Written by shekast

2 Jul 2008

We'd been laying by the pool all day and after a shower and laying naked on the bed for a while resting we decide it times to get up and moving to go out to dinner for our reservation at 8pm. I grab hold of you as you try to sit up and lay on top of you protesting I want your body right here right now and you're laughing pushing me off!

You give in after a while and let me kiss and lick you all the way down from your neck to your stomach and still further. I'm looking into your eyes and smiling seeing how long it'll be before you tell me to stop but I can feel your cock getting hard against my body and so move further down so its just in front of my face. I'm running my fingers over your chest and down to your thighs. I see your cock twitch and grow further you take a sharp intake of breath as I cup your balls in my hand and give them a gentle squeeze. I hold them up and lick you from your arse all over your balls and suck them into my mouth.

Your cock by now is rock hard and I know I've won! lol I don't touch it but run my hands all over it and around it and lick it from the base to the tip. You watch my mouth open and close around the head of your cock and see it disappear into my lips as I begin to suck on it. I move my body so I'm kneeling across you and you slide your hand the back of my thigh between my legs and find a very wet pussy.

Just as you start to slide a finger or two inside me the phone rings. I carry on sucking on you with you trying to reach for the phone. It's the restaurant wanting to know where we are as the reservation was for 7.30 and not 8!!

Even though you're really enjoying yourself your stomach wins and we have to get ready and quickly lol

I put on a pair of black lacy knickers a black bra and a slinky, low cut dress. You smile approvingly and off we go. As we get into the hire car you tell me how your cock wont go down as your so turned on still and we'll have to talk about something to take your mind off it! lol

We get to the restaurant and enjoy our meal in a secluded alcove with the lights dimmed. Even though its fairly quiet a guy comes and sits alone on the table just in front of ours facing us. We exchange glances and the usual pleasantries.

You comment after a while that he keeps looking over and you catch him staring at my tits. It makes you smile when I tell you I haven't even noticed lol

You tell me to pull my dress down a bit to show a bit more cleavage and as I do he catches me doing it -- I just smile at him and look away.

Your mind is working overtime by now. You're still horny from before and this is making it harder -- literally!

Eventually you engage him in a conversation and find out he's staying in the same hotel as us. You invite him to join us but after one drink we decide to go back to our hotel, as you have to drive. You offer him a lift and after paying the separate bills we head for the car and he says he's just nipping to the loo.

The cars parked in the furthest corner away from the restaurant and as we reach it you put your arms around me from behind, pulling me backwards to you and kissing my neck, squeezing my tits at the same time. I say "how about a party in our room when we get back?" You ask me exactly what I mean so I say, "do you want to see me fuck him?" You don't need asking twice!

He appears in the car park and we turn around to greet him with you still holding me from behind, still with your hands cupping my boobs. You're pushing them up slightly and he can't do anything but look. You say "great tits eh?" He laughs and says, "yes I noticed earlier!"

He opens the back door but before he can climb in I stand in front of him, bending down, lifting one leg into the car, letting my dress rise up my thighs slightly and sit on the back seat. I shuffle over to the other side and he looks at you as you tell him to get in. He sits next to me but is looking at my bare thighs as you get into the drivers seat and start the engine. I catch your eye in the mirror and you wink and mouth "tease him".

As the journey starts I move closer to him, he looks at me slightly wide eyed as I put a hand on his knee and move it slowly up his thigh. He shifts in his seat and looks into the mirror to see if you're watching. You just smile as if giving approval and he relaxes. I move my hand between his legs and feel his semi-hard cock. I take his hand and place it on one of my tits and moving closer to him I lean forward to kiss him. You watch as our mouths open and his tongue licks the top of my lip. Our mouths lock in a steamy kiss and his tongue is soon inside my mouth.

He's squeezing my tit and I'm rubbing him harder through his jeans.

I pull away and look in the mirror at you while I pull my dress open to expose my black bra. I hold my tits in each hand and then slowly take them out. My nipples are dark red and really hard. I put my arm around his neck and pull his head down towards my tits. He holds one in his hand and starts to lick around the nipple of the other. He starts gently then begins to lick and suck it deep into his mouth. I close my eyes and moan with pleasure. Your cock is pushing hard against your jeans you're so turned on.

He lifts his head and begins to lick all the way up my chest to my neck while I fiddle with his flies and slide my hand inside to find his rock hard cock. I hold it in my hand, its hot and sticky at the end. I lean down and lick the tip to taste his pre-cum. I slide down the seat slightly so I can take it in my mouth. You can see him with his eyes closed, mouth open, sighing with pleasure as I suck harder and harder on him. He puts his hand on the back of my head and fucks my mouth, pushing his hips forward and backwards -- I just take him deeper and deeper into my throat.

He tells me to stop so I just wank him slowly and open my legs wide inviting him to play with me.

You've stopped the car in the car park at our hotel and turn around to watch. I wiggle down in my seat as he pulls my dress up over my hips, and runs his hands over the black, lacy material of my knickers. He puts his hand on my knee and pulls my legs open wide. He runs his hand up and down my pussy. He can feel the damp patch there. You're rubbing your cock with your eyes firmly fixed on me as he slides his hands down my knickers.

He feels my wetness and runs his fingers up and down my slit. He takes his hand out and offers it to me to lick. He rubs it around my mouth and I suck on his fingers and as he pulls my knickers to one side his tongue is in my mouth tasting my juices.

I'm sitting there with my tits out, dress around my waist and knickers pulled to one side I'm still playing with his cock and you're feeling so horny you want to explode.

He puts his head down into my lap and with both hands he opens my pussy lips and I feel his tongue licking me. He pulls me wide open and finds my clit licking it and then sucking my lips into his mouth.

You see him slide two fingers into me and begin to fuck me with them.

We are all so turned on. My pussy is dripping wet by the time he's made me cum with his fingers. Eventually I say, "I need fucking, I want a cock inside me". He's slowly wanking as we lean across and kiss each other hard on the mouth.

We decide its probably safer to move on up to our room! I organise my clothes and we walk into the hotel finding the lift. He says to you "you're mrs is so horny, you are so lucky!" lol You tell him that we are all in for one hell of a night!

In the lift you hold me close to you and kiss me, running your hands all over my back and arse. You pull the back of my dress up slightly so he can just see my arse cheeks.

The lift stops and another guy gets in and he must have seen my arse. I turn around so I have my back to you with you holding onto my hips and the first guy standing right in front of me -- we're sort of sandwiched. He lifts his hand to hold one of my tits and the second guys eyes nearly pop out of his head. We all smile at the situation. You're kissing my neck and rubbing your cock into my back and I'm having my tits played with by someone else -- the new guy must have thought he was dreaming! lol

I reach my hand over and stroke the new guys stomach, as he doesn't stop me I move my hand further down to his cock. He still doesn't stop me so I rub it and he can't believe his luck. You say to him "want to join our party?" He smiles and immediately says yes.

Once inside our room you take off your shirt and organise drinks for the four of us.

The two guys sit either end of the sofa and you take the chair. I disappear into the bedroom and put on my black cat suit with the neck -- it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. I put on a pair of high-heeled shoes and look in the mirror thinking the two strangers are in for a surprise when I walk out in this!

By this time you had discovered that the first guy is called Max and the one from the lift is Roy. I walk out of the bedroom door and all eyes are on me. You introduce them and me and I walk over to the sofa and sit between them.

My nipples are hard and sticking out through the suit and you can all see my pussy has been shaved.

I knew I had three rock hard cocks to play with and to please me and I was going to have them in my hand, mouth, pussy and arse. I was so turned looking at you knowing how much you were enjoying yourself.

Nobody moved or knew what to do at first so I stood up, walked over to the bedside cabinet and took out a long, black dildo. It was as if nobody was breathing it was so quiet in the room. I walked back to the sofa, leaned back open my legs wide and began to rub it up and down my pussy. All eyes were on my cunt. I took Max's hand and placed it on my tit and told Roy to do the same. They soon had my tits pulled out of my suit and we sucking and licking my nipples. Max took hold of the dildo and found a hole in the suit and was rubbing it up and down my lips while his was biting gently on my nipples. Roy leaned over and kissed me hard on the mouth as I began to rub his cock.

He stood up and I undid his trousers and pulled them down over his thighs so he stood there with his cock in front of my face. He put on knee on the sofa offering his dick to me so I could wank him and suck on him. Max had the dildo pushed deep into my pussy and was fucking me with it. You could see my juices glistening on it every time he pulled it out. He got on his knees between my legs and watched the dildo slide in and out of my wet pussy and rubbed my clit at the same time.

He pulled the dildo out and buried his head into my cunt. I moved my hips up and down and covered his mouth and chin with my juice. He pulled my lips open wide with his fingers and rammed his tongue deep into my hole.

By this time I could see you wanking in the chair, your jeans pulled down to your knees. You smiled and asked if I was ok and I just winked to reassure that it was.

Roy was fucking my mouth and I could tell he was getting ready to cum. I took his cock out of my mouth and put my tongue on the tip of it as I wanked him harder and harder, playing with his balls and asking him if he wanted to fuck me. He was saying yeah I want to fuck you you horny bitch as his cock exploded with cum into my mouth. You could see cum on my tongue and over my chin as it kept spurting from his cock, it was covering my chin and I sucked on him and lapped up his cum licking my lips and enjoying the moment. To catch his breath he sat down beside me and gently ran his hands over my body and pinched my nipples. You and he watched as Max brought me to an amazing orgasm. I cried out with pleasure as I felt wave after wave of that familiar feeling spread across pussy and legs. My nipples hardened and I held onto the back of his head until the feeling has subsided.

He sat back onto the sofa with his legs open inviting me to do the same to him. I soon had his trousers off and his hard cock in my hand. You saw my mouth part as I got onto my knees in front of him and licked the tip of his cock. You watched it disappear into my mouth and I sucked and wanked him hard. By this time Roy was naked and getting ready to start again! He lay on the floor on his back and wriggled up until his head was just underneath my pussy. He pulled my arse down towards him as I sat on his face. He pushed his tongue into me and I sort of fucked his face moving up and down and backwards and forwards on his face.

Max was saying, "I've never had my cock in such as horny mouth" I just sucked harder and wanked him faster. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I let go of it. He sat up slightly and while I was getting off on Roys tongue he wanked onto my face and tits. His cum exploded from the end of his cock and I could feel it hot and sticky as it landed on my skin. I took him into my mouth to make sure I had the last drop.

As Roy was getting me off with his tongue you saw him slide a finger into my arse and smiled. You said "she likes it up her arse" so he put two fingers inside and moved them around quickly opening my arse slightly.

I thought it was time I paid you some attention so stood up and walked towards you. You offered me a towel so I could wipe off the cum that covered my tits and you slid your hand between my legs and could feel just how wet it was. We kissed hard and I bent down to touch you slowly and gently around your cock and balls.

My arse was in the air and Roy stood behind me. I could feel him guiding his cock between my lips and opening them slightly. "Fuck me now, fuck me hard while I suck this cock" With one stroke he was deep inside me, holding onto my hips and pulling me back onto his cock as I took your cock in my mouth and began to suck you. You watched your cock disappear into my mouth and my tits banging backwards and forwards as Roy got into a fast rhythm. Max was getting hard on the sofa rubbing the tip of his cock between his thumb and fingers.

You told me to stop sucking as you didn't want to cum just yet so I just held your cock and played with you slowly and gently while Roy banged away at my cunt. Max stood up and Roy pulled out of me. Roy at on the edge of the bed, Max bent me over the bed so you could watch his cock sliding into my pussy. He told me to put one leg up on the bed so you didn't miss a movement and he could get deeper inside me.

My gaping, dripping wet pussy was aching with pleasure as he fucked me from behind. Roy put his hand underneath me and rubbed my clit and I knew it wasnt going to be long before I came again.

I collapsed onto the bed on my back and they both laid each side of me. They teased my tits and ran their hands up and down my body. You stood up, naked now, and climbed onto the bed. You pulled my knees up and open, they each took hold of one of my legs and pulled them right back so my pussy and arse were in the air, pussy open ready to take your cock. They held me like that as you rubbed your cock up and down my wet cunt and over my clit. You slid it deep inside me in one stroke and moaned with pleasure as it felt so good. You love the feel of my pussy when its so wet and used. You fucked me for a while watching them tease me and lick my tits.

I said "cum over my pussy babes" you fuck me faster and harder and I can feel your balls banging against my arse as you close your eyes lean back, pull your cock out of me and take it in your hand and wank as you explode over my open pussy hole.

You rub your cock up and down me spreading my wetness and your cum to my arse and sat back on the edge of the bed.

We're all so turned on still but need a breather! I move from the bed and go to the bathroom for a clean up. I take off the cat suit and stand naked in the shower as I was the cum from my face and body.

I walk back into the room to find you had moved your chair to the bottom of the bed -- you obviously want the best view in the room! lol

Max and Roy are lying with semi-hard cocks telling you what a night they are having! I walk in front of you and bend over the end of the bed as I start to climb on you run your hand from my pussy to my arse hole. I kneel between the two guys and take each of their cocks in my hand. I take it in turns licking and teasing their cocks until they are rock hard and ready again. I sit astride Max and lower myself down onto his cock. You can see his balls squashed against my arse and his thighs as I start to ride him. Roy is up on his knees playing with my tits and fingering my arse hole as I suck on his cock.

I turn around so I have my back to Max as I fuck his cock. You can see my pussy filled with cock and watch intently as I lift up and down his shaft. You move your chair to the side slightly as I say to Roy "lick my cunt" he moves between my legs and licks my clit as I ride Max's cock. You don't miss one movement or lick and squeeze of my tits as we stay in that position until I cum again.

Roy's wanking hard and saying "fuck I want to be inside that pussy again". I lay side ways on the bed with Roy behind me, he lifts up my leg and slides his cock into me. Max is laying in front of me and I play with his cock as Roy fucks me and fingers my clit from behind. Eventually he says he has to stop as he's going to cum. He pulls out of me and Max gets between my legs pushes them over my head and slides his cock straight into me.

I decide its time for something else! lol I push Max off of me and get on all fours with my arse in the air. "Lick my arse now" I moan as Max just buries his head between my arse cheeks and licks my tight hole. You and Roy are holding your cocks and wanking as you watch. Max slides his tongue from my wet pussy to my arse hole. It feels so good knowing I'm going to have my arse fucked!

You find the lube and give it to Max. Roy pulls open my arse hole and Max squirts the lube straight into my open hole. He rubs the excess all over his hard cock and gently guides it towards me. I feel him push it just inside my arse and then pull it out. He pushes it further into me and Roy starts to finger my pussy at the same time.

Inch by inch he's eventually sunk to his balls inside my arse. "Oh yeah, fuck my arse hard" He thrusts deep into my hole and Roy rubs harder on my cit. I say "I want my pussy filled with cock" Roy quickly lays beneath me and guides his cock into my pussy. Its so tight having two cocks at the same time. Your cock is nearly exploding seeing me like that. I've got two sets of balls between my pussy and arse. Roy is fucking my pussy harder and harder and Max is moaning and groaning saying he's going to cum. He pulls his cock out of my arse and squirts his cum back into the gaping hole. I can feel it running between my arse cheeks and down to my pussy. Roy is laying still beneath me as I catch my breath. I look at him and he says "I've never fucked arse before". You tell him theres nothing quite like it and he doesn't need persuading to give it a go. My arse is wet with cum as he very gently slides his cock into my hole. It feels so tight now. He says "fuck this is amazing" as he gives it to me harder and harder. You move onto the bed and say "suck my cock now" I suck on you while Roy pounds away at my arse. You're telling me how fucking horny I am and that you cant wait to be inside my used arse hole. You're saying what a dirty slut I am and how you love it so much! I feel Roys hand on my hips pulling me harder and harder back onto his cock. He cums over my arse and lower back leaving my gaping arse hole open as he pulls out of me.

You get behind me and now its your turn. Your cock slides straight up. I've never known you to fuck me so hard and fast. Your holding onto my tits and I'm rubbing my clit crying out I'm going to cum. You pull out of me and turn me around quickly, holding my head towards your cock and putting it in my mouth as it cock explodes with all your gorgeous tasty cum. I swallow hard and feel more exploding into my throat. I suck on you until you cant take anymore.

I lay naked on the bed with three happy men, satisfied and spent. I've had my mouth, face, tits and pussy filled and covered in cum. I've also had my arse fucked by all three of you and can feel the wetness between my pussy and arse.

What a night!