Written by Unknown

29 Oct 2008

The hour is late, the club is dark and the pounding music fills the room. Your movements are fluid as you walk in front of me towards the bar, your hair cascading over your shoulders and falling down your naked back. The thin layers of your halter neck dress float with your body's sensual movements. Cut so low it stops below your waist and the skirt so high it barely covers the tops of your exquisite legs - legs that, tonight, are in heels almost too high even for you...

A space appears, you stop at the bar and, as the crowd move in on either side of us, I am pressed closer to you. So close I can feel the heat rising from your body. I can feel your hands reaching round behind you and touching me. Your expert fingers release me from the confines of my clothes and your delicate touch arouses me more as you trace your fingernail along me. You lean slightly forward, arch your back and, with one movement of your body, flick your skirt up and move yourself onto me, guiding me into you with your willing hand. All night you had been naked beneath your dress and I had never known"¦ My hands move to hold you gently below the waist, my fingers brushing your skin beneath the soft, light, fabric.

Knowing how close you were to the danger of being openly exposed has made you slick with desire and I slide inside you with ease as you push yourself hard onto me. I feel your internal body heat and wetness. The excitement rises. We hardly move. We don't say a word. We are locked together. A single bead of sweat runs down your spine. Nothing exists except us. The eroticism of the moment envelopes both of us and I explode deep inside you as I hear you catch your breath and feel you pulse rhythmically on me, a gentle, beautiful, feeling that seems to last forever. As the sights and sounds around us filter back into our senses, we start to breath again.

You straighten up and, as I slip from inside you, your dress falls to cover you once more. I arrange my clothes and tidy myself. As I look around I wonder if anyone had seen our lovemaking, did anyone realise what just happened before them. I see your reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Your eyes briefly hold mine and you smile a beautiful smile. My heart melts. I feel I have known you all my life, yet I have no idea who you are"¦