Written by softjoe

16 Feb 2008

The kids were staying with friends overnight - at last, some time to ourselves! Diane (my wife) and I decided to celebrate by spending a romantic evening at home with a bottle of wine and a candle-lit dinner - nothing elaborate, as this was to be relaxing. Little did we know how it would turn out"¦

In the spirit of the occasion we dressed for dinner; for me an open-necked shirt and casual pants, while Diane looked fantastic in stiletto-heeled shoes and a black, split-sided cocktail-dress which occasionally revealed the tops of her sheer stockings. The dinner passed pleasantly, and whilst dancing slow and close to some soft music I asked whether I might take some photographs to record how lovely she looked. To my delight she agreed enthusiastically and went to fix her makeup whilst I readied the Polaroid. On her return she took up various poses, revealing more and more leg, until I suggested that she remove her dress whilst I captured the action on film. She was well in the mood by now and very sexily unzipped her dress, eased it from her shoulders and let it slip slowly to the floor, revealing her black lace bra, French knickers, garter belt and lace-topped stockings, the Polaroid working overtime in order not to miss a moment.

There was no need for me to prompt the next move as Diane was now fully involved, slipping the bra-straps from her shoulders before unfastening the clasp and letting it drop to reveal her lovely breasts, the upturned nipples erect and beckoning. Teasing the camera, she turned her back and eased the knickers down, bending forward slightly and presenting her behind to the lens. I was on the point of dropping the camera and taking her right then, when"¦the doorbell rang!

Hurriedly grabbing the fallen clothes, Diane ran from the room whilst I concealed (or so I thought) the photos under a cushion. Trying to regain my composure, I answered the door; the unexpected visitor was one of Diane's friends - Angela - and had called to see Diane, who had re-entered the room, wearing a hastily-donned housecoat and still looking outrageously sexy. Angela is by profession a hairdresser and wanted to change an appointment which Diane had made; hardly had they begun to discuss this when I noticed one of the photos protruding from the cushion beside Angela. Catching my horrified gaze Angela looked down and saw it too. She moved the cushion to reveal the rest of the pictures and quickly glanced through them. Seeing our embarrassment, she smiled and complimented Diane, wishing she could look that good herself. Angela, as a hairdresser, always ensures that she looks her best and has no cause for concern on that score. I told her as much, whereupon Diane asked whether she'd like me to take some pictures of her! I was lost for words - more so when Angela agreed, so in silence I retrieved the camera whilst Diane gave Angela a few hints and suggested that I undress too, in order to make her feel more comfortable. Always eager to please(!) I stripped to my boxer-shorts and waited, no longer trying to conceal the bulge"¦

Having nervously checked and double-checked her hair and makeup, Angela took up her first pose, smiling shyly at the camera; then her full, red skirt was slowly raised to reveal her thighs and hold-up stockings. Keeping her shoes on she unfastened the skirt and let it slip to the floor. My pulse was racing as she unbuttoned her white blouse and let it slip down her arms, her small white bra and panties bright in the subdued light. Turning to one side and looking over her shoulder she unfastened her bra and let it drop. At this point her nerve deserted her and despite my words of encouragement she was too shy to remove her panties. However, Diane - who by this time had taken off her housecoat and had been discreetly fingering herself - offered to help and knelt in front of Angela, smiling wickedly back at me and murmuring that she'd often fantasised about this"¦ Gently licking Angela's thighs, Diane slowly drew the panties down past the stocking-tops and off, then moved her tongue's attention to Angela's neatly-trimmed bush and moist cunny, whilst I moved as close as I could to record the scene.

A few minutes of this treatment became too much for Angela, who experienced a shuddering orgasm before collapsing onto the sofa. There was no stopping Diane, however, as she turned her attention to me, insisting that it was now her turn. So saying, she removed my boxers, pushed me gently to the floor and knelt over my face, playing with my rigid penis whilst my tongue teased her clit. Before long I felt more fingers on my cock, followed by that unmistakable feeling as Angela eased herself down on me. There then followed several minutes of excruciating pleasure as one girl squirmed on my tongue whilst the other eased herself up and down my erection, as they kissed one another passionately.

Of course, it couldn't last and eventually Diane reached a jerking, moaning climax, the sight and sound of which pushed Angela over the top again. I rose to my feet and smiled down at their sprawled bodies. Regaining their breath they glanced at each other, knelt before me and began to kiss and lick my cock and balls, alternately taking me in their mouths until I could contain myself no longer. I shot my load into Angela's mouth; she swallowed most of it, the remainder running down her chin and dripping onto her breasts, where Diane massaged it into her nipples. We lay together recovering - and finishing the wine, which had been forgotten in the heat of the activity.

Diane kept her re-scheduled hairdressing appointment, and whether Hairdressing was all that went on I have not been told, nor have I asked. But we are both eagerly awaiting the "˜house-call' which Angela is due to make next week"¦