Written by fiesty

12 May 2008

Being a fiery red-head I've always attracted men like moths. They know I'm hot. So there is nothing reserved about my attitude to men. For example, before I let any guy near me, I have to know his cock is big enough to satisfy. I have no problem in finding these things out for myself either! Admit it! You know there is nothing worse than a disappointing first time fuck.

It was about two weeks ago I was really horny ,all juiced up with no cock to play with. Yes I had all my toys but there just not the same as a hot throbbing cock. I had dumped my last lover a couple of weeks before. Could you believe it he just would not put his cock up my ass? So I thought now would be a good time to find a new guy to lick at my swollen pussy.

I arranged to go dancing with a girl friend. So I was dressed to stun, with open toe stilettos. The flimsy hem of my very little black dress barely covered the curve of my tight little bottom. My green eyes sparkled back from the mirror, you could tell I was horny just by looking; even the rub of my pants over my swollen flesh was making my nipples tingle.

Then my phone rang. It was Paul , an ex of mine. Now there was a fella, I knew he could make me gasp and cum just with the tip of his tongue. He was having a private party apparently, and was wondering if I'd like to come along. I told him I was busy with a girl friend tonight, he just said I should bring her along too. So I rang her, she was all for it she'd always wanted to have a ride on Paul. Lizzie's a classic Monroe look alike with heaps of cleavage and tiny waist. We always look good together.

Paul arranged a taxi for us and Lizzie and I leapt in. After about ten minutes we pulled up outside a house I"˜d never seen before. "Where are we?" I had to ask, all excited curiosity. The driver turned round smiling; I saw he was a lot younger than I had thought. "At the Party!" he chuckled. "Don't worry though I have been paid already, your host is very generous." I watched as his eyes stayed glued in lizzie's impressive cleavage, quivering a little as she giggled. She was wearing a Basque and her assets even had me a little distracted.

Paul was standing at the top of five steps in front of an open door. I left the door open for Lizzie and went straight toward that wicked smile. He was just there, all six foot two of gorgeous man. The closer I came the more I could feel the heat from his body. Making mine start with a delicious tingle. I had goose pimples from the way his eyes prowled over me.

His head was covered in dark stubble and his eyes were making me feel I was at sea all washed away and powerless. He placed a strong hand onto my hip as I reached the last step. He growled slightly as he looked down at me. "I've been thinking of your tight little pussy." He brushed a kiss against my neck holding me steady as I quivered in anticipation. His teeth starting to graze a path from my shoulder toward my mouth "¦"¦"¦.. I hoped.

His other hand found a firm grip on my ass, pulling my hips into his body. I wriggled my ass, and he slipped his hand under my skirt. His hand felt cold on my hottest parts as he covered the whole area from my clit to my ass with his hand. His thumb started to rub against the tightest hole at the back gently pushing his way in, the base of his thumb getting sticky as my pussy opened. And there I was stood in front of the door, thumb up my ass pussy dripping as he casualy stroked at my insides.

"So where is your friend?" He breathed against my ear as he pumped his fist against my ass. It took me a while to care, but eventually I looked over my shoulder, struggling to see straight. After a few blinks I realised what I was looking at. An ass, trousers pulled down bent into the open door of the taxi. It was thrusting with force. And there was Lizzie enjoying some hard cock doggie style, her Knees were up on the seat and the driver was clinging to the roof of the car to gain more thrust. She certainly sounded like she was having fun!

"Allan mate" Paul shouted "When you're ready bring her in yeah?" Allan waved thumbs up as his cock beat into my friend. Paul took his hand out of my body and turned me toward the door. Holding my body against him I could feel the throbbing mass of his cock pressed hard against my ass. As he drove me in through the door I glimpsed a few of the other party goers, all men watching what had been going on outside.

"Here she is" I heard Paul say over my head as we came to a sofa filled living room. There were four other guys. I knew then that this was my last chance to turn around, if I stayed id have every cock in the room in every place it would go. Turning round with a smile my hands went down to release the beast of a cock he was covering.

"I have first go boys" I was so hot I have always wanted to have a gang bang and could imagine what was in store for the night. He turned me around again and walked me toward the table in the middle of the room, pushing me down and forward I felt my dress fall to my waist.

Lying on the table I felt Paul's helmet hot and smooth as he rubbed it backwards and forwards from my clit to my ass. I gripped hold of the table as he pushed hard into my open cunt filling me ,and more, it felt so good. Closing my eyes I listened to the wet thwacks as he beat his solid mass into me.

Feeling a hand under my chin I opened my eyes to see one of the other guys stood in front of me cock in hand "Open your mouth" was all that he said. I took it deep, rolling my tongue around the end of his knob. Before sucking hard, he took my head in his hands and fucked my mouth. I was drinking his come down as I came for the first time. I could feel my juices running down Paul's cock as he kept on fucking me. "I wanna come in your mouth, who wants this end?"

I didn't see the guy that took over, and he was more interested in my ass. He licked round my rim and spat before pushing his fingers inside, finding me already open from Paul. His cock followed his fingers, I cried with pleasure, and Paul's cum slid hotly down my throat. The guy with his cock buried in my ass pulled me up his hand gripping my titts as he kept thrusting. Gradually he backed us up to one of the sofas. Until I was astride dim backwards, riding the hard cock and loving it.

I could see all of them then, watching me and my pussy as I had some hard fucking. My hands could not help going to my pussy rubbing gently on my clit. The guys arms were wrapped around me, my legs being spread over his knees as his cock slid in and out of my ass sending waves of stars and heat up my spine. Then it happened, my ultimate fuck. The guy at the back could not wait any longer, biting my lip I watched and waited for the inevitable.

The man under me spread my legs with his knees and anchored me across his body. And where do you think he put that lovely piece of flesh? Deep into a very tight pussy, I could feel "¦"¦"¦"¦"¦. Everything.

After that it's a bit of a blur. I know they all had me. Lizzie joined us at some point, we woke up together on that sofa the next morning feeling very fucked.