Written by jaysay

19 Aug 2009

It had been a while since we'd had a holiday just us 2. There's something about sun, sea n a sun tan that makes u extra horny don't u think? We had a great time, met some great people n shagged like rabbits!

One night after a few cocktails we were invited by another couple to go to a private club that they new about. We paid to get in had to remove our shoes, given condoms n a mask to wear for the duration of our time in the club. Then the hostess took us upstairs to a dimly lit room. There was RnB music playing, comfy seating, table service a relaxed atmosphere n although at this point we were feeling a little nervous the mood felt good, more drinks needed....

As I looked around I saw a stage area with 4 sexy dancers girating against a guy who had the biggest cock I'd ever seen, it was semi hard n swinging between his legs as he danced. The sight of this really turned me on n I could see my fella's cock straining to get out. I lifted my skirt & pulled my g string aside showing him my swollen clit I put my fingers in his mouth to wet them n touched myself letting him put his fingers inside me feeling me shudder as I came onto them. I went down taking his hard thick cock in my mouth teasing it with tongue then deeper until I felt his warm come empty down my throat.

When we looked round it appeared others had enjoyed our show & after a little recovery time we were invited to join a group of others. The ambience of the club & the masks added an extra bit of excitement we were both being kissed n carressed half the time I wasn't sure if it was a man or a woman but I did'nt much care, it felt good. I could see my fella was being well entertained by two stunning blondes, he had 1 sat over his face the other riding his stiff cock while they were kissing & fondling each other over him. I felt a slight pang of jealousy but then remembered I have the pleasure of him every night they would get it only once & I was getting fucked from behind & rather enjoying it too! The guy pulled out of my wet pussy & wanked himself off all over my back. Then I saw my fella pull out & shoot his spunk all over his belly while the girls fought to taste it. Seeing him shoot his spunk made me want to come big time so I parked myself over the first available hard cock & rode it hard so everyone watching could see his cock going in & out of my pussy the thought of being watched turned me on more than ever & I could feel the wetness increasing between my legs as we came together.

We all lay together chatting, drinking & fornicating some people left but we stayed until day light came. We headed back to our hotel just in time for breakfast. We kept looking at people across the tables to see if we could recognise any of the faces behind the masks it made us feel quite horny to think we could have fucked some of them without realising it at the time! We left breakfast n had a quick shag in the shower before crashing out for a few hours. We would be heading back home later that day. Shame good things come to an end....

Fantasy 4 now, could it become a reality? ;-) ;-) Xx