Written by strictmr

11 Feb 2009

Why is it that you feel al your horniest when you've just come to the end of a relationship? It's the most frustrating feeling in the world. My ex Andrew had flown back to Australia three weeks ago, we'd been arguing for quite a while. He couldn't get a decent job over here and wanted me to settle down in Sydney with him. The idea never appealed to me and we decided it was best just to call it quits. I know I made the right decision but I'd been horny as hell ever since.

I was in the middle of a delicious dream as the radio alarm told me it was 8am. There I was in my schoolgirl's outfit (well, half out of it really) sprawled over the table in the dining room while Andrew playfully spanked me and told me what a dirty slut I was. We were both really into role-play. I loved dressing up for him and he always loved buying an outfit that I wanted. I had quite a collection, his favourites were the French maid and the schoolgirl but there was also a nurses outfit and I loved to dress as a naughty secretary in tiny little skirt, stocking and suspenders, black lacy bra under a sheer white blouse. I work from home so sometimes I'd dress like that and get to work on the lap-top downstairs and then put on a little show for him.

My hand moved down to my pussy and I thought about those days, the best thing about our relationship by a long way was the sex. I thought about Andrew being the headmaster and me being the naughty schoolgirl. Andrew was naturally very dominant and I loved being submissive for him. I thought about the way he used to talk to me, telling me what a dirty little slut I was and making me repeat it all back to him. I loved the way he used to dominate and humiliate me. He used to make me wait for ages before I could cum, I had the most amazing orgasms with him. I was getting very damp by now and loving the feeling of playing with my clit. I had an overwhelming desire for one of those shuddering climaxes again and thought about getting one of my toys out. But I had a better idea. Andrew and I made a few videos together, just with our digital camera and strictly for our eyes only but over the last couple of weeks I'd been watching them over and over again and wanking myself silly.

I got a small pink vibrator out of the bottom drawer and made my way downstairs. I love the feeing of walking around the house naked, I turned the laptop on and played with my nipples while it jumped to life. It always seemed to take ages when I was this horny.

I sat down in the office chair and spread my legs. I knew exactly which video I wanted to play, we'd taped one of our schoolgirl role-plays and it got me so hot to watch it again. While I was watching Andrew tell me I wasn't allowed to cum yet I was going to tease myself with the vibro, take my time over it and hopefully achieve something like the orgasms I'd had with Andrew.

What the fuck was up with this laptop? It was taking ages just to get warmed up. Finally the welcome page came up and I typed in my password. I went straight to recent items and clicked on the video in question "' I knew all the serial numbers off by heart I'd watched them so many times. Just clicking on it sent a thrill up my spine and I rubbed the vibro gently over my swollen clit.

And then, nothing happened. Nothing at all. This was so frustrating, what the hell was happening here? I clicked to close the recent items box so I could try again but nothing happened, the screen was frozen. I tried clicking on an other icons I could see but it was hopeless. I couldn't believe what was happening, why was I being denied like this? I had to watch that video and play with myself to it, nothing else would suffice, well nothing except a nice hard cock but there wasn't any real prospect of that.

I took the plug out of the wall and threw it on the ground, the screen on the laptop faded slowly to black. This was so unfair, I had as good an imagination as anybody but I really needed visual stimulus. I needed to see Andrew spanking my arse with his bare hands and then making me suck his cock. I walked over to the tv and sorted through the DVD draw, we had one porno, Andrew had bought it when we were in the sex shop buying an outfit for me, it had some spanking in it, lots of oral and some fucking but it wasn't up to much, our own role-play was much better but, well, any port in a storm I guess.

I put it on and lay back on the couch. I skipped forward with the remote until the spanking was well under way and then turned the vibro on. I imagined the girl being spanked was me, she was a secretary that had got something or other wrong and had to be punished. I imagined it was me in that office with those men, that they were totally in control of me. I had surrendered to them and they were going to do anything they wanted with me. Mmmmm, I was soon on the verge of orgasm. I thought about holding back, trying to make myself wait but it was no good. I felt an orgasm coming on and I pushed the toy against my clit and rubbed harder. I came suddenly and for a brief moment felt total relief. I lay on the sofa warm and sweating, my pussy soaking wet. It wasn't long before I felt frustrated again. I wanted to watch our video and do it properly or better still I wanted the real thing, to be spanked and fucked and used and to be someone's slut. I got up and made some coffee and thought about work. I wasn't going to be able to get anything done until the poxy laptop was fixed. I got the yellow pages out and turned to the computer section. There was an advert for a company 'MWH Computer Repairs, punctual, reliable, honest' and they were in the next street. I phoned the mobile number but it went straight to voicemail. I left a message just saying that my lap-top was frozen and that it was fairly urgent as I needed it for work and left my address and mobile number. Well I didn't need to tell him what I really wanted it for did I?

For the rest of the morning I pottered around, had a shower and just sorted through invoices and stuff. At half-past eleven the front door bell rang. Who was that? I wasn't expecting anybody and I hated just getting cold callers. I dashed upstairs and grabbed my pink fluffy robe and dashed back downstairs again. I opened the door to be greeted by, well, a bit of a dish actually.

'Hi, I'm Mark, I got your message about your laptop'.

Hello! For some reason I'd assumed I'd get a complete geek who was a stranger not only to women but to personal hygiene as well. But this guy looked like he was very familiar with both.

He must have been about 6'4, dark hair and eyes and fairly well built.

'Oh, erm do you want to come in, sorry, I wasn't expecting you.

'No, no it's my fault, I had a call-out just up the road but there's no answer so I thought I'd see if you were in or not. I can call back if it's inconvenient, but your message did say it was urgent.'

'Oh no please come in, yes it is urgent, I need it for work you see'.

I could feel his eyes all over me, my fluffy pink robe barely covered my arse and it's all I had on. I could feel my pussy getting wet again. I led him into the lounge and plugged the laptop back on.

'OK, you said it was frozen, what were you doing just before it froze?' I felt myself blushing.

'Erm, well I needed to check a video on there, and , erm, well, I tried to open it up, and well, nothing happened.

'Ok so maybe the video file was corrupted I'll have to have a look at it "' did you download it?

Now I was more than just blushing, I'd come out in a cold sweat.

'Oh er, well, the video was erm, home-made, you know? On a digital camera, I just needed to erm, check it'

I sounded so lame, this was so embarrassing.

'Listen, the video was sort of, personal, you know and, well, do you actually have to watch it?'

'Well if you want to fix the problem then yes, it's going to take me about 10 minutes to get this rebooted and sort the file systems out, is there any chance of a cup of tea in the meantime?'

'Oh, yeah of course' At least that gave me a chance to think of something "' God knows what though. I walked towards the kitchen in a bit of a daze but feeling decidedly horny. He called out after me 'white, one sugar please'.

I stood there in the kitchen and thought about him watching me on the screen, watching me suck Andrew's cock, watching the one where I'm the French maid and I have to beg Andrew to fuck me. My hand moved down between my legs, I was soaking wet.

When the tea was made I took it through and put on the table by the laptop. I sat down next to Mark.

'Well, the sytems up and running again, I'm going to have to go through your video files though. I can see you've got a few on here but you've not done yourself any favours with the way you file them. What I'll do is I'll check each file video and then organise them into a proper folder. If you like I can put them into a zip file to save memory, it will also help prevent this sort of thing ever happening again'. He smiled at me, he had a lovely warm smile to give with his deep soft voice and he also had a glint in his eye.

'Right these are all the video files you've downloaded from your digital camera, what one would you like to watch first?' Now he definitely had a glint in his eye.

Oh God! What should I do? Do I let him watch the video? What's the worst than can happen, he can be outraged and walk out. At least if he does that the lap-top's up and running again. And what's the alternative? He likes what he sees and ends up fucking me senseless?

'Erm, well, listen' I hesitated, I had to say something but what should I say? 'Look, you see, the thing is, well, the thing is that the videos are sort of, well they're sort of personal, erm I mean sort of adult, you know?'

He smiled at me, that lovely warm smile. I half wanted the ground to open up and swallow me but the other half of me wanted to open up and swallow him.

'Well, listen, on the practical and technical side of things I need to play these files to find the problem. I can't fix the problem any other way. And on a personal level I'm extremely broad-minded and I'm sure there's nothing on here that could shock me in any way'.

'Oh, right, I see, well, I don't know, it's kind of embarrassing'

'Embarrassing for you or for me?'

'Well, both don't you think?'

'I don't know, I'm not easily embarrassed, now which do you want to watch first?'

Oh God, well, in for a penny in for a pound I guess. I squirmed in my seat, which only reminded again of how wet my pussy was.

'I don't mind' I lied 'The top one?'

'Well, at the moment they're organised in file size with the smallest first, this ones only 1 minute 29 seconds so shall we give that a try?'

I flushed bright red as I remembered it was the one we'd done on Christmas Day. I'd bought the camera as Andrew's main present. I remembered Andrew turning it on while I was my knees sucking his cock and him filming it to see if he could get the thing recording properly. As I reminisced the video came on. Mark sat transfixed watching me bob up and down and Andrew's cock all the while moaning and maintaining eye contact. He watched me wanking Andrew's cock while I sucked hard on his helmet, breaking off only to urge him to cum in my mouth, that always had the right effect, always made him do just that. And it was no different this time as Andrew moaned and shot his load into my mouth. The only difference this time was that I opened my mouth for the camera to show all the cum before I swallowed it. I never imagined for a minute that I'd be sat here with a computer engineer watching it with me.

'Well' said Mark as the video ended 'let's call that one Christmas blow job' and laughed. This broke the tension between us and I laughed also. I also noted that Mark had a clearly defined bulge in his jeans.

'What's next?' he asked and clicked on the next file down.

As the picture sprang up I noticed it was one of Andrew's favourites. I was to be his secretary for the day and, of course I'd done something or other wrong and had to be punished. Andrew was holding the camera and forcing me to strip, slowly and seductively, while telling me that I was nothing more than a dirty slut. The only reason he 'employed' me was because of the tarty clothes I wore and because he knew he could use me for sex. 'Yes, Sir' I was replying to him. I noticed Mark squirming in his seat, trying to get comfortable but failing because of his swollen member. He swallowed hard and his lips were dry. I found myself watching him while he watched the screen. He literally couldn't take his eyes off it. I wanted to reach over and stroke his cock.

What would his reaction be? He'd love me to surely, he wouldn't be offended, he's loving every minute of this. The action had moved on and now I was wearing just stockings and suspenders and my black patent leather high heels. Andrew was forcing me to go and bend over a chair ready for my spanking. You could see the camera jiggle as Andrew put it on the tri-pod to free up his hands.

I was getting so wet I really wanted to reach down between my legs, I felt certain that if I came now it would be a huge orgasm and I wanted to do the same for Mark. I thought about if Mark was spanking me rather than Andrew. If it was Mark's hands that were spanking my arse rather than Andrew's. I couldn't stop myself any more, I reached across and stroked Mark's cock. He flinched at first and looked over at me with a shocked expression on his face, but that didn't last long. He turned to face me in the chair and I pulled him up by his belt so that he was standing. I leaned across and undid his belt and then the fly of his jeans. I grabbed his cock through his boxers and started to stroke it up and down. He looked at me and reached in to my robe grabbing at my tits. I pushed him back 'Watch the film' I said and pulled his jeans and then his boxers down around his thighs. He had a lovely cock,about nine inches and nice and thick with some pre-cum glistening at the top. I kissed at the pre-cum, it tasted sweet and then kissed from his helmet down to his balls. His cock tasted divine, I've always loved sucking cock and it felt wonderful to feel how big and swollen he'd become from watching me on the screen. I reached down and played with my clit. I was soaking wet and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I felt mark stroking my head as I yanked harder and harder on his cock while I sucked on his helmet. I wanted him to cum too, wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. I frigged myself faster and faster with my right hand while working Mark's cock with my left hand. I had a real good rhythm going and I knew I was about to cum. I started moaning softly as I felt the sensation building in my body, felt the waves starting to roll out from my pleasure centre.

'I'm going to cum' I heard Mark say and I pulled away quickly enough to say 'So am I' before going back to work with my hungry mouth on his cock. I felt my own orgasm surge through my body just a few seconds before I felt mark's hot cum hit the back of my throat. I made sure I swallowed every last drop of his delicious cum and then kissed his cock all over again. I was in a total reverie, that was easily the best orgasm I'd had since Andrew had left and I wanted more of the same. I stood up and we kissed passionately our tongues exploring each other's moths. His hands were all over me as he pushed my robe off my shoulder's and on to the floor. I was completely naked in his arms and I wanted to totally surrender to him.

He sat down and I sat on his lap. 'Well I told you I was broad-minded' he said and we laughed again. 'So this is what you're into?' he asked.

'Well, yeah this and other things, we've still got all those other videos to go through' I said and reached down to stroke his cock again.

He leaned forward with his arms around me and typed 'naughty secretary' as the file name for that video.

'Whatever will we get next?' he asked and clicked on the next file.

The next video was actually more romantic than pornographic. It was the one we did on my birthday, Andrew had taken me shopping in London and then we'd had dinner and when we got home we had a long soak in the bath together and then Andrew carried me in to the bedroom and fucked me, which is the part we recorded. We watched together and I reached down to Mark's cock. He was getting hard again and I gently stroked his cock and played with his balls. 'I prefer the ones where I'm in uniform' I said.

'Mmmm, so do I' Mark agreed.

'Well I can easily go and slip one on' I suggested playfully.

Mark turned to look at me

'Would you?'

His face had lit up.

'Of course' I said, 'watching is great but it's much better in the flesh'. I giggled and moved off his lap, making my way to the stairs.

When I got upstairs to the bedroom I opened the draw with all the outfits and toys in and had a bit of a rummage. What did I fancy? I think I fancied the French maid's dress "' there was not much of it and it was very playful. But I thought that under that I wanted some very nice underwear, some of the expensive stuff Andrew had bought from Agent Provocateur. I sorted out a beautiful set of black lacy underwear, the suspender belt, balcony bra that showed off my lovely 34c tits perfectly and a tiny little thong. I found some seamed stockings and got out my black fluffy kitten heels. I put them on and checked myself in the mirror, I looked hot! I felt it too, I slipped the maid's dress over the top and checked the mirror again, the skirt was so short you could clearly see my stocking tops and suspenders and so low cut that you could clearly see my cleavage and some of the bra. I put on some ruby red lip-gloss and slinked downstairs. I got the feather duster from the cupboard and knocked on the already open door. 'Sir, it's the maid, please may I come in?'

Mark turned to face me, grinning all over his face 'Yes, please do, now let me take a look at you'.

I moved in to the middle of the room and gave him a twirl and then I moved over to the book case and started swishing the feather duster around, making sure to bend over as I did so, giving Mark an eyeful.

'Very nice' he purred, 'very nice indeed.

I giggled and continued with my 'cleaning'. 'Oh, I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to interrupt you while you were working'. I nodded towards the laptop. 'Were you watching anything good?'

'Well that video had finished and it's time for another one, would you like to come and watch with me?'

'That's very kind of you sir, but what about my chores? I have to clean your room for you'.

'I think we can maybe leave the cleaning for a little bit, come over here, I need to check your uniform'.

'Yes, sir' I purred and walked over to where Mark was sitting. 'I do hope everything is to your satisfaction sir'.

Mark ran his hands down my little dress and then moved down to stroke my stockinged leg. He moved his hand up again and pulled my dress up as he did so.

'Let's check these panties out' he said.

He motioned for me to hold the dress up and then to step backwards. He then made a circular motion with his finger and again I twirled around for him, slower this time and holding my dress up to reveal my thong and the suspender belt.

Mark got up and walked around me. I could feel his eyes all over me, staring at my arse, I loved it. I was starting to feel week at the knees and I could feel perspiration on my face and chest I was so turned on. He ran his hand across my arse and then down between my legs, stroking my wet pussy.

'Very nice' he purred. 'very nice indeed'.

I didn't know if he was referring to the outfit or my arse or my pussy? Maybe all three, but I was past caring.

'You've done very well' he said 'but I still think you need to be spanked'

A thrill ran up my spine.

'Yes sir, if you say so sir'.

'I do say so, I think you need to be spanked, what's more I think you want to be spanked'.

'Yes please sir' He could read me like a book. He'd seen enough from the couple of videos he'd watched to know exactly what I liked. He pulled a dining chair out from around the table and placed it in front of me with it's back facing towards me.

'Take the dress off' he barked.

I did exactly as he said, but slowly though, letting him savour the moment.

'You know what to do' he said sternly.

I took a step forward and leant over the back of the chair placing my palms on the seat of the chair. He stroked my arse and then my pussy again, very slowly, enjoying the feel of it.

'You really are a dirty little slut aren't you'. He knew what I like alright. I love dirty talk, I love being spoken to like that and being made to say that stuff myself, being forced to talk dirty about myself.

'Yes sir I am'

'Watch the screen' he said.

I looked up at the lap-top, which was just in front of me and saw that the video was at a very similar stage to where I was right now. The only difference being that I was bent over the dining room table instead of a chair and dressed as a schoolgirl instead of a maid. Actually I had less clothes on in the video and I hoped that that situation would be addressed very soon.

'A dirty little slut that needs a good spanking'

'Ooh yes please sir'

'Did I say you could speak?'

'Oh no sir sorry sir'

'What a bad girl you are, you need to be taught a lesson "' don't you slut'

'Yes sir'

'You're a dirty little slut aren't you'

'Yes sir'

'What are you?'

'I'm a dirty little slut sir'

'I didn't quite catch that, what are you'

I said it louder this time 'I'm a dirty little slut sir'

'And what do you need?'

'I need to be spanked sir'

'Need or want?'

'Oh both please sir, I need to be spanked and I want to be spanked'

Then beg for it.

'Oh please sir, please spank me, I need to be spanked sir, I need to feel your hand on my arse, I need to ne punished, I've been so naughty. I'm such a slut, please sir, please spank me'.

He brought his hand down on my right arse cheek and I immediately felt it redden, all hot and tingling. My pussy was tingling too, I felt like the slightest touch would have brought on an explosive orgasm but I also loved the anticipation. I hoped he would make me wait like Andrew had done.

'Watch the screen' he barked again. I'd looked down after the firt spank. I brought my eyes into line with the lap-top to see Andrew playing with my pussy while I was still spread-eagled over the table. He was teasing me about not letting me cum but still rubbing my clit like mad.

I felt Mark bring his hand down on my left cheek this time.

'So that's what you like then slut'

'Oh yes sir'

'Like being teased'

'Oh yes sir'

'Well let's start by pulling these panties down shall we'

'Yes please sir'

God I was so turned on. Just hearing him say the words was almost enough to make me cum. I felt his fingers under the waist of the thong. He pulled at it slowly, very slowly and I felt my tiny panties being pulled down over my arse and down towards my thighs. Because my pussy was so wet the gusset stuck for a moment before coming away and felt cool air on my wet lips.

'Legs apart' he barked and I spread my legs to keep my panties midway down my thighs just below my stocking tops. I looked down to get a glimpse of my panties and myself in that prone position, to turn myself on even more if that was possible. Straight away I felt Mark's hand on my arse.

'Look at the screen you bad girl'. He barked again.

'Yes sir sorry sir'

He spanked me, hard. Alternating between cheeks and sometimes the tops of my legs. I loved it. He was very masterful and I guessed that he'd done this before. He was talking the whole time, telling me what a bad girl I was and then what a dirty slut I was. But he took it a level above anything Andrew ever did by talking about how I'd only just met him, only known him half an hour and here I was dressed up in my dirtiest lingerie letting him "' a complete stranger "' spank him. Everything he was saying about me being a dirty slut was true and it turned me on so much. My pussy was tingling like it never had before. I was so desperate to cum I thought I might pass out.

Mark moved towards me and I saw out the corner of my eye that his cock was standing to attntion, very stiff and erect and again there was pre-cum glistenng at the top of it. I moved my face sideways to take him in my moth and he spanked me with such force that I was pushed forward.

'I've told you sut,watch the screen'.

'yes sir, I'm sorry sir'.

He reached behind me and started to finger my soaking wet pussy. I let out a low moan, I couldn't help myself. I was so close to orgasm already it wouldn't take much for me to cum.

'You to suck my cock?' he asked

'Oh yes please sir, very much'

'And you want to come don't you'

'Oh God yes please'

He stuck his cock just an inch from my mouth as I watched myself getting a good fucking from Andrew on the screen.

Well you'd better get sucking then' he said and I didn't need asking twice. I brought my right hand up and started vigorously wanking his lovely cock while my mouth got to work on the helmet. He pulled back and again brought his hand down hard on my arse.

'Did I tell you you could use your hand?'

'No sir sorry sir'

'You really need to be taught a lesson don't you'

'Yes sir'

'Let's have a little look around, what can I use to spank you with?' He looked around the front room and saw my hand bag. He went through it's contents. 'Ah, this will do nicely.' He pulled out my hair brush, it was flat and round and I had the feeling it would sting like fuck. My pusy started tingling all over again. I felt his fingers on my clit. I moaned. 'This is what you want isn't it'.

'Oh yes please sir'.

'How many strokes do you think you need?'

His fingers were expertly working my clit and I was finding it hard to concentrate, I was so near to cumming.

'Erm, six of the best?' I suggested.

'How about a nice round dozen' he replied. By this stage I would have agreed to anything.

'Yes please sir'.

He pulled his fingers away from my clit and I felt my stomach tighten.

'Ok, twelve strokes with the hair-brush it is, then I might think about letting you cum. Now you're going to thank me for every single stroke is that clear?'

'Yes sir'

'You will count the stoke and then say thank you sir each time, do you understand?'

'Yes sir'

'Get it wrong and we start all over again, right'

'Yes sir'

He brought the hair brush down on my right arse cheek with a loud crack. I felt a sudden shot of white heat on my cheek and a tingle ran through my spine and my pussy'

'One thank you sir'

He brought the brush down on my left cheek and I felt the same sensation.

'Two thank you sir'.

He carried on spanking me hard with the hair brush, I thought then that when I did eventually cum it would be the most amazing orgasm I'd ever had. He got to six and rested the brush on the small of my back. With his left hand he stroked my red arse and admired his handiwork. His right hand moved down to my pusy and he roughly fingered me, exploring my soaking wet pussy. I couldn't help but moan again, this was unbelievable.

'Stop moaning you little slut' he said. 'I'm doing this for my pleasure not yours'

'Yes sir sorry sir'

'Are you enjoying your punishment?'

'Oh yes sir'

'How many are we up to?'

I froze for a moment, how many was it? It was either five or six, did I say six? I panicked for a moment. Was he going to have to start all over again. He was really teasing me now, playing with me. He knew that I'd just be concentrating on his fingers in my pussy.

I decided to guess 'Six?' I said, more questioning than answering.

'Very good' he said, 'Thought I was going to have to start all over again for a moment' and then he brought the brush down hard on my arse.

'Seven thank you sir'

He was playing with my pussy and stroking my arse between every stroke now. He knew perfectly well I wason the verge of orgasm and had been for a long time. I swung wildly between the pain ans the brush came down and the pleasure as he stroked my pussy. He was playing me like an instrument. After the twelfth stroke he placed his arm under my right shoulder and gently helped me to stand up.

'Let's check out my handiwork shall we' he said nd led me towards the full length mirror in the hallway. As I walked my thong fell lower and lower with every step until eventually they were aroung my ankles and I stepped out of them. As I got to the mirror mark turned me around and I looked over my shoulder at my red arse.

'It looks good doesn't it' Mark said.

'Yes sir' I replied obediantly.

He stroked it gently while I watched and then his attention again turned to my pussy. He rubbed rythmically at my clit and I started to moan again. I really wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. My legs felt week and I felt flushed. He started telling me what a slut I was, letting him finger fuck me like this in the hallway where anyone could make us out through the frosted glass front door. He made me repeat it all back to him.

'Yes I am a slut sir, a dirty little slut sir oh yes sir' I felt the orgasm come on from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. He was virtually holding me upright now. I felt like a rag doll and my legs buckled slightly as the orgasm washed over my entire body. 'Oh God, oh fuck, oh Jesus' I cried out. 'Oh my God' I wimpered as wave after wave washed over me. 'Ohhhhhh' I moaned and Mark put his arms around me and held me. He moved his mouth down to mine and we kissed, our mouths again exploring each other. I felt him press down on my shoulders and I knew what I had to do. I knelt in front of him and again took his helmet in my mouth. This time he didn't complain as I started to wank him off with my right and, my left hand gently caressing and pulling on has balls.

Now it was his turn to moan and I knew it would n't be long before I felt the taste of his cum in my mouth again. I sucked for all I was worth and worked his helmet with my tongue, French kissing his gorgeous cock. He grabbed hold of my head and I knew what was coming next. Now his legs buckled slightly as hot cum fired into the back of my throat. He must have been every bit as excited as me as he came so hard it made my eyes water.

He took my hand and led me back into the front room. He sat me down on the couch and pushed me back into a reclining position. He knelt down in front of me and started to kiss around my pussy, very gently, circling around my clit and then starting to focus on my red, swollen bud. He kissed and sucked on it expertly. He must have done this many times before and he'd been very well trained. Again I felt the waves of pleasure starting to build up and this tie I really wanted to hold back. My pussy had never been so expertly licked and sucked and I wanted to savour the sensation for as long as I could. I grabbed at Mark's hair and tensed my stomach muscles, fighting the sensation to cum.

'Oh my God you're good at that' I panted. Mark didn't say a word,didn't even break his rhythm just carried on sucking on my clit like his life depended on it. I was clenching every muscle in my body, desperately trying not to cum. Desperately trying to hold on for as long as I possibly could. It was no good, I just couldn't hold on any longer. I felt like I was on the edge of a precipice and I needed to just let go. I relaxed my stomach muscles and within a few seconds I had the most amazing orgasm I've ever had. It was an explosion of pure pleasure that washed all over me. Through every fibre of my being. As I came Mark changed from sucking on my clit to gently sweeping over my pussy lips with his tongue, bringing even more amazing sensations out of my pussy. I lay on the sofa. I felt spent. I had no energy I just wanted to lay there in a daze. My pussy was tingling like it never had before. I didn't get much chance to relax.

'Up you get slut' Mark said and flashed that smile at me again.

'Oh what next?' I enquired half laughing.

'You need to be fucked' Mark said and pushed me towards the chair again.

I resumed my familiar bent over position and Mark moved over to the lap-top.

'I think it's time for anther video, don't you?'

'Ooh yes please I cooed' and the screen flashed to life with me in the shower lathering myself up while Andrew talked dirty to me from behind the camera.

Mark moved behind me and I felt his cock push against my entrance. I could tell immediately he felt bigger than Andrew and he teased me for a while just rubbing his helmet up and down along my pussy lips. He started to fuck me, slowly at first and with just his helmet. But it felt good, the first time I'd been fucked in a good few weeks and I felt like I was being stretched, it was delicious, the lovely feeling of a cock inside me and the anticipation of a lot more to come.

Again Mark started talking dirty to me and again I loved every second of it. Telling me what a slut I was but how good I looked dressed as a slut.

He started fucking me a bit deeper, giving me more of his cock, but I knew there was a lot more to come. This felt so good though. I looked at the the lap-top screen and there I was sucking Andrew's cock in the bathroom, me still wet from the shower. I thought about Andrew and what he wouldthink if he could see me now, or if ke knew I was watching these videos with mark. To be honest that just turned me n even more and again I started moaning. I'd never cum through penetrative sex with Andrew but mark was really starting to hit the spot and I felt like I might cum again very soon. Just at that point Mark pushed the whole of his cock into me and I let out a loud gulp. God it felt good. His cock felt big but not too big, not painful big. But big enough to stretch me and to let me know that I was going to come. Mark grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me head back.

'Watch the screen slut'

I did as I was told and watched Andrew shoot his load into my willing mouth. Mark had me by the hair with one hand and by the shoulder with the other hand and he was fucking me hard, really giving it to me. It felt fantastic.

'Are you going to cum for me slut?' Mark asked.

Too fucking right I was I thought.

'Oh yes sir' I moaned.

'Oh God yes I'm going to cum' I cried out as I felt the sensation building inside me.

'Please, fuck me harder' I cried out.

Please, give it to me, I'm a slut, I'm a filthy slut give it to me'

He gave it to me, I knew my filthy talk was turning him on and he rammed his cock into me. I came all over again and again it was like an explosion. I felt totally limp as Mark held on to me, still ramming his cock into my sopping pussy as I felt the orgasm surging all through me.

'Don't stop talking to me slut' Mark said 'It's my turn now.'

I knew exactly what to do. I turned and looked over my shoulder and made eye contact with Mark.

'Please sir, will you cum on my face?' I asked in my best innocent little girl voice.

'Oh yeah' was all Mark could say between pants as he kept up his rhythm.

'Oh please sir, please, I need you to come all over my face'

Mark was breathing heavily and he looked like he was about to cum. I knew I could push him over the edge.

'Please sir, please, cum on my face, please sir' I was whispering gently now, in time with his rhythm.

'Cum on my face, please, cum on my face, I need you to cum all over my face.'

Mark pulled his cock out of me and stepped towards my face. I reached up and grabbed his cock as he held it inches from my mouth. I tugged at it as hard as I could and Mark let out a moan. I tried to keep eye contact as best as possible as hot cum shot across my face.

'Oh thank you sir' I whispered before slowly licking his cock clean.

Mark moaned. 'Fuck that was amazing'.

'You're telling me'.

Mark went and sat on the couch as I went up to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I came down I was back in my pink robe and Mark had straightened out his clothing and was just shutting down my lap-top.

'Well this should be fine now'. He said

'And are all the videos ok?'

'Oh the videos are just fine' he said. 'I'll let myself out but if ever you need me again, here's my business card'.

'So there won't be any problems again with the videos?'

'There wasn't a problem with the videos in the first place' Mark grinned. I looked at him quizically.

'Then what was the problem?' I asked.

'You hadn't shut the computer down properly, that's all, it just needed re-booting'.

'So why did you want to watch my videos?'

Mark just grinned and walked out 'Give us a call, won't you' he called out.

You can fucking count on it I thought.