Written by hornysarah76

5 Apr 2008

"¦.Her body slowly recovers from her orgasm"¦..although her heart rate quickens as she hears him cross the room to the door, almost silently"¦and wonders where he is going + what her punishment is to be?....she is left for several minutes, still kneeling on the bed in her underwear"¦ her knickers drenched through with her own sweet, sticky juices as she anticipates his next move"¦"¦.

The door opens, and she hears two sets of footsteps move across the thick-carpeted floor"¦her excitement begins to make her tremble as she awaits her punishment, and ponders the visitors role in the evenings proceedings, but from the lightness of the steps, and the scent of the newcomer, she guesses correctly that the visitor is female"¦

"She has been a bad whore!" he tells the visitor "¦."feel how wet her knickers are""¦..and at this point she feels a soft hand pressed against her damp crotch, the palm pushing flat against her pubic mound. "Is her cunt just as sticky?" he asks the visitor, who then proceeds to slowly undo the ribbon ties holding her flimsy black thong in place, removing it completely, so her glistening wet pussy is now completely exposed to whomever it is that's touching her...

"Yes" whispers a soft, female voice"¦and she becomes aroused again, her nipples hardening as she feels a flush of lust come over her"¦"¦

"Let me taste!" he demands, + at that point she feels a finger slide over her tingling clit, pushing into her waiting wet hole.....She stifles a moan, for fear of him punishing her further, by banning her from the game"¦. as her muscles tighten around the woman's finger that is probing her intimately"¦"¦but just as she begins to take some pleasure from this anonymous invader, the hand is taken away, and from the noises he is making, she guesses correctly that he is sucking her sticky cum from the other woman's hand"¦"¦. "Mmmm"¦this little whore does taste deliciously sweet though" he says and she feels his hands on her bare shoulders, guiding her roughly backwards onto her back, but balancing her semi-upright by leaning her back on her elbows"¦. "Let us see the mess you've been making then, my dirty sweet whore"...

He says as he grabs her ankles and spreads her legs wide, then using his fingers, touches her glistening wet pussy lips, which are becoming swollen and wetter all the more, knowing that they are both as equally aroused by the sight of her exposed and bound in this way"¦.."Badly behaved whores must be punished, mustn't they?' he asks his companion"¦ whom must have nodded in silent agreement as she crossed to the bed"¦ She could feel the stranger touching her bare skin, first her fingers gently stroking up her arms, then her shoulders, and she breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of this woman, light and flowery, like jasmine ..mixed with the unmistakable smell of HER OWN arousal, but was taken by surprise as she felt soft lips touch her mouth, a tongue gently flicking over and teasing her lips apart, ready to probe her eager mouth"¦ "DON'T give her anymore pleasure!" he hollered"¦as the sensual kiss was withdrawn quickly"¦. "I want to see how horny this slut really is!""¦.and she felt the soft hands run up her thighs, fingers flitting over her pussy lips until they were spread wide"¦the throbbing pink hole bared for him to see"¦.. "You are a well-behaved whore" he said to the jasmine woman, "taste her"¦.tell me if she is ready for me" "¦..

Her body juddered involuntarily as she felt the soft tongue pressing firmly against her hard clit, flicking it gently for a while, as her temperature rose and she tingled all over, juices trickling from her tight cunt as her arousal began to mount"¦"¦"¦"¦no sooner had she begun to relax and enjoy this exquisite pleasure, than it was stopped abruptly"¦to be replaced by his two fingers shoved deep into her hot hole, making her gasp out loud, which he responded to by pulling her head sharply back by her hair"¦.

"not a sound" he whispered in her ear, as he held her head in this way, and fucked her deeply with his thick fingers, making her cunt drip its sweet liquids down his down his hand"¦as she bit her lip to stifle the pre-orgasmic moans building up inside her"¦..

This became so much harder to do as she felt jasmine's tongue join his fingers, lapping at her outer lips and her hard clit as he pushed deeper inside her, him occasionally stopping to let jasmine taste from his fingers, the honey pouring from her pussy, but never letting her tongue enter her throbbing hole, she noted"¦"¦"¦"¦. purely because this was what she was craving most of all, this mysterious woman to probe her with her soft tongue, to fill her mouth with all of her delicious cum, and just maybe, be allowed to taste herself on her soft warm mouth"¦"¦if she could behave for just a bit longer"¦"¦"¦"¦"¦............................