Written by Tony

9 Oct 2020

Breakfast was a slow affair.  Emma dropped a little yogurt on herself.  Anna licked at the yogurt cleaning her breast.

Anna dropped fruit on to her lap. Adam bent his head and went dipping,  Anna opened her legs and Adam came up with a cube of watermelon in his teeth. 

After that everyone started dropping things. We all moved to the sofas, no longer a need for food.

'O, look a cherry' I  told Lin, and bent to her lap. 

Emma giggled and said, ' That cherry has been well and truly picked.'

'...and a very sweet cherry it is' Adam commitment. Jon agreed and Anna whispered something in Lin's ear. 

I ate Lin's cherry then I fucked Lin. We sat on the sofa, Lin leaning against me and watching the other four play on the other sofa. Lin had come so far in a year. Last January she had invited Adam and Anna to our room. it was our first swinging together. Now we were simply watching others shag. We still have 10 days left and Anna was bending Lin's boundaries, and if Anna pushed too far, well it was not me who suggested it!

Jon and Emma finished, sat hugging and watching Adam and Anna finish their shag. We all sat hugging our wives. Everyone was chilling. 

There had been a storm over night and the sea was still ruff,so we spent the morning by the pool. There was still some clouds but it was comfortable sitting in the sun, but not too long, I burn easy.  Emma had no trouble, she soaked up  the sun. Time passed with no one playing. Two hours, it was the longest time that nothing happened.  We just lay in the sun or shade. Somehow it was natural. When I  arrived I thought it would be 24 hour sex, but it was not. We just lay there.

Emma invited me into the sun with the temptation of her body. I sat on her poolside bed. She went straight to my cock, sucking hard. I ran my hands down her back enjoying her attention. Soon she stood up and I was sucking at her nipples and handling her buttocks.  I caught sight of Jon slowly wanking as I lay his wife down and slipped into her. The sun on my back, her warm body below me. I expected someone to join us but she was all mine. Mine to kiss, mine to handle,  mine to fuck,  both her hands caressing me. She had excited me a little too much, I  burst into her far too soon. I rolled off her and began circling her clit, lubricated by my own cum. I  could see and feel that her body was about to cum, she pulled me tight to her and almost screamed in my ear. I do not know how long we lay there. No one disturbed us. 

I was still in Emma's arms when Lin and Anna returned, I  never noticed them go, I must have been distracted. I never did discover everything about their disappearance. Anna came to us and whispered in my ear. I went with Anna and Lin. No one followed. 

We have something for you. Anna kissed Lin lightly on the lips. This was a day to remember.  The first time I saw her kiss a woman. My cock was getting hard again. Lin sat on the bed and Anna started to eat her. Lin responded,  I held her hand, and watched Anna, her shoulders pressed against Lin's thighs, her head buried in pussy. Lin finally came.

That was not my gift. Anna kissed Lin again and said something softly to her. Lin turned around and bent over on the bed. Anna pulled Lin's buttocks apart and kissed her anus.  She spent time and raised her head, she took my hand and placed it on Lin's buttocks, I  bent my head to rim. I could not believe she had always refused anything like this. Anna leaned towards Lin and asked her if she was OK. Lin said something. 

I felt Anna's hand on my shoulder pulling me back. I gave up my possession and Anna squeezed a handful of lube and she rubbed it between Lin's buttocks.  Lin objected, 'that's cold' but she soon settled back.

Anna asked 'you will  be gentle with her.' 

I told her I would be. She was the tightest bum I have ever had. I took my time. Hardly pushing at all. I  let her adapt.  Finally I was In her. I  pulled back slowly and pushed in slowly. I  felt her getting easier. I came quickly,  she was tight and I  have never been in her backdoor. 

I jerked as I  came in her, pulled out Lin turned around and 'is that what you wanted' she asked me. I told her it was just what I wanted. Anna asked if she enjoyed it, she put an arm around her waist. 'It was much better than I thought it would be.' Lin hugged and kissed me.

'That was your special gift' Anna told me and left shutting the door.

'Did you really like it ' I asked.

'Yes …. ' she told me.

We lay on the bed hugging. 

When we went back to the other they all hugged and kissed her. It was time for lunch.

After lunch we played monopoly then dinner and bed. That night I spent with Lin.

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