Written by hornysarah76

4 Feb 2008

"¦.She waits in total darkness & with pleasurable anticipation"¦blindfolded & wrists bound behind her by a length of jade green silk"¦wearing only black leather knee-length boots, and a sexy black satin bodice, ribbon-laced up the front & the tiniest black thong"¦ribbon-ties to the sides. (So that he has easy access to her most intimate parts as and when he chooses!). All of her other senses are heightened by her lack of vision and restricted movement as she waits"¦her soft skin tingling all over and her body aching desperately for his touch"¦..or even his permission to allow her to touch herself! She knows he is watching her, she can sense by the sound of his increasingly rapid breathing that he is very aroused by what he sees: his very own little dirty-sweet whore"¦. bound, ready & waiting for him"¦.His to use as & when he chooses.

He stands in front of her, his cock hardening but still restricted by his trousers, smiling to himself as he lightly runs a soft red feather up the inside of each of her thighs in turn.. He is watching her face as she parts her lips and wets them gently with her tongue"¦ she slowly begins to writhe and wriggle against her ties, moaning softly for him to allow her some pleasure, to put an end to the intense feeling of anticipation she has building up inside her! But still he is in control, teasing her exposed skin randomly with the feather. ""¦and who are you?" he asks her, running it across her mouth and then down her throat: "I'm your dirty little cumslut" she replies smiling, knowing that he is smiling too, despite the fact she is blindfolded!

"and what are you here to do for me?" he asks, his hand suddenly gripping a handful of her hair and pulling her head back as she moans excitedly at the sudden change in tempo of the game"¦"Whatever you tell me to" she whispers and he kisses her mouth deeply, her tongue teasing his as they taste each other for the first time.

Abruptly he pulls away and tells her to stand up, so he can get a good look at his dirty little whore. She knows that she must to do exactly as she is told if she wants to be rewarded with her own pleasures: so she stands up and takes a few steps away from the chair and he looks her up and down, his cock rock-hard by this point, and tells her to turn around slowly"¦which she obediently does, feeling his eyes all over her body and the sexual tension between them begin to rise. He kisses her mouth again and then pulls away, grabbing her hair, " get on your knees" he orders as he pushes her head down until her face is level with his groin. "You want to taste me, don't you?"

She nods her head and smiles, as he orders her to open her eager wet mouth ready for him"¦.

He unzips his trousers and takes his cock out"¦watching her licking her lips with anticipation"¦.she is getting desperate to taste him and begins to squirm again slightly, as her tells her to open her mouth. Being bound & blindfolded enhances the pleasure for both of them as he teases her tongue with his dick, rubbing it against her cheek and pulling away quickly as she turns her head hungrily to try and get it into her mouth. She puts her tongue out and he slides the tip gently over her tongue, a little way into her warm, wet mouth"¦just enough for her to suck deeply on the end and run her tongue hard around the ridge, before flicking the tip firmly and lapping underneath the shaft, greedily trying to ease him further inside. "You need that sweet little mouth fucking, don't you?" he teases as he pulls his cock out and she nods once more and lets out a low moan of frustration. "Then you know what filthy little whores like you do when you want my cock down your throat?" he says and waits for her to reply"¦. "Please may I suck your cock?" she asks and he begins to push it into her open mouth"¦....then pulls away again"¦."not good enough, you know you've got to beg for it" he tells her, although he is equally as eager to ram it straight down her waiting throat!....and teases her lips once more. "Please, please can I have that nice hard cock down my throat?" she pleads with him"¦ "that's much better, my horny little slut!" he says, grabbing her hair and pulling her head towards his waiting cock, he forces the full length of his hardness down her wet and inviting mouth, touching the very back of her throat, making her gag as she tightens her lips around the base and expertly uses her tongue all over the shaft as he is fucking her mouth harder and harder"¦..little moans escape from her and she shudders with pleasure as her already damp pussy becomes flooded with her sweet juices, unable to relieve her own frustration she takes it out on him, gobbling his cock all the way down and simultaneously using her tongue on the tip so that he begins to twitch in her mouth"¦.

"¦.the beginnings of an orgasm welling up in him as she moans with horny satisfaction, mouth filled by his hardness, her body shaking as her orgasm rips through her, making sweet, sticky juices run down the inside of her thighs, knickers drenched in her cum"¦. "I've not even touched you yet: you bad little whore!""¦he says, pulling back and depriving her eager mouth of his own warm cum"¦.... "Now I am gonna have to punish you for that""¦"¦"¦"¦"¦..............TO BE CONTINUED????