Written by malaki

22 Jan 2009


I was off from work one day due to a bad toe. My wife was at work and was not due home for hours. Anyhow about lunch time I was feeling peckish but most of all I had I had an urge. That urge was in my pants so I shut the curtains in the lounge and put the DVD on. I looked for my favourite dirty film and pressed start. With that I put on my head phones and stripped to my socks and stood in front of the TV watching and wanking. I was at it about 15 minutes when I suddenly felt a hand on my bottom. I glanced quickly and saw the blonde head of my wife. Her hands went quickly to my hard on and gently began pulling my foreskin back and forth. Estacy, what could a man want more. Then she moved around, then she was facing me and began licking the end of my shaft. I was watching the DVD still and closing and opening my eyes with pleasure. She then started to suck my cock and forcing my cock deeper and deeper in her mouth. She was still using her hands to gently massage my dick as she had done so many, many times before.

It was not long before I felt that sensational of coming and I spurted my juice right down her throat. She gasped as I emptied my sack into her mouth. Then she swallowed my juice and looked up at me at the same time that I looked at her. I was shocked to see the blonde hair of who I thought was my wife but it was not her, it was my mother in law. The two of them looked very similar in appearance. I was once told if you want to know what your wife will looked like in 20 years look at her mother, I was blessed.

When I had regained my breath I asked what she was doing and she said "Something that I had always wanted to do" She smiled at me and winked at the same time.

I am 27 years old and my mother in law looks like my wife's older sister. She is 15 years older than me but very attractive and looks after her slim figure which boasts some fine tits.

My mother in law then stood up and held my hand, she set of towards the stairs and said it's my turn. I quickly followed her into our bedroom. She said that she had come around to see if I wanted any dinner. I told her that I was hungry and she said that she had something nice for me to eat and raised her dress. I saw her tight little panties which had a damp patch on them. She quickly undressed and then lay back on the bed with her legs wide open and said come on it is dinner time. I needed no second offer and quickly had my head down to her wet shaven pussy. It was not long before I had her little bud well and truly in my teeth. She soon came and made such a noise. Not like my wife who never makes much noise when she orgasms. As she settled down she beckoned me to turn around and as quick as a flash she and I were in a sixty niner. I was already rampant and she knew what to do with it. It was not long before she wanted me to pleasure her with my cock and gave me a knowing prod. I twisted around and rubbed my knob end up and down her pussy and she just moaned. Then I pushed it forward and held for a few seconds then further until I was in up to my nuts. It was not long before I had got a good rhythm going and the inevitable feeling of cuming. I exploded deep inside her and she squealed out loud too. We both fell back onto the bed exhausted, she wanted more and I was more than willing to oblige. That afternoon we did it about 3 times, what a mother in law, she could come around anytime.

I was looking forward to the next 20 years. I had had an insight into what my wife was going to mature into!