Written by Unknown

27 Oct 2007


Terri (Theresa) stormed out of the school; it had been a really shitty day, a pupil in one of her classes had been really disruptive and impossible to bring back into line, added to that, when she had gone to the head to complain he had been less than sympathetic. She did not have that much time for the head at the best of times, thinking that he was weak and ineffective; but this afternoon she had even less time for him than usual given his total lack of support for members of staff who, quite frankly, had much more of an idea of what was happening in the school than he did. She hated confrontation, and this was about as confrontational as it had ever got with her almost ripping the head's study door off of its hinges as she marched out in anger and frustration.

Terri had calmed down just a little by the time she was halfway across the playground, thinking to herself "what's the point I will be leaving at the end of the term anyway". She noticed a man walking on the other side of the railings and was struck by his appearance; he was tall with a very gipsy air about him, quite dark, and definitely very handsome, but it was his eyes that struck her most, being almost black and very mesmeric, giving her the feeling that this man would make a very good hypnotist. She shrugged, shaking off the thoughts and walked out through the gates giving it no more thought at all. As it was a beautiful afternoon Terri decided to walk home slowly through the park and enjoy the late spring sunshine; she was aware of the fact that the man she had seen was keeping pace with her from the foot falls behind her, but was not at all worried as the park itself was quite crowded with people who, like her, were enjoying the day.

Suddenly the man appeared in her peripheral vision, not close, but at about the same distance to her side now. Her thoughts returned to her that he was indeed handsome, and that, in different circumstances, she might have been tempted to talk to him; but not today, she had a mountain of marking in her bag and could not afford to be distracted. For the first time she noticed that he had a guitar over his shoulder; well she would have to keep an eye open for this man in future, if he could play well he could easily melt her heart. The sun's heat and her thoughts of this man all contrived to draw her mind away from the problems at school and the workload in her bag leading her to take a seat on a bench to soak up more of the atmosphere; and hopefully more of the eye candy. As she sat he looked across and smiled at her, a smile which struck at the very heart of her sensuality stirring lustful thoughts within; her pelvic muscles contracting as she sat, she could feel the moisture within her forming. She was amazed that such a process of arousal could be triggered by something as simple as a smile.

Terri wanted to speak but the words just would not form in her mouth, and she thought that she had lost the opportunity when he continued to walk on. He only walked as far as the next bench; sitting down he brought his guitar onto his knee and began to run his fingers over the strings, playing a simple series of notes and chords to warm them to the task. After a while he started to play some old standard tunes, songs that most people knew and could sing along to. Terri was enthralled, she found the guitar to be a beautiful instrument and played this well it was just something else; he was playing these pieces as she had never heard them before, lending them a passion and a sensuality that she did not know could exist in popular music. This in turn was playing on her own sensuality; she was watching his fingers gliding up and down the finger board, plucking the strings, so intent upon his playing that he was not watching anyone else at all. She began to imagine those sensuous fingers playing over her body, again her pelvic muscles contracted involuntarily, again a wave of moisture but this time she could feel it dampen her knickers. How could someone do this to her without even touching her?

On and on the stranger played, lending each piece more passion and sensuality than the last. Terri's mind now in a turmoil of lust, turning to thoughts of this man, she began to think of being beside him feeling his body next to her own; to think of how he would feel inside her knowing that he would enter her slowly as he had begun the music. She could feel the heat in her womb now and knew that she wanted this man more than anything else in the world, wanted him inside her, wanting him to build the passion as he built the sensuality of his music. Her vaginal muscles were contracting now in time with the music as if trying to suck it in; bringing to her mind the image of her sucking his member deep inside her. She desperately wanted to give herself a good finger fucking now, but that was impossible as she was wearing jeans. She could feel the juices flowing so freely from her now that she would soon be in danger of her jeans looking as if she had wet herself. She could feel the arousal building with each change of song, she knew that this was impossible but, even so, it was happening. She closed her eyes and immediately had a vision of his ass rising and falling has he gave her the fucking that she so craved at this moment; a vision so real that she thought that she could actually feel him deep inside her and consciously started to contract her muscles to hold him there.

The song changed again, this time he was playing John Lennon's "˜Woman', but playing it as she had never heard it played before; somehow the woman was her, somehow this man was playing her like the instrument in his hands. Terri lay back against the back of the bench, eyes still closed, her thoughts of this stranger actually being inside her, despite the lack of physical contact, feeling him rigid inside her, feeling her walls parting to allow him entry, feeling the tip of his cock paying homage to her cervix as it prodded it. She could feel the juices boiling out of her now as this man built the song layer upon layer striking at her very being. She could feel him gripping her buttocks to pull her onto him as he pounded into her as she sucked him in contracting around him gripping him as tightly as possible. She knew this piece so well that she knew he was coming to the end of it very soon, but also that she never wanted him to stop playing it, but knew that he would eventually. As this stranger played the final notes Terri came with such an intense orgasm that she had to bite into her arm to prevent herself screaming out loud; an orgasm that went on and on seemingly for minutes. Finally she calmed and noticed that the music had stopped, opening her eyes she saw that he had gone and that it was as if he had never been there"¦