Written by Unknown

27 Jun 2008

Teacher Training

I walk into the classroom with my battered soft brown leather briefcase, closing the door behind me. It is my first day at a new school having taken over from the previous History teacher, who left for some reason I can't seem to find out.

The door has a glass top half, the desks are all individual old dark brown, my own desk is large, old and tall. There is an old blackboard that winds round. Opposite the door windows run the length of the 1st floor classroom. There is a girl leaning back against my desk at the front of a noisy class, wearing a short thigh length skirt and white shirt with 4 buttons undone.

"Right quieten down class and sit down please." You turn round to face me leaning over the desk as I sit down, put my case on the floor and glancing up.

I can't help but notice your tits thrusting out of your top, "very nice", I think to myself, "has she undone another button?"

"I run this class, I'm not gonna have the trouble with you that I had with the last teacher am I? I had to get rid of him" you instruct in a quiet, but very authoritative way, your teenage arrogance shining through. "I've seen you looking at my tits already you dirty old pervert. I shall start spreading it around that you keep staring at my tits and touching me, then, I'll go to the head and tell him. Your career will be ruined just like the last poor sod that didn't do as he was told, so remember, I run this class, see me afterwards." You do a button up and walk back to your seat. I sit there for a moment with my mouth open, dumbstruck.

"Right quieten down please, my name is Mr Brown and I will be running this class from now on." The thought rushes into my head, why did I say that? You sit there smiling to yourself. The class passes without a hitch, you seem to ask a few questions that involve me looking at your text book as I walked round looking at everyone's work, but no more than others I suppose. I dismiss the class at the sound of the buzzer and sit down packing away my books. I hear the door shut and then your voice, "now sir, let me tell you the rules."


"Yes rules. I run this class and you will do as I say." At this point you are standing in front of me, you lean over and undo another button. "You like my tits you pervert, don't you?" I nod as you bend your legs and sink down to your haunches. "Good, that makes it easier" you say as you start to rub my thigh. I can feel my groin stirring as you continue caressing. "I get straight A's and don't do any work, OK?"

"I can't give you A's without any work."

"You don't have a choice, I get what I want, I'm in charge here." You run the palm of your hand up my hardening shaft, "I own this now, it dosen't go near anyone else understand, wife, girlfriend, no one." You unzip me and slide your lips down my shaft, licking to wet my head. "I want fucking now."

"What" I exclaim.

You stand up, grab my hair and thrust my face into your pussy "lick my clit pervert, I wanna be wet before you fuck me." You are holding my head with both hands pushing it and thrusting your pussy forward. I move your thong to one side with my finger and start to lick your lips. Using both thumbs I part the folds and my tongue finds your clit. You let out an involuntary moan and pull me closer "Lick it old man." I continue circling and flicking fast on your clit, I can hear you sigh. You pull my head back "fuck me now." You walk off still holding my hair, dragging me round to the side of the desk so the desk is between you and the door. You bend over "fuck me from behind you old pervert."

I unzip and find your wet entrance with my now rock hard cock, slowly sliding in as far as I can. I ease out and thrust forward gently. "Fuck me hard if you wanna keep your job bitch." I pull out slap your arse and begin hammering in hard. I pull your hair as I slow down to reach round and feel those tits. "Don't slow, don't stop, just fuck me hard you bastard." I continue and then you tell me to stop.

You turn round with an angry look on your face, grab my hair and pull it back, "I tell you what you can do, you are mine, my bitch, your cock is mine, you will do as you are told, is that clear bitch?"


"Good, now I get straight A's and don't have to do any work, understand?"


"Now get on your knees and lick my pussy."

"But I don't like the taste."

"I don't give a fuck, lick it bitch." I sink to my knees between you and the desk. Reluctantly I push my tongue up your pussy and lap, "I can't do this, I don't like it."

"I don't give a fuck, You had better get used to it, I've plans for you, now drink the lot you pathetic creature."

"I can't."

"Fuckin do it wimp, or you're history."

I start again and stop trying to take the taste away. You push my head back "I didn't tell you to stop, drink all of it you fuckin useless wimp."I run this fuckin class and that includes you, when I want cock I get it, when I want fuckin I get it, when I want my pussy licked I get it."

"But, it's horrible."

"Like I care, now fuckin drink it till I tell you to stop bitch boy."

The classroom door opens and I hear the Headmasters voice "Kirsty, should you be in here?" You pull my head closer forcing me to continue.

"Yes sir, I'm to wait here while Mr Brown finishes something for me."

"What was the lesson like, I hope you learnt something, he comes highly recommended."

"Oh he was hard sir, good though, he'll lick us into shape I'm sure."

"No trouble then?"

"He's going to be no trouble sir. We have a lot to catch up on after the last teacher sir. It will be a long hard year and I will probably need extra lessons, but we have to put the effort in to get the rewards, don't we sir? Could you get Mr Brown to teach me during this break period every week sir, somewhere we won't be disturbed, it's going to be hard for me otherwise?"

I am scared, thinking, why don't she just get rid of him, don't keep him talking. Your hand is continually pushing my head to your slit. "Yes of course, I'm sure he won't mind, I must say it's a refreshing change Kirsty."

"If the right person touches the right buttons sir, an explosion takes place, sometimes you have to do as you are told sir, I hope my grades will improve now."

"You're an intelligent girl d you don't use the talent you have Kirsty. Excellent, well he seems a good addition to the staff if he can produce such changes in a day."

"Oh he's good sir, he's very good" you say patting my head "and I'll put my talent to good use sir, you can be sure of that." I hear the door close and footsteps along the corridor.

"Haven't you finished yet wimp, work fuckin faster, you've got a lot to learn this year. You heard the headmaster, you're to spend extra time with me each week, alone and undisturbed where you will learn to obey without question. I hate pathetic little creatures like you, now lick my clit, I'm gonna cum and you are gonna drink every drop."

To be continued"¦..