Written by pussy

2 Apr 2008

I just imagined coming to your door, and as you let me in you ask me how I am, and as you do you slide your hand down my trousers and into my knickers, and find out as you reach my already slippery pussy eager for your fingers. You work your fingers inside me with one hand, and push up my top grabbing at my bra with the other, you cup one boob out of its hold and bend to suck my nipple. (just tickling my clit as i type!)

as you work your magic i kick off my shoes n you push my knickers n trousers down n i step out of them. u take your fingers out momentarily n slide off my top, unhook my bra n cast it off to join my other clothes on the floor. im now naked in your hallway, so i lead u into the kitchen n jump up onto the work surface spread my legs n push your head between my thighs n into my sopping pussy. To be basic! you get stuck in! :-)

after a while I move onto the kitchen table and lie back, you suck my boobs and finger me, then kiss your way down my body until your mouth clasps a hold on my pussy once more.

after that......we move to the lounge where you've got the cam set up on swingers to record a video on your/ my profile, I bend over the back of the sofa you squat down between my legs and finger me and rim my arse (maybe?!) then get sucking on my pussy, til I can barely stand anymore. The vids are only short so you quickly change to being on the chat room position the camera on me again and get back where you belong!!!

I also have a double schlong which with one end inside me I'd like to try fucking you up the arse with the other?? ;-)