Written by talis_aaron

13 Oct 2007

I should be thinking about work, but instead i'm thinking about fucking you. When I say fucking, that is precisely what i mean. Vicerial, hard sex that gets us back to the animals we are. My very skin betrays me in my need for you, an angry red sex rash of engorged blood vestles shows on my upper chest and face. I need you. I need release. I attempt to turn my attention to writing and the question of ethics, but find my thoughts constantly wandering to explore your flesh. I see you sprawled and sweating over a dishevelled bed, partially clothed in a sloppy, stretched t-shirt wearing no underwear. I see you on your stomach with your pert behind raised slightly, you have turned your head to face me approaching you from behind. There is a wanton smile on your face and a glint in your eye. You say nothing but your smile broadens as you see that I am fully aroused. I climb onto the bed and into you, you gasp, are slick under the pressure of my penetration we groan together. I bury myself to the hilt and you push back against me and breath out hard. I feel your vagina tighten and release around me as I grind slowly inside you. 'Fuck me' you say and I withdraw my phalus for all of its length before slamming myself inside you in a swift motion, you scream and collapse onto the bed. I repeat, repeat and repeat. You scream and grunt 'yes, like that, fuck me you bastard'. I change tempo and begin to thrust less deeply but more regularly. You push back against me and demand more, faster, more 'bastard!' I stop and withdraw. I push your legs further apart and bury my head between your legs. Licking your anus, forcing the tip of my tongue into the tight rosebud of muscle. I lick and lap and nibble my way down to your swollen, slick, wet labia. I push my nose into your vagina. I lap at your clit. You taste of salt and piss and love juice. Ambrosia! I am on the verge of climax as i lick at your clit while moving my nose at the entrance of your vagina. I feel your errect clit against my mouth, on my tongue. You move against me, i feel you tense, twitch. You are beginning your inexorable path to climax. You buck and move violently against my mouth, forcing my lips hard against my teeth, ooowch!, you are coming. You lay spent. I lick your come from your used swollen pussy, you are spent for a short time, I am aroused.............