Written by Tony

4 Oct 2020

I was dreaming of sex, being inside a woman. I had no idea who she was. Slowly the dream became reality.  I opened my eyes,  Anna was gently rubbing my cock. As I pulled myself from sleep Anna leaned down and sucked on me. I rolled over and began to eat her 69. Just as she was about to cum, I slipped into her pussy doggy. She came twice before I did. I do enjoy a lady giving me head but I am blessed by the fact I almost never cum that way. Yes a blessing,  after 69 I still have further to go than the lady.

We were last to breakfast.  Lin gave me a kiss.

We spent the morning on a little beach, the only access was from the backdoor of the house or the sea.

The steps down were easy even carrying lunch. The first job was taking the large cushions from the locker and arranging them on the covered platform. 

The water was not cold but it was cool so we never spent long in the water. Lin, who has never linked cold water, led Adam back to the platform.  The next time I  looked she was riding him. Her tits bobbing as she rose and fell back on to his cock.

Anna was close by and she must have had the same idea as I did. We made love with her legs and arms wrapped around me. As each little swell washed towards shore our weight changed in the water. Sometimes my feet almost left the sandy bottom.  It only added to the experience. 

Finally we were all on the padded platform.  I in  full shade, Emma in full sunshine. The others arranged between us. While laying there I realised the difference between the women. Lin was my wife, sex was gentle loving and emotional. Anna was wild, willing to try anything leading others , I knew that there was nothing that she would not say no to and if she did there would be no damage to the relationship. Emma traded sex for contact, maybe Jon married her for that reason.

 As the morning progressed we played.

We had lunch at midday.  Anna managed to get chutney on her breast and invited Jon to clean it off. Which he did with his tongue. Lunch continued,  food was spilt, food was eaten,  pussy and cock was cleaned, spill or not.

By 1.30 it was getting very hot. We packed up the cushions,  packed the bags and went back to the house. 

Jon suggested a game of monopoly.  There were house rules. Once a hotel was built a sex club could be purchased for the price of a hotel.  Landing on a sex club got double the rent of landing on a hotel.  If 2 people landed on a sex club they could have sex, it did not have to be the same club as long as they were both on a club.

It took a few hours to buy land, build house, hotels and finally clubs. So we played and then we 'played' then we did not need monopoly. We never worked out who won or had the most money. 

We all helped make dinner. Just before we all sat down Anna pulled me aside. 'Would you like to give Lin to Jon and Adam? You can have me and Emma, we will play for you.'


'Bi, you can do anything you like, fuck me as I eat your cum from Emma. Anything you want we will do for you.'

'If Lin wants she can have them.' I agreed.

We had dinner washed up and sat on the sofa. We chatted about the day, asked what we would like to do tomorrow. We settled  on the same thing, lunch on the beach.

So we chatted about the beach, Adam gave Lin his cock to suck, Anna told Jon to fuck her, obeyed,  then she asked if she was sleeping with they both. Lin looked at me. I walked to her, said, 'Yes, but first.' I shagged her and then told her, 'Go, be nice to them.'

'So you can have them.'

'So I can have them yes.'

That is what happened. Anna and Emma performed for me. Anna encouraged me to fuck Emma. Then  she did what she said, she eat Emma and I fucked Anna. They played while I recovered. Anna lubbed Emma, and I took her back door. If anything happened after that I was not involved.

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