Written by londguy

16 Feb 2009

We are alone in a lift on our way to our room when the doors shut and as if there were some magnetic force drawing us close, we are in each other's arms and sharing a tender, tentative kiss. Your lips are so soft and tender, my arms wrapped around you and my fingertips run up and down your spine through your beautiful dress, sending currents of pleasure through your entire body.

This kiss is unlike any I had ever experienced. Maybe it is due in part to all the sexual tension I have been feeling throughout dinner. Your breath is sweet and your lips are wet, full and soft as our tongues slowly part each others lips. Suddenly, and all too soon, the elevator doors opened and we reluctantly pull ourselves away from each other, leaving the lift, heading along the hall to our room.

I open the door, enter, turn and wrap my arms around you in a secure hug-like way with my mouth aiming straight for yours. Your back is pressed against the wall, I could feel your hips and breasts pressing into me. A frenzied passion and desire, the likes of which I had never known, is building deep within me. You wrap your arms tight around my neck and open your mouth fully to allow my tongue to dance with yours.

Passionately our kisses become out of control kisses we're now taking over all inhibitions as we fall back onto the bed. I kiss you on the neck right behind you ear. Due to the excitement my hard cock feels through my trousers then through your dress onto your pussy where I notice the heat rising. I know there and then that you are as excited as me and going to be dripping wet.

My kisses start to move down to the hollow of your neck and then a bit lower. Your head is thrown back and a deep moan escapes from your semi-parted lips. Your low neck line dress leaves your cleavage open and accessible to my lips as I take advantage. I feel you tremble a little as I move lower and bury my face between your breasts.

Instinctively you wrap your legs around my hips and arch your back towards me with your breathing becoming more rapid. I reach round and undo your dress leaving the straps to fall off of each shoulder and then my fingers unhook your bra. The strapless bra drops away to uncover the most beautiful sight that is your breasts. I take a sharp intake of breath and then bend down to take a nipple into his mouth.

The sensations of licking, kissing and nibbling after so long waiting rises the level of sexual tension from high to incredible.

You remove my jacket and slide your hands under my shirt, not unbuttoning it but slipping it over my head.

Suddenly, as if desperation takes hold you lean forward and run your tongue and lips on my neck and shoulders before sliding down a bit to take my nipples into your mouth, each one in turn.

You then look up to me and whisper that want to feel me, hold me and have me inside you. As you say this your hand reaches down and undoes the belt, catch and zip on my trousers. You then push me back onto the bed and slide my trousers off, grabbing my socks along the way. You sexily return up my body and take hold of the waistband to my shorts and edge them over my hips before removing them completely.

This done you then take your time just running your fingers lightly over my body, teasing,touching and caressing me and enjoying the reaction you are getting.

I feel that I can't take much more of this so I roll you over and declare that it is your turn and start roaming you body with my hands, lips and breath. I slide my hands over your ribcage and down your stomach and then back up again. This is sending shivers right through you. The electricity of the moment is almost too much to bear as my hands come back down to your hips and I lightly tug on your underwear to pull it down. I slide them all the way along your legs, kissing your skin through your stockings along the way. As I get to the bottom I slide them over your heeled feet, leaving your shoes in place.

I then begin to kiss my way up your legs and to the inner thighs, teasing, very closely, as I am very close to your warm, wet pussy. You can feel my breaths as I start breathing nearer and harder, inhaling your delightful scent.

I cannot tease any longer as my tongue begins to part your lips and probing inside you. I feel your hips rise up to meet my hungry mouth as my hands grab firmly onto your bum. I hold you there tightly licking you into oblivion. My tongue is working your pussy like there is no other thing in the world I'd would rather be doing.

Without removing my mouth from you, I move my body around next to you on the bed so you can take my hard cock into your own hungry mouth.

With your eyes closed you open your mouth for me to slide in. You start by taking just the head of me and licking in circles. Your right hand takes hold of the shaft as your left hand is massaging your left breast.

You then pull my mouth away from the tip of my cock as you trace each vein with your tongue. Long slow licks up and down my entire length reaching down to my balls sucking and nibbling them in passing. Suddenly this changes and you take me in deep, sucking me long and hard as my tongue, working away on you pussy and clit get's more intense where I bring you to the brink of orgasm.

You too, as you feel my balls tighten up, know that I am close to climax. You then suck me harder and deeper until all you can feel is my warm cum hitting the back of my throat. At the same time, your own orgasm is flooding my tongue and mouth as you twitch, buck and moan.

Contractions subsiding, from both parts, I come to lie next to you as we kiss long and hard. You throw your leg over my hip, our arms intwined. Our kisses are sweet and hungry.

Passionate, amazing and intense, these are the best words to describe the feelings at this moment.

My fingertips softly caressing you as we lay there. My fingers draw lazy circles around my nipples and up and down your cleavage.

The kissing doesn't let up and it feels so wonderful to just be in each others arms.