Written by fordy269

12 Jun 2012

I looked at her plump round ass again as she walked by, thank god I was lucky enough to see that ass every day. It enough to make my dick twitch but I was going to be a gentlemen, I had to, I was married.

My wife and I have been married for just over a year, she is 5’3, has blue eyes and brown hair she as a great body for having four kids and I love her 34D’s. Boy, can that woman make me horny but I just can’t get that ass out of my mind. It drives me crazy. What I wouldn’t give to fuck that...

Suddenly, she stops and turns, oh fuck she caught me staring! She walked over to me and she looked into my eyes, it was like the world stopped, my dick started to twitch in my jeans as she leant over, I could see straight down her top and couldn’t help looking at her gorgeous tits. She put her mouth so close to my ear, I could feel her breath on my earlobe, god my cock was straining. She said ‘meet me in La Dolce Vita tonight at 8pm, do you know it?’

‘Yes, its London Road, right’ and with that she walked away, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass again as she walked away but she hadn’t given me a minute to tell her I was married so really (as much as I wanted too) I just couldn’t meet up with her.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t help fantasize about meeting her, she was exactly the kind of woman that gets me going. I was so horny, my dick felt it was going to burst if it didn’t get some action soon. I think at some point during that day it had stopped being a fantasy and I had made up my mind to go.

When I got home I told my wife that I was going to go take a shower and then I was going over to a friend’s house and would be home kind of late. I jumped in the shower and right away I begin to think of that plump round ass, those gorgeous eyes and how sexy she looked today and how I would love to fuck her. My dick started getting hard just thinking about it so I decided to get some relief, that’s when the shower door opened and my wife stepped in. She looked down and said ‘I guess you knew I was coming because you are ready.’

She started rubbing my cock and we started kissing. I got down on my knees and started licking and sucking on her pussy, it tasted so good, she always did. She put her hands on the shower wall and started moaning as I ate her hot pussy. I licked and teased her clit with my tongue, sucking, licking, flicking until she came writhing against the shower walls. I loved to taste her so lapped up her pussy juices and then fucked her with my tongue until her juices were dripping and she was begging for more. I got up and kissed my way up to her breasts, I teased her tight hot nipples with my tongue, while my fingers were stroking up and down on her clit and slipping inside her now sopping wet pussy making her writhe against my hand, moaning in pleasure. I licked and sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit until I felt her muscles gripping my fingers tightly as she came all over my hands. I lifted my hand and licked my fingers, savouring the taste of her come, I then put my fingers into her mouth so she could taste herself, as she sucked on my fingers she got a twinkle in her eye, she stepped back and went down on her knees and teased the end of my cock with her tongue before taking the whole length in her mouth. Oh my god I was in heaven as pulses of pleasure flooded through me. My legs felt weak as she began to suck and lick my cock, her tongue teasing my head until I was as hard as rock. She looked at me as she slid her mouth up and down my cock, sucking, licking teasing until I could feel myself coming. I quickly stood her up and turned her round so I could fuck her from behind. I turned into an animal as I took her hair in my hand and began fucking her as she moaned in pleasure. As I slid my throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy I could smell her excitement and kept pounding her ass until she was coming all over my cock again, I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot my hot come all into her. Afterwards we washed off and got out and got dressed.

Later, I pulled up at the restaurant and went inside. She was standing there at the bar, she had on a short silky silver dress that complimented her soft skin with dazzling 3 inch heels, her short body was like an hour glass, my eyes roved to her round ass; I could feel my dick twitching again in my black trousers. I walked up to her; she grabbed my hand and led me to the table with a smile on her face. ‘Glad you could make it’ she said as she winked. We had a lovely meal but I couldn’t concentrate on my food as I was getting so turned on. Her tits looked gorgeous in her dress but it hardly covered them and I swear I could just see her nipple. Oh my god, this is so wrong but feels so good. She had a twinkle in her eye that said I’m horny, I sure mine said the same.

After diner we made our way out of the restaurant. It was cloudy almost gloomy but we were feeling good, full of white zinfandel and both very horny. I offered her a lift home so we got in the car and I started to drive out of the city, into the suburbs, and on into the countryside. A storm was brewing, suddenly there was a flash of light, then it started pouring with rain so heavy that we had to pull over. I stopped under a bridge, we got out of the car, it was warm outside because it was mid July but it was raining so hard you couldn’t see much past the end of the bridge. She walked over to me put her hands in my hair and pulled my mouth down on hers. Her tongue teased my mouth and my cock was getting harder. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was such a turn on. She grabbed my cock through my trousers led me to the front of the car, she lay back on the hood and spread her legs. I raked my eyes over her body from her 3 inch silver sandals, up her stocking’d legs, I could just see the mound of her pussy in a black thong, my cock started throbbing as my eyes worked up the rest of her body, undressing her with my mind. She slipped of the hood and leaned over. She pulled my cock out right there in the open and started sucking it. I tried to resist her but she had me and she was taking control. It was so good to have my cock in her mouth, she could take it deep, she licked and sucked until I was hard as rock. She backed me against the car after she finished sucking me off. She turned around so I could see her glorious ass as she stood in those sexy 3 inch heels and bent round, she pulled her dress up and then pulled her panties aside exposing her soft dripping wet pussy. My dick begin to throb as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, all the time her eyes were locked on mine and I was frozen on the spot. She slowly backed up until her pussy was just touching the end of my cock. ‘Tell me you want me’ she demanded. ‘Oh I want you so bad, I want to put my cock in your sweet, hot, wet pussy’ with that she slid down slowly on my cock making me catch my breath as my whole body was racked with pleasure. It was so good I almost came there and then. She slid back and forwards on my cock as I held on to that so admired plump round ass, I squeezed it and gave it a little slap. She rode my cock faster and faster until she screamed out in pleasure ‘yes, yes, oh yeah this is so fucking good’ she had lost all self control, she was coming hard on my cock, I just couldn’t take any more I shot my load off in her soaking wet pussy.

As she adjusted her dress, she said ‘I think I’d best get home, that was amazing, we must do it again soon’ I couldn’t believe it, it had been fantastic.

When I got home, my wife asked me how my night was, I couldn’t exactly tell her just how fantastic it had been, so I just said it was great and headed for the shower. When I came out from the shower, my wife was still up watching TV. I sat down and looked at screen. I couldn’t believe it, she was a naughty minx, on the TV was two guys and a girl. one guy was getting his cock sucked by the blonde while the other was fucking her from behind. I noticed my wife had removed her dressing gown and was sitting there in her black panties and stockings. Her panties were so very wet already, she was obviously turned on so I bent over and ran my tongue over her mound in her panties; I know exactly what she had been doing! I pulled aside her panties and inserted my fingers in to her wet pussy. She gave a little groan as I licked her clit and slid down the sofa a little so I could get my tongue in her hot pussy. She was so wet. My tongue was flicking her clit, my fingers inside her got faster and then I put her clit in my mouth and sucked as she came all over my fingers.

Afterwards she stood up and started to walk off. Suddenly, she stops and turns. She walked over to me and she looked into my eyes, it was like the world stopped, my dick started to twitch in my trousers. She bent over and put her mouth so close to my ear I could feel her breath on my earlobe, god my cock was straining. She said ‘are you coming’ I looked at her plump round ass again as she turned and walked away...... just as I did this morning when she’d asked me out on date. Only this time I followed her straight to our bedroom. Wow I love my wife.

Authors Note: I have written this story for my husband to give him as part of his wedding anniversary present. It's our first wedding anniversary next week and being paper I thought I would try my hand at writing erotica/porn. This is the first story erotic, pornographic or otherwise I have written and would love if you could rate this story for me to see if its going to push his buttons, I'd also like to know if its any good. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it :-)