Written by happyface

17 May 2009

I'll be at the room early and do a bit of work whilst waiting for you. I hear a knock at the door and open to door to see you look very tasty but smart. I invite you in and close the door with you close to me inside the hallway. I greet you with a kiss to the cheek, but you turn you mouth to me and we tongue each other for a while. I stroke your back starting at your shoulders and gently move down to your bum and pull you towards my hardness. You run your hand over my budge as I fondle your breasts through your blouse. We stop and make our way towards the bed, but I direct you to the sofa. You step out of your skirt before lying back against the cushions undoing you top as you invite me to explore you. I kneel down and stroke the back of you legs up towards your damp knickers and then plant a kiss right on top of the wetness, rubbing my chin against you as I look at your face. I peel off your knickers to reveal your tidy curls and inviting lips. I nibble at your labia and tug lightly above your clit making you wriggle against me.

You open your lips for me with you hands as I lap at you clit and run my tongue up and down your slit. I slid 2 fingers into you when my mouth move back to you bud and start to suck and finger fucks you. As you get more excited I also rub the area between your two holes as you lift you bum off the seat. I then bring you off with my left hand running and pinching your clit whilst my right hand pushes in and out of you.

Then after you've soaked my hand and face, I'd offer you my cock to suck until I've unbelievably hard and ready for you.

You stand up and bend over the desk whilst I ease my length into you from behind. Hmmm, feel that and I'd slowing start pumping as I finger you clit & bum....

After you have calmed a little from the first treat of the day and my hand and face is wet from you. I stand up and lower my trousers in front of you with your face right infront of my buldging pants. I pull your face towards me and you kiss the lump my through my shorts before pulling my cock and balls through the button fly. You look up at meas you lick and suck on my shaven sac and I'm quivering in delight as you work your way up my shaft and begin to suck on my knob. Now I'm really ready to pump my load down your throat, but want to leave that treat for later..

I stand you up and lean you against the wall and press against you as we kiss. You feel the cool wall against your back and my hot body against you, with my hardness pressed against your mound. I lift your left leg up so your labia now parts around my bell end and I run it up and down your slit mxing my precum with your dampness.Your heat feels great against my swelling and I continue to play with you until you're begging to be entered. Finally I impall you against the wall and feel me fill

you up. We buckle together for some short strokes before I step back and pull out of you.

I make you lean against the desk with your arms on the desktop gving me a splendid view of your legs and gaping hole on top of your high heels and I can't resist kissing and licking you again as you rub my pussy on my face. You cum again and before you can recover I stand up and slid my cock all the way in making you grunt and groan with delight. I pull you away from the desk so you're hanging on my shaft. Lets see how supple you are then? I get you to put your hands on your knees and begin to slid them down your legs as far as you can go as I get deeper inside you with each small stretch. I rub you clit with my hand and send you over the edge again, as I am about to boil over.

As you're gasping for air, I pull out of you and turn you around to face my hose and I unceremoniously push it into your mouth as I give you the full force of my jets...

You're hired!