Written by geordielass

18 Dec 2010

We were standing at a beach bar and there was this guy across the bar who kept looking at me and smiling, smiles I was returning as he was a distinguished looking maybe Italian, dark, longer haired type guy. The type of look that always gets my attention. I was kidding about bringing him back to the room if I could and just then he came over and struck up a conversation mostly, then completely with me like you weren’t there. I held on to his arm like I do while talking and then he kissed me. We were whispering things back and forth then I kissed him back, longer this time then I whispered something to him that you couldn’t hear and he turned and looked at you and said “She would like to fuck me and she said I had to ask you for permission” I asked her if that’s what she wanted and she said “yes, would you like to watch?”

We went back to the room and he put a chair by the side of the bed and said to you “ sit here” then we got undressed and he had a cock that was at least 8 to 9 inches long and very nice looking if I may say. I was quite impressed with it and was holding it and stroking it. Then I started sucking on him and began giving him a very wet blowjob. I looked into his eyes most of the time but often looked at you and smiled. After a while he stopped me and had me stand by you at the edge of the bed. He pushed me face down to the bed and told you to kneel and “prepare” me. As you brought your tongue to my pussy you found that I needed no preparation. It excited you to find me so wet in anticipation of receiving another mans cock. You licked at my prelube before he pulled you back saying “enough”. He positioned you less than a foot from the side of my ass and just said “watch as she takes pleasure” His fully erect cock was still wet from my sucking and looked even larger from your vantage point. With his right hand holding his cock he guided the head into me, worked it in and out a couple of times and then with both hands on my hips he slid his entire length into me in one smooth stroke When he was all the way in he just held me there by the hips and even raised up unto his toes raising my feet off the floor. Before he began to stroke, I moaned, began to shudder and my legs shook. A sure sign that I was experiencing my first orgasm just from being impaled by this huge cock.

The sight of me, feet off the floor and literally hanging on his erection, as I orgasmed was intensly erotic and you were totally aroused and hard. He let me subside a bit then he lowered my feet back to the floor any began a slow but steady stroking using all of his length until he brought me to 2 or maybe 3 of the loudest orgasms you’d ever heard from me. He turned an looked at you and said, “should I fuck her ass?” I gasped – his cock was huge. You smiled and said “fuck yes” I looked at you and saw your erection, the tip of your cock glistening precum. He slowly spread my ass cheeks and rammed his full length deep into my tight ass. I cried out in pain and he slid slowly back before ramming into me lifting my feet from the floor with the force of his thrusts. He began to quicken his pace and soon he was sliding freely in and out of my ass. He rammed himself deep inside me and paused. I was panting and loving it! I glanced at you and saw you were stroking your cock. He then inserted four fingers from his hand deep into my soaking pussy and finger fucked me to yet another orgasm, all the while with his huge cock rammed deep up my ass. He turned me so you had a clearer view of my ass and slowly withdrew. I heard you whisper “fuck” as you watched my stretched hole slowly close in front of you. I told him I didn’t want him to cum in me so I lay on my back on the bed and had him get up on his knees over me so I could suck and stroke him.

I sucked and stroked him for a short while and then he pulled back from my mouth and let loose this massive load of cum that covered my face and hair from about 5 or 6 shots. He pushed back forward as he was still squirting and I took him back in my mouth and slowly finished him. You watched as with my totally cum covered face, I slowly nursed on his now softening cock, in a way thanking him for the pleasure it had given me.

He walked into the shower and I said “would you like some seconds?” You didn’t need to be asked twice. You crawled up between my legs and slid into my extremely warm and wet cunt. As you began to stroke me I reached up and pulled your head down to lock into a passionate kiss saying “cum, taste my lover” Kissing me so deeply after another man had just cum in my mouth was more erotic than you could have imagined. Before a fantastic orgasm between my legs you had licked off my entire face and I enjoyed my orgasm as much as yours.....