Written by davegloster

29 Aug 2009

I cud start this by saying how id take you to dinner and stuff but right now its just about sex.

I pull to your house im wearing a suit as was going to be taking you to dinner we've been having phone sex for last few weeks and the tension has been building.

I knock on your door your not ready to go your in your basque stockings all the sexy stuff. you say you wont be a min but you see me eyeing you up you said was supposed to be a surpise you do a twirl and look over your shoulder and see my face when i look at your ass.

we cant stop and i have to kiss you, you pushing me against your door my hands on your ass pulling you to me, i feel you start to lower to your knees and unzip me and take my ever harding cock out you start to lick all the precum off my cock and you look up at me with those gorgeous eyes as you start to suk on my cock hard,

your really starting to get me going sucking my cock but i cant take it i have to have you i pull you up and spin you round and push you againt the wall i kneel down to bite your ass and pull your knickers down your push your ass out so i can start to rub your clit your so wet you bend forward even more so i can taste your pussy mmmm,

my hands on your ass cheeks spreading them as i lick n suk ur clit. you then stop me and we run to your bedroom i jump on first and get you to squat above my face and get to suck on ur clit mmm then you start to kneel above me i reach up and pull your big tits out i hear you moan as i gently squeeze your nipples.

i luv hearing you moan as i suck on your clit you taste so good and your tits feel amazing,

you reach round to wank my cock as ive told you i luv handjobs you hand is now covered in precum you can believe how much there is you go to get off of my face as you want to give me a hand job but i pull your down my hands on you legs pulling you down harder as i suck on ur clit you squeal and lean forward and hold my head i look up to see you you big boobs squashed together what a site.

you hop up off of me and strip naked you then undress me you see my cock covered in precum but you unsure wether to rub it in or taste it so you rub it in and then for good measure suck the end of my cock to get a taste, you start to wank my cock as you know i luv handjobs every now n then you take a suck or a lick you luv hearing me moan and our eyes locking staring at each other

you then ask me if i want a tit wank i say do you need to ask hehe. you wrap your tits round my cock before pressing you F cup tits round my cock and hear me moan you watch my face as you fuck my cock with your tits you luv it i lean forward to tell you how i wanna fuck you im talking so dirty, i hold you head my fingers in your hair as you pump my cock it feels so good you push me back so im resting on my elbows you want to get a good look at me as you tit fuck me, you stop take a few good hard sucks of my cock before grabbin a chair,

i know what you wanna do but i stop grab you push you on bed and spread your legs so i can taste your pussy again and you taste so good, i try to push my luck and with a lubed up finger i gently ease a finger in your ass as i lick your clit i hear you moan so know you like it. it starts to feel to good and you dont want to cum yet so you get me to stop and we go for the chair.

you sit me on the chair reason why you sit me on chair is because you want to ride my cock but you want to see my face as you lower your pussy on my cock, face to face you ease my cock in your pussy all the way you watch me as i bite my lip and my head goes back god it feels good, you start to grind gently as you look at me i grab you ass you lean forward and we just kiss and gring for a bit i luv kissing and it gets me going even more.

you start to get more worked up and your pace quickens on my cock i push you back a lil so i can start to play and suck your tits, you know i luv big tits but havent gave your big perfect tits much attetion, you stop me so you can really start to bounce on my cock and i luv it you luv hearing me moan as you fuck me, you then put your arms around me huggin me and whisper into my ear \"want to go on cam quickly show off\" i say yeah

you start your cam you now have your back facing me you cam pointing at your pussy and my cock, you begin riding me again and every1 on chat is trying to direct us we luv the attention but we not to bothered doing anything for any1 we just wanted to show off quickly. i stop your cam as i know we will fuck on cam again but this is our time that was just a teaser to get us even more worked up.

I grab you throw you on the bed you think im gonna fuck you but i get you to hang you head off edge of bed you smile you know what im gonna do, i slide my cock into your mouth and start to fuck your pretty face squeezing your tits and reaching forward to rub ur clit too i hear you moan on my cock i luv that, you grab my ass and it feels good im not fucking your mouth hard or deep but you pull me deeper into your mouth it feels so good i cant stop i lean forward and gently nibble on your nipples, you get me to start fucking you face my hands on ur head now you luv it being there at my whim i start to talk dirty again telling you how i luv fucking your pretty face

and you cant take no more.

you flip over onto all fours on your elbows ass in air and blunty tell me to FUCK ME i dont need telling twice i grab your hips no need to hold my cock and guide it into your pussy we are both so wet my hard cock pointing up eases into your pussy i start with sum long thrusts before building up speed i start to fuck you hard i feel you fingers rubbing you clit and hear you moan.

i reach up with 1 hand to pull you hard on my cock and fuck you hard it feels good so i put other hand on your shoulder and fuck you harder still i feel you try to push harder on me, i pull you up more so i can reach up n play with your big tits, i cant take it no more its feeling to good and i feel like coming.

So i flip you over pull you towards me so your ass is hanging off edge of bed a bit and put your legs over my shoulders and start to fuck you hard, you reach down to rub your clit and moan even more now were talking flith being so naughty moaning loud and we dont care who hears,

i feel you tense and to hear you cum gets me going even more as i fuck you still, i tell you im gonna cum, and you drop to your knees you face right by my cock your watching me wank my cock inches from you face and you luv it, and ive told you over the phone id luv to cum in your mouth and all over your pretty face and your big tits but we both know ive never got enuff cum to cover your tits hehe.

i shout im cuming you open your mouth to take the first shot in your mouth then close it and i cum over your pretty face and even manage to get sum on your tits god that felt good, you open your mouth to show me my cum on your tounge you close it again swallows it and smiles mmm you naughty thing. we fall on the bed god that was amazing