Written by Master_Katie

30 Apr 2010

Kate sat nervously waiting for him to arrive. She wasn't sure what this evening would hold as she had agreed to him making all the decisions. All she knew was what she had to wear, and that she had to make sure she trusted him. The new clothing felt weird, it was not something she had done before. Kate had been worried that the underwear would not feel as nice as her normal silk and lace offerings but actually the Latex pants and corset did feel quite good.

She stroked the line of her panties while watching in the mirror and enjoyed the feeling. She was a little unsure of herself. But the silky feel felt good. She heard a knock at the door and knew that the time for self doubt was over. She could feel the heat rising in the folds of her pussy at least she didn't have to worry about wet panties in this. Her nipples hardening and finding that the outline of them hard beneath the latex bra was more arousing than she had thought. She quickly threw on her coat over the top and grabbed her bag.

Opening the door she was shaking with anticipation and need, he gestured for her to get in the car.. He was wearing what looked like his jeans and a jumper. She felt a bit oddly dressed with him looking so normal. She had however said she trusted him, so now was the time to show it.

He got into the car and she leaned over for a kiss and his warm lips on hers made her quiver all the way deep down inside. The kiss was not urgent, just longing and passionate and felt like it lasted forever. She pulled away in need of breathe and he smiled.

"I love you, you know that don't you." his voice all husky from desire..

"Of course I know that." she smiled; it was nice that he could still be like this.

"Good, because I want you to remember that, and as such I would never do anything that would really hurt you. TRUST ME!" the end bit sent shivers of excitement through her.

He leaned over and unbuttoned her coat, pleased at finding her wearing the clothes he had recently bought for her. He ran his hand from her face, down her throat, lingering slightly, feeling her anticipate the possibility of him holding her there.

"Later" He thought to himself.

His hand carrying on its first exploration of her new look. He loved everything about latex clothing. The smell the feel and how it showed everything. Even in the dim light of the car he could see the hard lumps of her nipples protruding the material.

He felt himself harden beyond belief. He needed control tonight.

She loved the feel of his hands on her through the material strange to her, but it had warmed to her body which made it feel like it was part of her rather than something she was wearing. His fingers circling her hard nipples through the material making the heat inside her grow. She could feel the blood pulsing through her, everything feeling hotter than usual. She could feel her clit swelling and feeling restricted with the pants.

"So where we going?" she asked him. Enjoying the feel of his hands slipping between her legs, stroking her through the panties...

"You will see." and at that he turned from Kate and started the car.

Driving along his hand stroked her; she sat with her legs apart so that he could stroke her hot pussy as they drove along. She had reached out to stroke him but he had told her that he was doing to touching and she was to only do what she was told to do. The tone in his voice was cold, but she could hear the understated excitement there too.

"Open the glove box" he commanded

She obeyed and reached forward and inside was a rather odd looking package. She started to open it.

"DID I SAY OPEN IT!" His shout made her jump and she laughed at him. All of a sudden the car was coming to a halt at the side of the road and he was getting out the car.

She was still laughing at him trying to be authoritative with her. She was still laughing when he opened the door and leaned over her and undid her seatbelt.

"I'm sorry." she said still laughing...

Suddenly his hand grabbed her arm and pulled her from the car. The cold night air hitting her like a wall. She was going to complain at the rough treatment but she had said she was going to play along.

"I told you to ONLY do as I told you to, did I tell you to open it?" he didn't even wait for a reply before shouting at her again

"NO, I didn't, when will you learn." She went to apologise and he just put his hand on her mouth and stood really close to her, pushing her up against the car.

"I mean you only talk when I say to" She was sure she had seen a slight smile on his face when he said that.

"Turn around" She obeyed without question enjoying the feel of the cold metal against the bits of her skin exposed to the night. She looked around and realised that she had no idea where she was but it was not exactly a private place. She could dimly make out a barn or a house not too far away but could see no lights. There was barely any light about from the glow from the interior lights. Suddenly she felt him close behind her, she could feel him hard against her and that made her clit swell and throb within the restrictive panties.

She felt his hands reach around and she tingled at the thought of his hands on her, but suddenly the coat was being pulled from her and thrown aside. She shivered from the cold and the nerves. She was now stood in latex panties and bra leaned against a car in the middle of nowhere but right by the road.

"Hands on the car, legs spread." His voice commanding in a way she had not heard before. Kate complied, spreading her legs and feeling a little humiliated even though it was only him. She heard him begin to unbuckle his belt and undo his trousers. She turned her head slightly to try and see and realised seconds to late her mistake at thinking he was stripping to have her.

The belt hit her just below her arse and landing across her thighs, the leather stinging and she cried out and moved from the car. She didn't even see him move but suddenly he was holding her.

"Did I tell you to move"?

"That hurt..." she tried to finish her sentence but again his hand was over her mouth. Moving her to the back of the car.

"Stay there, you think you can manage that" She did not dare move, the sting of the belt still hot on her cool skin. She watched as he opened the boot and pulled out a few things from the boot.

"Turn around."

He directed her and she did. She felt the bonds going on her arms...He pushed them up till they were just above her elbows. Then he pulled them tight so that her chest was pushed out and her arms restrained. He then attached the tether and pulled her back towards the fence that the car was parked next too.

It was not a high fence, she felt him pull on the tether and attach it to the fence on the posts... Then he ran his hands over her backside, tracing the line of the belt mark on her thighs... his hands felt good on her skin, she tingled as his fingers traced the line of her pussy through her panties... hesitating on the zip. He moved on, down her legs to her ankles...where she felt him attached two further restraints and he pulled her legs so that she was tethered to the fence and could not move away. She heard him step back to admire his work, then moving swiftly forward he stood behind her, and let his hands wander around her. His hands felt good. It was not tender strokes but purposeful teasing. Pinching her nipples through the material making her cry out. Grabbing hold of her swollen pussy and pulling her lips through the material.

He moved his hand up to her and standing directly behind her she felt his hand on her throat, pulling head back his mouth close to her ear.

"You are a dirty fucking bitch and your about to learn how dirty cum loving sluts get treated" his words oozed into her ear, she felt her body tingle with excitement and a slight worry about being caught.

"I am bad." she answered him but was unprepared for his response. She felt his hands move from her throat to her mouth, his fingers on her face. He pushed her cheeks and turned her head towards him.

"You do not learn do you?" I said only do something when I tell you that includes talking. You will not even cum till I tell you that you can." She was a little shocked at how his role play was going. Gone was the loving partner, in his place was a man who was hell bent in breaking her will.

"I don't want to play any more" she told him, the sulk clear in her voice. Suddenly her mouth was being filled with something cold and hard and she tried to turn her head away. He held her fast and fastened the buckles of the gag.

"I told you that your mine to do with as I please". He stepped away as he said that and she heard the belt a fraction of a second before it connected with her latex clad backside. She felt strange with the bit in her mouth. She was gagged and could not cry out properly. She felt helpless and was getting annoyed with him now. This was not what she wanted so why was her body responding so much to his abuse of her.

She braced herself for further belting, but it never came. Instead she felt his hands on her again, the warmth of them welcome on her cold skin. He ran his fingers up her thighs, and then got to the zip in her latex panties. She felt him take hold of it and pull it open just a few inches. Then felt his finger slipping inside the panties, stroking the roundness of her arse through the gap. His other hand unzipping it more. She felt his fingers, slip inside the plumpness of her arse, stroking the edge of her arse, and following it down to her pussy which she felt for sure must be flooding.

She felt his fingers slip inside her, no hesitation and she gasped as he began to finger fuck her pussy quite hard and fast. She could hear his breathing in her ear, his fingers slipping into her pussy and the feel of the latex getting wet and slippery as her pussy got wetter... She was aware of his order though and hung on to the orgasm that was threatening to overwhelm her. She could feel his fingers sliding more slowly now, taking a long time to slide in and out, feeling them slipping effortlessly with how wet she was. Her legs shaking, clit throbbing and aching to let the release come soon.

"You want to cum don't you" he almost laughed in her ear...

She nodded, trying to plead through the gag for him to let her. The heat building within her, she could feel her pussy tightening over his fingers, knowing much more and she could not hold back even if she wanted too. She felt the pressure of his thumb against her arse, feeling it slick with the wetness from her pussy. If he entered her there she would cum, there would be no holding it back. Tied up, half naked and pussy being finger fucked, if he started on her arse there was no way she would be able to hold the orgasm back.

He suddenly stopped and pulled his fingers from her aching pussy and she heard him lick them clean... then he was stood directly behind her, pulling her back slightly she felt the head of his cock, pushing just at the entry to her pussy.. She felt it part her swollen lips and glide inside her wet pussy. It felt so hot inside her and she shuddered as he pushed slowly into her.

"Cover my cock with your cum" he said as he started to fuck her faster. She didn't need telling twice and she felt him tight inside her as she came hard and felt the trickle running down his cock and down her legs and she came over and over. Moaning loudly it seemed to her with the gag in her mouth. She was screaming for him to fuck her hard, but he could not hear her.

He pulled his cock soaked in her pussy juices and cum and pushed it against the tight hot entry to her arse... normally she would have shied away from him when he first started to try for her arse but not today. She wanted him in her, so she pushed back onto him almost forgetting that he was meant to be in control. She felt him use the fence to brace himself against and then he began to enter her anally. Once the head of his cock was in her arse he leaned forward and undid her gag.

"Do you want me" he asked her. "Tell me what you want and as you have been a good girl and waited to cum I may give it you."

"Fuck my arse, I need to feel you in there" she begged... trying to push back onto him.

"Mmmmm" he said and thrust hard into her, all the way till his pubis was resting on her arse cheeks and his balls hitting her soaking pussy.

"Fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, I need you too" she was straining against the restraints, wishing she had the use of her hands to pull him towards her. She grabbed with her hands at his shirt and tried to pull him closer that way... She could feel the urgency in the way he was now fucking her arse. There was a need for both to have satisfaction. His hands were on her breasts, pinching her nipples through the material. She could feel him getting harder inside her as he got close to cumming.

"fill me please, I want you fucking cum" she begged him and at that moment felt him thrust into her so deep she felt the very skin at her entrance strain and then his cock throb inside her, he stiffened and she came hard. He muscles milking his cock of his cum, deep inside her arse. She could hear herself telling him that it felt so fucking good over and over.

For a short while they stood locked like that, shaking with the moment. Then he withdrew from her arse carefully. And she felt the coldness of a toy being slipped into its place.

"A butt plug, to keep you filled for a bit" he kissed her arse as he made sure it was completely plugged and then he zipped her panties back up. She felt the wetness of her pussy soaking the panties and against her pussy as it all was held in.

He began to untie her and once she was free he turned her around and she felt his mouth on hers again. The slight taint of her juices still there on his tongue and lips. She felt his kiss gentle as the sex had been rough.

He stepped back and then passed her the coat. He also said he had a present for her. :D He passed her a bag and she took it curious. In the bag was a lovely dress, some hair clips, a brush and some make up. She looked at him curious.

"We have a dinner party to go to. " he said smiling at the look of shock on her face as she realised he intended for her to look presentable while she was latex clad and had the toy in her arse that was still full.

"Hurry up we are late already" he told her, getting in the car and starting the engine. She hurriedly got dressed and took a look at herself in the car mirror. She looked okay she guessed for someone who had just been tied to a fence and fucked and spanked.

"Thank you sweetie" she told him... leaning over to kiss him and as she did she felt the tightness of the toy in her arse straining against her delicate arse. She winced slightly.

"Its staying there all night you know, although I may top it up at some point" he smiled at her expression as she realised that the fun was far from over. Driving to the party all she could feel was the warm afterglow of the fucking he had given her and the very nice but naughty feeling of a wet pussy and filled arse.

She just hoped no one noticed her bright red latex under the dress she had on. :D