Written by pussy

17 Aug 2010

At work and want a snack? Fancy some pussy sushi? I can cum, in my short skirt, no knickers, stockings and thigh high pvc boots. I'll wear a long coat over the top. On my top half? Bra? No, no bra. No nothing. Just my gorgeous big round juicy boobs, open to the air. I walk into your office, lock the door and pull the blinds down. I stride over to your chair, lift one leg up onto the desk and you get an eyefull of whats to come. My clit is engorged already, wet and ready. I drop my coat to the floor and lean fwd so you can suck my tits. Swinging them in your face, you cup them with your hands, and suck each one hungrily. Your hands are roaming my thighs, I push your fingers into me, into my sopping wet pussy. You rub me hard, I grind my hips onto your fingers, urging you to fuck my cunt with them. One hand reaches round to my arse and gently probes my asshole, Im not used to this, but enjoy a gentle stroking of around my hole. With one hand still wanking me you push my skirt up around my middle, and I slide it off above my head. I still try to ride one of your hands, while I strip you off your clothes.

You lie back on your desk, just with your pants on. I sit on your clothed cock and rub my cunt onto you, fucking you. You still tickle my clit. As you get harder, I switch and sit on your face, pushing my cunt deep into your mouth, I gently stroke your cock through your pants its urging to get out. But I keep it contained. I dont want to be a cock tease, but you just want to eat me, your secretary will suck your cock when I'm gone!

For the whole lunch hour and a little bit more you suck and chew my sopping cunt, the juice dripping down your chin, but you just lap it up and want it more.........