Written by fiesty

22 Feb 2008

It was an ordinary Monday. I got up, had breakfast, got dressed, found my car keys in less than five minutes and was out of the door on time. I work in an office, open plan and busy filled with chattering women busily swapping gossip and somehow finding the time to do the photo copying. As well as the other paperwork that somehow will not do itself.

As soon as I got to the office I could tell that something had changed. Everything was so quiet. I could even hear the coffee pot bubbling away. I was a little freaked out, and as I was sitting at my desk I whispered to Eileen across from me. "Has someone died?" She smiled without looking up from her typing. "Oh no, we have a new boss is all, Gary's wife has had an accident, and he has had to take some time off. So they've sent us a new guy to look after us for a bit."

I was intrigued and settled down to wait and see. Ten minutes later I had a stack of mail on my desk, next job filling Gary's in tray with it. I could see the manager's door was slightly agar so I just went straight in. I knew Gary would not have minded, and as it turned out neither did the new guy.

I knew I had picked the wrong moment to arrive almost immediately. It took me that moment to take in the sight of Him, a picture a just have to close my eyes to see again. I had only ever seen a man like it on TV or in magazines. Obviously he must have been changing. Why else would he have been stood, naked, in the middle of his office? He was fit! All muscle with huge shoulders and an absolutely edible ass. His back was turned busy rubbing himself down with a towel. It was obvious he was not expecting any company.

As I stood there watching I got to see all of his assets. And he had nothing to be ashamed of; he had managed to get to the front of the cue where cocks were concerned. It was soft and still looked bigger than any I had had. It must be absolutely huge when hard I thought to myself.

Then he saw me. I have never moved so fast. I was out of the door quicker than you could say fuck me. Back at my desk I could see him still. What would it feel like? Taste like? I kept imagining playing with it. Grasping it with both hands and stroking it till all the veins stood proud and the helmet glistened. My fingers tingled as I fantasised about feeling all of the interesting lumps and bumps. I would gently pull back that foreskin and run my tongue around the swollen plum coloured bell end. Just to see how he tasted before I tried to swallow it whole.

I was shifting about on my seat, the folds around my cunt swelling as I thought on what I had seen. I knew as I sat there that I'd never get to do any of these things. To take his balls into my mouth and make him groan. To suck all his tasty cum out of him. I tried to concentrate on my work but it was impossible.

As the day went on I noticed more and more that he was avoiding me. He just would not give me the time of day. Then the day was done, time to go home. As I was collecting my coat I heard him calling my name through the open door. "Georgina, could I have a moment of your time?" Of course you can sexy man I thought as I went into his office. There he was, dressed mores the pity, leaning against his desk, arms folded. Here it comes, I thought, the lecture. Have you ever heard of knocking? That kind of thing! I tried to look apologetic. Avoiding eye contact, blushing slightly.

We stood together in silence for an agonising thirty seconds. "About what happened earlier?" He started. Here it comes I thought. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Did you like what you saw?"" I looked up at him surprised, his hand had moved to his bulging crotch, massaging gently at his massive erection. "He certainly enjoyed being watched, he has been stiff ever since. Only thing is now he's started to really ache." I licked my lips. He was looking directly towards me as he started to undo his button and slowly pull down the fly. I kept silent. "I was wondering if there was anything you could do to help?" That was it; I felt all my Christmas's has come together. I needed no other invitation.

I was now in front of him. Kneeling I reached my hands forward and brought his fat cock out into the light. It was ridged. The veins running up his long length pulsing in my hands. I leant forward and flicked the tip of my tongue over the glistening hole on the very top. He groaned, and brought his hand down to stoke my hair. I started to role the massive shaft between my palms as I took the whole of his bell end past my lips sliding my tongue over the end as I sucked gently. He tasted good, little drops of salty goodness on the end of my tongue.

His hands started to push my skull further down his shaft. I chuckled and immediately took in as much as I could. He was so big I could only fit in half. I took a firm grasp of his swollen ball sack and started to massage gently as I gave him the blow job of his life.

He was really fidgeting then. Trying to make the pace quicker obviously ready to splatter his man fat down my throat. I took his cock out of my grasping it firmly in both hands. And I did what I really wanted to do, leaning that little bit extra forward. I ran my tongue over his balls, nibbling around the base of his cock. I really tried but I could not fit both balls into my mouth. So I took them individually, sucking and rolling them around my mouth.

Out of nowhere he reached down grabbing and swinging me around so quickly toward the desk I felt my feet lift off the floor. Within moments I was pressed face down across Gary's desk a heavy had pressed down hard in the base of my spine. His other hand pulled up my skirt exposing the black lace thong and pert bottom. He wasted no time into pushing a questing finger straight into my cunt. I was so wet it slipped straight in. Finding what he wanted he used his fingers to spread my swollen labia and open me wide. I felt so hot, and opened my legs as wide as they would go. Desperate to feel him throb and move inside me.

It did not take him long to take the hint he opened my glossy wet flaps wide an thrust hard into me, I could not help but scream it felt as if he was comeing out the back of my throat he was so big. I was pinned flat and still, he had hold of my hips pushing down. And he rode me hard. I saw stars. He kept ramming me and I loved it, so much so I could feel my juices running off the end of his cock and over my ass hole.

He took hold of my thigh and raised it onto the desk. Somehow managing to sink that amazing cock even deeper into my thrashing body, I just kept coming. After the first time it happened again and again until I could not even feel my body anymore. Finally he let go of himself, grunting as his hot cum splashed into my already swimming cunt.

So there I was sprawled across Gary's desk, sticky cum mixing with my juices running down the inside of my thigh. I heard him pulling his trousers back on and walking toward the door, still unable to move from the desk.

"Thank you, I expect you on time in the morning. You will report to me first thing, and Georgina wear stockings". The door closed.

So there you go that shows Mondays aren't all that bad especially when you have a boss like mine. I can't wait for Tuesday!