Written by philips2

31 Oct 2007

I had read about dogging several times whilst looking through some swinger sites and I was intrigued and excited about it. Each time I read about other women's experiences my clitty would throb with anticipation and I would be soaking wet. I had to masturbate soon after reading the stories and longed to try for myself.

I struck up a cyber friendship with someone on a site and we found that we had similar tastes. He was turned on thinking about me servicing several cocks whilst he looked on and I was very excited at the way he talked about fingering my (very) spunky pussy afterwards. In a moment of pure sexual madness I agreed to meet him at a pub near a well-known dogging site.

I was so excited when I dressed in a very tight dress that showed off my boobs to perfection. I had a very small thong on which cut into my soaking pussy and rubbed my enlarged clitty as I walked. He turned out to be lovely and we shared a drink and chatted really openly about what we both wanted - which was the same thing. I could have fucked his brains out there and then but decided that I really needed to try the dogging site first to see what going on.

We finished our drinks and drove in his car to the site, just a few miles away. He admitted that it was his first time too and I could see a healthy bulge in his trousers as we drove through the car park gates. We noticed some activity immediately and parked in a dark corner just a few cars away. He dimmed the car lights and we stared out to see what was happening. There was definitely something going on but it appeared to be inside the back of a small camper van. He suggested we go outside and, nervously, I agreed and got out of the car. As we approached the camper I realised that there was a woman inside who was sucking the cocks of 4 or 5 men stood at the back of the camper. She was naked and I realised that she was astride another man who was lying on the van floor. I was absolutely amazed to watch her sucking greedily on a cock for a few seconds before swapping to another cock and doing the same to it. I felt my already soaking pussy began to get even wetter as my fella began to steer me to the side of the van where there was another sliding door. It was only then that I realised that there were a further 3 or 4 men I hadn't yet noticed. My fella slid the side door open and stopped me as I began to get in. He whispered into my ear "I think you are going to love this - but first I am going to let them all undress you". I almost collapsed with the thought of all these strange men undressing me there and then. I reached down to try and feel my fella's cock but he stopped me and said "No, my turn is afterwards when you are a spunk-filled whore". He then stood aside and I felt several pairs of hands begin to remove my dress, touching my most intimate parts as they did so. Some of them pinned my arms to the sides of the van so that I couldn't resist their advances and I was in heaven. My dress was quickly removed and I stood there in my tiny thong, still pinned to the van as they began to finger my juicy cunt and my rock hard clitty which was pounding like a drum. I gasped as the thong was pulled aside and 2 rough calloused fingers were pushed forcefully inside me. My nipples were being rolled between several pairs of fingers and just gasped as I was turned to bend over the van floor, my bottom sticking up in the air showing them all my most intimate parts. The thong was pulled down and removed and I was naked, my juices beginning to run down the inside of my thighs.

A man squatted in front of me, pumping his large cock as he pushed it towards my face. I took his whole length greedily into my mouth and sucked him noisily and greedily. As I did so I felt another cock pushing into my pussy and, like the dirty whore I wanted to be, I pushed back onto it, taking him instead of allowing him to take me as he had wanted. I reached up and grasped onto 2 more cocks and began to wank them hard. I knew that I wanted each and every cock in any way that I could. I fucked hard against the guy doing me doggy and within a few seconds I could feel the familiar twitch as he prepared to come. Soon he was gasping and moaning and I could feel the first load of sticky spunk erupt into my hungry pussy. As he did the cock I was sucking began to twitch and the guy tried to withdraw and recover. As he tried to pull out I went further onto him, taking him deep into my throat, he had no chance of resisting, and he pumped what seemed like pints of spunk into my throat. I swallowed every drop and replaced his cock with one of the ones I had been wanking. Meanwhile another cock was being pushed into my pussy, this time a shorter but thicker one which filled me. I could hear the squelching of another mans spunk as the new cock began to pound me and I felt really dirty and even more turned on that I had ever done in my life. Within what seemed like a few seconds I had another cock spurting cum into my mouth - whilst the one I had been wanking now began to spurt all over my tits and shoulders, sticking to my hair and face too.

I felt another man sliding under me and I pulled off the guy who was doing me doggy and lowered onto the new cock below. I then reached around and guided the thick cock towards my tight arsehole. He quickly got the idea and, covering his finger in my copious juices, he fingered my arse to prepare it for his thick member. He had no need to worry, I took every inch with little resistance and felt totally satisfied as I felt the cocks pumping my arse and pussy as I sucked another and wanked yet another. I glanced over and realised the other girl was gone - that explained why I had so many more cocks appearing - they seemed to appear from everywhere.

I must have sucked and fucked a dozen cocks that evening. By the end, there were only 3 men left and none of them could muster an erection. My fella came over and handed me my dress saying " now it's my turn" I gasped, totally worn out, but I needn't have worried. He helped me to dress and drove me back to the pub in which we had met, it had long since closed. He revealed that he had booked a room, took me in, and began to run a hot bath for me.

He then revealed that he had filmed the whole event. I could not believe it and asked him to show me. He plugged his camcorder in and let the film roll. I saw that he had indeed filmed the whole thing and I watched in awe as I saw the whore on the screen, fucking and sucking like a crazy cum-slut. Incredibly the sight of this made me immediately randy and I reached over and slowly stroked his crotch and said "so do you want to feel a really spunky pussy, I have been a very naughty whore and I need your cock to punish me". He went wild and immediately removed my dress and began to feel my spunky pussy, rubbing some spunk into my hammered clitty. As the video carried on playing I caught sight of myself taking multiple cocks on screen and realised how wonderful it felt to have a man who was happy to let me do that and than need me so much - I was in heaven!