Written by Unknown

27 Oct 2007

James worked as a night security guard in a business complex. Part of his duties was to patrol the complex making sure there were no people about that shouldn't be there. One night about 5 am in the morning James set out to do his rounds. He collected his torch and keys and walked out of his hut closing the door and locking it behind him. As James started to walk away from his hut the heavens opened and the rain came down. James thought to himself "ňúthat's great, that's all I need tonight', but he carried on walking zipping up his jacket further. It was quite a warm night though so at least he wouldn't get cold.

He had been walking for about 30 min's when he came across a young lady walking through the complex wearing a mini skirt, tight low cut top and boots. She had got caught in the down pour and was very wet. James asked her if she was ok, the young lady replied "yes thanks but wet and a bit cold". James then took off his jacket and passed it to the young lady. She looks at him and smiled and said "thanks". James asked if she wanted him to ring her a taxi to get home. She said "thanks but its ok as I don't have any money". James replied "If you want you can come back to my hut as its warm there, and I finish at 6 and I could drive you home if you want". The young lady again smiled at him and said "thanks that's very kind of you". As the pair walked back to James' hut he asked her name, she said it was "Beth".

They reached James' hut and he took his keys out and unlocked the door. James held the door open so Beth could get inside, he told her to take the chair by the electric heater and he would put it on for her to warm up. Then he asked her if she wanted a brew. Beth accepted. As James went to turn the kettle on he noticed there wasn't much water in the kettle and said "he would be back in 2 minutes, as he had to fill the kettle up".

When James got back from filling the kettle up he noticed that Beth had taken her clothes off and was only in her underwear. James said "sorry to her, I didn't know you had taken your clothes off", Beth replied "its ok, I wanted to get out of my wet clothes, hope you don't mind?" James looked at Beth. She was standing in a red and black matching G string and bra. James said "no, it just took me by surprise". As James went to put the kettle on the side and make a brew, Beth moved behind him and put her arms around him. James immediately turned round and faced Beth. Beth slowly started to unbutton James shirt, which instantly made him very hard. Beth looked into James' eyes and then slowly started to kiss his bare chest. Beth kissed all the way down to his waist and started to undo his belt and pants. She slid down his pants and boxing short exposing his very hard cock. Beth stepped back a few steps and unfastened her bra, and took off her G string. Beth had perfectly round pert breast, and was very cleanly shaven apart from a small vertical line of pubic hair. The site of Beth totally naked nearly made James cum, his cock was now throbbing. Beth knelt down in front of James and slowly licked the top of his cock with her tongue. James couldn't believe what was happening to him, he slightly tipped his head back and closed his eyes. Beth put most of his cock in her mouth and was moving up and down. James knew very shortly that if she didn't stop he would end up cumming in her mouth.

Just then there was a load ringing noise and James opened his eyes, then with disbelief he realised it was his alarm clock and it was all a dream. James laid back and the dream ran through his mind. Then his bedroom door opened and in the door way was Beth totally naked holding 2 cups of coffee in her hands. She smiled at James who by now realised it wasn't a dream. Beth put the coffees down on the bedside table and slid in next to James in bed.