Written by klb75

3 Mar 2009

A Day in the life of little miss naughty!

It was an ordinary everyday morning at work, delivery in at 7am and the hard work began! Fuck i hate this job hope i get something soon. As the morning went on i got more and more bored i needed something exciting i knew you were due home but i didnt know exactly when i sighed to my self as i thought of you. I was so horny as well and had been all week it was driving me nuts! It had gone 1245pm an my assistant manager was due back soon thank fuck i would get out for a fag and a skive! As soon as he was back i went downstair for a fag an i stood against the side of the door as usual i didnt see you coming until you were right there beside me, mmmm i thought to myself and smiled at you and laughed you asked me what i was laughing at and i said shut up and come here and i grabbed you and started kissing you to which you responded well! I pulled you inside behind the fire exit doors, i text my asst and told him i was taking lunch ha ha! I continued to kiss you as i felt your bulge with one hand you were quite hard already pleased to see me are you! Damn right i am you said i used both hands now and opened your jeans and unzipped them and put my hand inside jeans as you had no boxers on mmmm! You were so hard now and i could feel myself getting so wet as i kissed you and caressed your solid penis. I dropped down to my knees and all the time looking at you i took your full length in my mouth and started slide you in and out of my mouth, licking and nibbling up and down your shaft pressing in my tongue stud at the same time for extra sensation i was watching you watching me and it was turning me on and the fact that i was doing this at the back door of my work! As i took you harder and faster playing with your balls at the same time i could feel your muscles tighten inside and you squirmed a little and i continued to suck you and watch you as i knew you were almost ready to cum so i went faster an harder until there it was squirting down the back off my throat mmmm an you closed your eyes just for a second and i ate it all up! Then i stood up and kissed you and said well now im too fucking horny and all wet so where are we going for lunch.....? Hope you liked it sexy cant wait to be doing it to you xxxxx