Written by klb75

3 Mar 2009

A Day in the life of little miss naughty part 2!!

....and for lunch we could jump in your car find somewhere to park up that is nice and private x u turn off the engine i will lean over an start kissing you and fondle you at the same time unzip you again and release your manhood and wrap my lips around it once again but just till your hard! Then i will have a skirt on and no pants so i will slide over and sit on your lap facing you and slide you right into me mmmmm very nice xx i will rotate and grind myself on you pumping up and down or if you would prefer i would bounce a bit so it would be harder an faster all the time kissing you hard and looking in your eyes because they will tell me if you are enjoying it or when you are so i know to stick at that pace! You will lick, suck and nibble on my nipples which will turn me on more and i will go faster and harder and open my legs further apart so your full length will be inside me so deep and feeling so good and then i will feel myself getting close and will tighten my grip on you to give you more pleasure and hold off mine while bringing you close and then release and go for it so we both come at the same time in a frenzy of moaning and heavy breathing and hard kissing and you exit your load deep inside me!! Resting my head on your shoulder for a minute while we get our breath back and i turn look at you and say 'How about dinner at my place sexy?.....................