Written by bobxyz

26 Apr 2009

My wife and l had been enjoying a holiday break in Portugal, when one day we took a drive out and managed to find a nice secluded beach in a small cove miles from anywhere. We laid our towels out and stretched out in the baking sun shine. She stripped off until she was left with just her tiny g string which barely covered her hairy fanny. We lay there dozing in the sun when out of the corner of my eye l spotted three guys watching us from behind the rocks. I told my wife and made sure she didn't let them know that we had spotted them. l asked her if she was up for a bit of fun and she keenly agreed. l told her that l would take a walk in a while to see what the men would do. Without hesitating she sat up and slowly removed her g string and laid back down letting her legs fall slightly open displaying her glistening lips to the three guys who must have had a great view. After a few minutes l gave her a quick kiss and took a slow stroll along the beach. l walked slowly until l was out of sight and again after waiting a few minutes l made my way back until from a well hidden spot l peeped at where my wife was laying, to my surprise the three guys had already approached her and were sitting around talking to her as she lay there, all the men surveying her body. As l watched she handed a bottle of oil to one of the men and he dropped to his knees and started rubbing it into legs and body, eventually rubbing the slippery liquid into her firm breasts her nipples standing out with the attention she was getting. l could see his erect cock straining against his trunks as she reached up and slowly stroked it through the thin material. He stopped rubbing the oil into her and stood slipping his trunks off his rock hard cock standing up from his groin, throbbing and twitching, as he returned to his knees next to her. She gently took hold of his member and licked his glans before taking him into her mouth her mouth bobbing up and down his shaft. This seemed to spur the other two on as they to discarded there trunks and took position one either side of her legs each one caressing a leg each slowly letting their fingers touch her wet lips. She continued sucking the first guy working on his cock, cupping his balls in her hand making him grimace with pleasure throwing his head back, thrusting his cock into her mouth. One of the others fingered her wet fanny as she opened her legs wide allowing easy access. One guy then slipped between her thighs and after a few seconds fumbling pushed his hips forward and filled her with his hard cock. He held still for a few seconds and then he fucked her with long hard strokes his belly slapping against hers as his rhythm increased. I now had my own cock out and wanked myself slowly watching my wife getting well fucked.The guy fucking her suddenly let out a loud shout and his back stiffened as he flooded her with his spunk, his strokes becoming short and very fast . It was too much for me as l shot my load into the sand, my hand flashing up and down my cock as my spunk flew through the air, my legs shaking. Meanwhile his strokes slowed as his orgasm subsided and he was almost pushed out of the way as the other guy eased her onto her hands and knees. I could see streams of sperm escaping from her soaking cunt as he rubbed his knob up and down her gaping flaps before sliding into her with one stroke, as deep as he could go. She carried on sucking the other guy who seemed very close to coming, she licked and mouthed the tip of his cock as she wanked him fast and hard as the first jet of spunk erupted from him, splattering her face as she quickly took him deep in her mouth as he ejaculated down her throat holding her head as he fucked her face. I could see her swallowing as fast as she could trying to keep up with the flow. The guy fucking her pulled his cock from her and his sperm shot up her back in three or four large spurts, until slipping his ejaculating cock back into her filling her with even more spunk. He gradually slowed and his softening knob slipped from her wet hole. As did the cock in her mouth, she must have sucked every drop of his seed from him as he collapsed onto the sand. They all relaxed on the sand before the guys put their trunks on and disappeared down the beach. l returned to her as she was just emerging from the sea, the smile on her face said it all.