢ Princess was permitted to gently brush her hand against Ricky's trousers and allowed to feel his erection but not to wank his penis

"¢ If Ricky was to cum first, his friends would win the challenge

"¢ If "The Master" was to cum first, then Ricky would win the bet.

As the friends shook hands on the wager, Ricky began to worry, as knew that Princess could easily turn him on, and that if he lost that he would have the humiliation of spunking in his trousers

Princess smiled at "The Master" as she reached out to take Ricky's hand, leading the visitor in the bedroom, she stopped and ordered him to stand against the wall, Princess's seduction was about to begin.

Princess told Ricky to place his hands on her waist, as Ricky complied Princess reached down and began to slowly brush her hand against the crutch of Ricky's trousers. Princess could instantly feel his hardening penis responding to her light touch and began to plant erotic thoughts into Ricky's head, by enquiring of he wanted to fuck her gorgeous body, to put his cock inside her wet pussy, to watch her brown titties bouncing as he took his pleasure.

Princess teased Ricky more by telling him that she wanted him to fuck her, to feel his cock inside her and that he was going to be taking his pleasure before he went home. Ricky didn't know if Princess was lying just to win the bet and Princess could feel the result of her word as she felt his cock throb against her brushing hand.

Princess ensured that Ricky remained in eye contact and looked into her brown "come to bed eyes" as she asked him if he wanted to feel her breasts, to explore her body and to see where "The Master" was going to put his cock so that Ricky could fuck her spunk filled pussy.

Instructing Ricky to feel her braless breast through the thin material of her blouse, Princess toiled with her captives mind, asking him if he could feel how big they were, how firm they felt and if he could feel her erect nipples.

Princess continued to tease Ricky, telling him how she wanted him later to kiss and caress her breasts, to suck her hard erect dark nipples, knowing that the erotic thoughts being planted in his head would drive him crazy with desire.

Inviting Ricky to undo her blouse, Princess ensured that Ricky eyes didn't look down, continuing to arouse Ricky even further by playing with his imagination.

Princess instructed Ricky to feel her thighs, to place his hands under her skirt so that he could feel the tops of her stockings and the bare cheeks of her bottom. Teasingly Princess asked Ricky if he was ready to remove her knickers, to gaze upon her wet pussy for the first time, to see were "The Master" was going to put his cock and to whether it was true or not to look at the pussy he was going to fuck before he went home.

Ricky knew that Princess would have one of the most appetising pussy he had ever seen, it would just looked so tasty, the pinkness of the inner flesh, the dark labia, Ricky's mouth literally watered at the thought of just tasting it.

As Ricky peeled of Princess's knickers, Princess undid the buttons on her skirt, so that the garment fell around her ankles. Princess turned to walk towards the bed, holding out her hand for Ricky to hold and to follow.

Letting go of the visitors hand Princess laid across the middle of the bed, with her pussy on the edge of the mattress, Princess opened her legs and with her fingers parted her dark pussy lips.

Princess's pussy was already moist and gleaming, the erotic the thoughts being planted into Ricky's head arousing her body. As Ricky watched Princess parting her lips, Princess's voice ordered him to prepare her pussy for "The Master's" penetration.

Princess purred softly as Ricky's mouth teasingly kissed the tops of her thighs, Ricky's tongue gentle brushed across Princess's pussy lips, tasting Princess's sweet wetness, slowly working its way around the entrance to Princess's love tunnel as it began to probe inside. Ricky soft mouth began to gently suck Princess's lips, his attentive, tongue encircling Princess's swollen clitoris.

As Princess played with her own breasts, her gentle voice told Ricky how good his actions felt, guiding the guest to the rhythm that Princess wanted.

"The Master" who was watching Princess"˜s seduction discreetly from the bedroom door entered the room and began to undress.

Kneeling in front of "the Master", Princess made Ricky watch as her mouth played with the tip of her lovers cock before taking it into her mouth.

Holding "The Master's" cock in front of her mouth Princess teased Ricky, saying "it's a pity I can't suck your cock now, your just going to have to wait until later". Princess asked Ricky to put his under her buttocks and to feel her wet pussy and to massage her wet pussy lips with the tips of his fingers.

As Princess returned "The Master's" cock to her mouth, "The Master" began to tease the guest by telling him good Princess's mouth felt, telling Ricky how Princess really knew how to suck a cock and explaining how what was happening felt just so pleasurable.

"The Master's" voice teased Ricky further asking the guest if it looked good. When Ricky said that it did, "The Master" responded by suggesting that Ricky should suck his cock. Pulling his tool from Princess' mouth, "The Master" pushed his helmet against the host's lips.

Immediately Ricky opened his mouth and began to suck on "The Master's" thick cock, taking the top of the penis into his mouth. "The Master's" cock felt so big as Ricky's lips stretched to encompass it. As the guest teased "The Master", Princess began to rub her hand back across his groin, gently stroking Ricky's tool through the thin material of his trousers. Ricky could hear Princess voice continually telling him to suck that big thick cock and to prepare her lover to fuck her wet pussy.

Not wanting "The Master" to cum too soon, and "The Master" decided to tease Ricky with a perfect view of Princess entire body as she slowly rode upon "The Master's" cock. "The Master" laid face up across the middle of his bed with his head nearest to Ricky and asked Princess to mount him. Taking "The Master's" cock in hand she gently guided the helmet to in between her open lips, before slowly impaling herself on "The Master's" tool.

Not wanting to excite "The Master" too much, Princess gently rocked her pussy backward and forwards, audibly moaning the word "oh yes, oh yes that feels good".

Princess began to play with her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples, bending her head to lick her gorgeous breast.

As Ricky eyes focused on the beautiful sight before him, he could feel his cock twitch, "The Master" meanwhile deliberately closed his eyes so that he could not see and therefore become to aroused by Princess

Princess began to slowly lift her body up so that only the tip of "The Master's" penis remained within in her pussy before gently sliding her body back down upon it, forcing Ricky to watch as she repeatedly took "The Master's" full length.

Whilst dismounting "The Master", Princess asked Ricky to move around to the other side of the bed. As Princess turned her body to face the other way, she once again slid "The Master's" cock deep into her wet pussy. Using her outstretched arms to support her body Princess leant backwards to give Ricky a full view of "The Master's" tool slipping in and out of her body. With no visual stimulation and only Princess's arched back to look at "The Master", felt it safe to open his eyes.

Princess purred as the tip of Ricky's tongue licked her pussy lips, and as the guest buried his head between Princess's thighs, Princess began to gyrate her grinding pussy into his face and onto Ricky's probing tongue.

The sensation of "The Master's" fully inserted penis and Ricky's tongue felt so good on Princess's pussy, the guests probing tongue hitting the spot, as Princess gently thrust her pussy forward.

Princess was naturally vocal and knowing that the guest would be turned on even more by hearing how god it felt, Princess moaned words of encouragement and appreciation to turn him on even more.

As the joint actions of the men brought Princess's body closer to orgasm, Princess began to close her knees around the guests head, squeezing his ears against her thighs.

Princess's body was now so aroused that it needed to be fucked more forcibly. Remembering the guests previous fantasy's Princess knew that the thought of having to stand against a wall as Princess was taken from behind would really turn him on and probably seal the wager.

"The Master" asked the guest to kneel and as Ricky got down on to his knees "The Master" pushing the tip of his thick cock against the guest's mouth said "Let me fuck your mouth, so that you can taste Princess pussy and suck my cock clean". As Ricky accepted his friends' erection "The Master's" cum covered cock tasted so good, Princess love juices certainly tasted so sweet.

Withdrawing his cock from the guests mouth, "The Master" ordered Ricky to stand against the wall, Princess placed her bent arms onto his shoulders. Standing legs astride and looking into Ricky eyes Princess told Ricky to hold her waist.

Standing behind Princess, "The Master" slipped his hard cock back into the wet pussy. As Princess's spoke the words "oh yes baby, give it to me" Ricky could feel the warmth of Princess's breath on his face.

Princess's voice continued to tell Ricky how good "The Master's" cock felt and as the guest listened to Princess's voice telling "The Master" how much she liked it Ricky could feel his cock swelling, stretching his foreskin as Princess's voice increased his arousal.

As Ricky continued to hold Princess's waist he could feel Princess's buttocks being pushed forwards as "The Master's" strokes became more powerful. Ricky could feel Princess's bouncing breasts brushing against his chest, he could feel the warmth of Princess's breath, and experience Princess's breathing becoming deeper.

Taking one hand from Ricky shoulder Princess reached down to feel Ricky's cock, brushing the palm of her hand over the crutch of his trousers.

Princess stretched her other arm into the air, placing the palm of her hand on the wall and allowing her body to press up against Ricky's.

With Princess's head virtually on Ricky's shoulder, Ricky could feel Princess's breathing in his ear, the sensation sending goose bumps down his body.

Ricky had to listen to Princess's voice begging to be fucked harder and harder, deeper and deeper, telling both of the men exactly how good it felt,

Ricky could feel Princess starting to pant, her gasping breath blowing into his hear as the pleasure of "The Master's" pounding tool began to take its effect.

Princess could sense that Ricky was becoming uncomfortable, sensing that the guest was beginning to breath heavier too. Princess pushed her hand across the front of Ricky's trousers, rubbing the silky lining across the enclosed rampant manhood. Ricky could feel and hear Princess's breath constantly gasping "oh yes" into his ear.

Ricky knew that Princess was arousing him too much, he knew that he was close to coming, to spunking in his trousers, he closed his eyes and tried to recall the stations on the central line, sure that he was about to loose the bet.

As the crucial moment became almost inevitable "The Master" withdrew.

Fucking Princess and listening to the sound of Princess's voice telling Ricky how good his cock felt, meant that "The Master" was also close to coming, his legs were starting to ache and he needed to withdraw.

Princess wasn't going be beaten though and determined to win the £5, Princess instructed Ricky to lie on the bed.

Secretly taking a dildo from the bedside drawer, Princess knelt of the guest face, using the warmth of Ricky's breath to lower her pussy onto his waiting mouth. Leaning forward so that "The Master" could enter doggy style, Princess slipped the dildo under the waistband of Ricky's trousers, switching it on to vibrate against his throbbing cock.

Ricky could feel the gentle vibration of the dildo on his cock; he could feel Princess's sweet pussy rubbing across his mouth as Princess pushed her body back to meet the thrusts of "The Master's" cock.

Princess could feel "The Master's" hands gripping her waist, pulling her body onto "The Master's" pounding tool, Princess could feel Ricky's probing tongue, working its magic below, teasing her swollen clitoris.

Princess squeezed her legs together as her body started to cum, the tops of thighs pushing against Ricky's face. Once again Ricky could feel himself becoming too aroused, as Ricky discomfort increased he began to move his legs, Princess could now no loner feel the guests tongue, only his panting breath breathing against her wet pussy lips.

Ricky cried "Argh!" his legs that were moving wildly across the bed came to halt as his throbbing cock exploded in his own trousers his heaving balls pumping his hot spunk out of his spurting cock. Princess continued to kneel over Ricky face so that "The Master" could take his pleasure. Princess could feel "The Master's" ball sack slapping her bare arse, the warmth of the guests breathing on her pussy as he tried to regain his breath.

Ricky could hear "The Master's" balls slapping Princess's arse, the urgency of his rhythm becoming more frantic and instinctively knew that his host was about to take his pleasure until with a final deep thrust "The Master" shot his hot cum deep into Princess's pussy. As "The Master" withdrew, Princess rolled off of Ricky's body freeing the guest from his trapped position.

As Princess fingered her own spunk filled love tunnel Ricky reached for his wallet, taking out a fiver, he passed it to Princess, smiling as he handed it over with the words "That was brilliant!" Princess pushed the fiver into the top of her stockings. Remembering something that Ricky said before, Princess continued to play with her wet pussy, requested the guest, to once again stand against the bedroom wall and to watch.

Removing cum covered fingers, Princess approached Ricky, raising her hand in the air Princess stopped just short of Ricky. Princess inserted her two cum covered fingers into her mouth and slowly sucked them clean. Approaching Ricky Princess reached out with her arms to embrace the guest. Princess paused to smile before kissing Ricky on the lips; the couple kissed again and then closed their eyes. As they kissed for a third time their lips opened, their opened mouths locked and Ricky could taste the saltiness of "The Master's" spunk mixed in with Princess's cum.