Written by kinkycplenew

14 Aug 2012

i keep fantasising of me and l having a smoke and drink and talking about our fantasy i have told her i would love her to get fucked as i watch then join in i want to get a guy from a chatline and get him to come in and as we chat watch porn i say to him as i kiss and feel lo,s tits how horny she was he would say he was hard asking to pull his cock out under a blanket on the sofa i said it will be ok as i said to lo as i kissed her he wanted to see us kissing and stroking as i kissed her nipples she loves this and would offer to let the guy touch her tits telling her to close her eyes as i give her a smoke as she got her tits sucked by him i would ask if she was enjoying it and ask her to kiss him and as he lay in front of her i said kiss each other go on its just a kiss no fucking ok i said to him she not want to i said i needed the loo and when i return want to see them kissing and gave lo a smoke as i left i had said to the guy beforhand when i left he was to kiss and stroe her tits pressing his cock against her under the cover till i returned and he would tell me she was sexy saying to lo sorry his cock kept rubbing on her i would ask him how big it was and as i knew it was 9in and really thick when he said what size it was i would say show us are you that big he said he was shy and if i kissed lo he would press it against her ass from behind and she could say ok and as i kiss lo as he rubbed against her i give her a smoke the guy would be dry riding her arse as i kissed her telling her to press on it and as she started to relax and enjoy it i would wisper to her it was ok to enjoy it asking if it was good as i give her a smoke he would say to lo to look as he showed her his big cock i tell lo to play with it and go to the loo and as i said to the guy i wanted him to finger her hole and when he heard me come out the loo to stop and as i sit down asking loo if her cunt was wet he would say very she loves getting fingered and he said he would love to fuck her but he liked rough sex and to fuck hard and all over the room love to blindfold tie etc i gave lo a smoke telling her to let him put it in her cunt and have just five strokes then stop and as he put it in she would love it and i would tell her to enjoy it and she would fuck like hell all night as we take turns till morn