Written by iliketolick

24 Mar 2007

MARK: After having had a meal, at your house, and enjoying playful conversation, sipping coffee . .. I offer to bathe you.

I take you up the bathroom and run the bath for you. . very very hot. I undress you, holding our eyes intently, but not tocuhing you. When your naked I hold your hand as you step into the bath . . .

The water foams the bubble bath, the room fills with its scent. Its so hot, you almost cant stand it. Gradually you lower yourself into the bath, gasping at the heat.When your finalyy lying in the bath, I soap you, wash your hair . . you feel the sweat coimng off your skin, making you even wetter in the bath . . . you feel light headed and lethargic.

I offer you a drink of ice cold white wine, you feel it sliding down inside you to your stomach.

I pull the plug and let out half of the water, and then fill it with cold. It feels icey to your skin after the heat. You can feel your heart beat slowing, the ponding receding . . .

I pull the plug again, and the fill the bath only with cold water. You skin tingles, your nipples errect, you feel alive and vibrant. I offer you a spirit to drink and you feel its warmth shoot through you as it descends agin to yout stomach. Eventually you start to shiver, and I pull the plug again . . and now refill with hot water again.

This time ther is bath oil in the water, softening your skin . .You feel the warm water swilling around you, round your legs your bum, heating you again. The water flows in until your covered again, and the water is so so hot, you start to sweat agin, your heart pounding, gasping for breath . . . ..

This time I offer my hand to help you out. You satnd weak, light headed. I help you out and lightly towel you, helping you walk to the bedroom. I lie the towel out over the bed and lie you donw on it, your skin feels so soft, and so warm . . you perspire, mixing with your still damp body . . . . .

DEBRA: You lay me down on the bed so gently that I feel overwhelmed with emotion and desire. You stand there watching me, smiling. I reach out to you but you shake your head in a teasing manner but I can see how hard you are and know you want me. You begin to undress and I gasp as your naked body is revealed. My eyes rove over you ... your chest, your stomach, your cock. You have an amazing body and I feel the moistness between my legs increase dramatically.

I reach for you again and, this time, you take my hand and lie yourself next to me, your naked, warm skin touching mine. You know how much I want you yet you make me wait. You tell me to close my eyes and I soon feel your hot breath near my neck. Your lips touch my skin just below my ear and an incredible sensation shoots down my body and causes my heart rate to increase.

Slowly, you move down to my large breasts and slide your tongue across my now erect nipples. After lingering there for a while you move down to my stomach, carressing me with your soft, arousing kisses. You reach my pussy and I open myself up for you. I'm swollen and red to signal that my body is screaming out for you to slide your hard penis inside me but you maintain the suspense, taking in every part of me.

I look at you and see a smile on your lips as you read my mind.

"Play with me", I ask. I don't have the strength to move.

Your tongue touches my clit and again, I feel the sensation pulse through me, causing my body to arch in pleasure. . . .

MARK: I have so longed to lick you . . all night . . my true desert for the eveing . . and I intend to feast!!!!!!!!

I part you legs and bend them at the knee, sliping my arms underneath your thighs so lifting your feet over my shouldes, so I'm wedged uner your legs. With my fingers I part your lips and gent:y cares my tougue down the very outer edges of your lps, I fell you tremble, lift your hips from the bed . .

I :ick again, harder pusnhing my toungue in more, feeling your lips wrap around my toungues . . tasting your sweet juices , , knowng you are so wet and so close to cuming, but I want you to beg, to scream for me to release you . .

I avoid licking or touching your clit and work down, licking below your pussy, working my way into your wet crack. I lift you from the bed with my shoulders gently, enabling me to lick further, I want your bum hole, I want to tease it to play with it, to get my tip just insdie . .. .

DEBRA: You pull me to the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor. You spread my legs apart further so that your tongue can explore my bum further. Inside my body is screaming for you to come into me and let me cum but, at the same time, the resistance is causing my body to build to unkown heights of total ecstacy.

Your tongue reaches my bum hole and the sensation threatens to cause me to lose consciousness as I realise I have been holding my breath. You sense my emotions and return to the bed, pulling me onto your lap whilst I'm still laid on my back, writhing with desire for you to become part of my body.

Your cock is incredibly big and hard and I almost fear the size. You slide it into my pussy just to moisten it but quickly remove it as you feel my pussy tighten around the end of your cock. Then you touch it to my bum hole and begin to slide it into me. At first my reaction is to resist but you persist and the tip enters me . . . .

MARK: I feel my nob push inside you, so tight and wram. I push my fingers up inside your pussy, soaking them, causing you to tremble against me.

I wrap my fingers around my shaft coating it with your juices, then wipe them on your arse cheeks. I take hold of your hips with my hands, firmly. I can feel you straining to push back on me to force my cock in youas far as it will go.

I grip you tighter, and start gently working my nob in and out of you minutely. Teasing you. Wanting you to beg.

You catch on and say,

"Please, push it in me. Take my arse now, HARD, please!!!!!!!!!!"

I ram you back onto me lifting your kness from the bed, so you are hanging on me, skewed by me. You moan, and grind against me .. and I pump you. .. hard and fast .. .. using you .. working you on my cock .. not stopping till I'm spent . . and gushed into you . .. .

I pull out, and you collapse to the bed, but I ease you round onto your knees in front of me.

"Now its your turn" I say.

I take a double ended dildo, 14" in total, and hand it to you.

" Now take me. Put it in you, soak it, soin it round then take me, like a man."

I kneel down on the bed beside you, on my hands and knees, waiting for you . . . . .

DEBRA: Reeling from the force of the amazing fuck you've just given me I delightedly take the dildo from you. I move behind you and begin to tease you by kissing your cheeks and letting you feel my tongue wetting your cheeks as I drift towards your arse. Your firm buttocks, strong legs and sensuous back - your body makes me crave every inch of you.

I part your buttocks and tease your bum hole with the tip of my tongue. It becomes moistened from my saliva so I slip my little finger inside your arse in preparation for what is to come. Using my own juices inside my pussy, along with your cum, I wet the dildo inside me first and then bring it towards you. You feel it gently enter your arse and I hear you sigh with pleasure. I push it in further and further until it is fully inserted. My body is against yours so that I can reach my hand around you to play with your cock whilst increasing the thrusting of the dildo inside you.

Your cock is hard once again with arousal and I smile at being able to have this effect on you. I thrust harder and pull harder. You moan with delight which makes me moan in joint pleasure. Thrusting and pulling I feel your balls tighten as they prepare to release your juicy cum all over my hand. Again, again and again . . . .

MARK: . ... then I stop you. Freeze your hand, then take it from my cock.

"Put the other end of the didldo inside you and fuck me." You see the didldo wedged in my arse the otehr end pointing out, waiting for you. You rise up on your kness, holding the didlo with your hand, and point it into your pussy. You lower yourself onto it slowly, I can feel you pushing it against me. I want to feel your pubes tickling the cheeks of my bum, for you to be fully on the dildo.

I feel you hands on my hips, gripping me, "Now pump" I say. You push backslidng the didlo out of you then slide back on it again, its working onyou like a cock. So you squeeze your musles tight and slowly start to pull the didldo out of me. You work the rythm faster and faster, I m so hard again now, its so hrny feeling you pumping in and out of me. I feel you slamming your self into me, really working yourself off, loosing yourself in cumming.

You collapse hot and wet onto my back, I can feel your errect nipples pushing into my back . ... my cock is now throbbing so hard again, needing you .. again . . .

DEBRA: I kiss your back as the pulsing from my orgasm takes over every every other sensation within my body. However, I am aware that you haven't cum again yet - all too aware just by the way you are breathing, heavily panting, still so aroused.

I roll you over to see fully the effect of my fucking us both has had on you and see the look of pure lust in your eyes. Almost dangerous like an animal trapped, desperate for escape. How can I finish satisfying you?

You look almost spent. I look at you, your body covered in a light film of sweat, your chest rising and falling with heavy breath. Using my stockings, I wrap them firmly around your wrists and then tie the ends to either side of the bed. Next, finding two of your ties I do the same with your ankles.

Pulling myself back onto all fours I am above you, I feed one of my breasts into your mouth. I pull away as you are about to take my nipple between your teeth.

"Oh no you don't", I tease. You are going to be begging me to fuck you once last time before long. Again I tease you with my nipple, you seem to be getting angry with me.

"That's it!" I say. "You want me like an animal would. You are dangerous but anable to do anything unless I let you."

You pull at your restraints but to no avail. I lift your thighs and buttocks so that they are arched off the bed and put some pillows underneath to make it easier for me to get to your cock and arse. I reach for my vibrator and moisten it within myself. You are watching me. You know what's coming. The vibrator enters you hole, it's bigger than you are used to. A slight wince escapes you as it enters but you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you so you relax again and it slides in easily. The deeper it goes the more you sigh. I lick you around your hole and you contract with the tickling sensation.

As I start the vibrator you feel the buzzing and begins to get you excited. I increase the power and you start to squirm with it. Smiling, I bend over to take you cock in my mouth again. You smell so strongly of both your cum and mine that the arousal returns to a greater height than I'd expected. I run my tongue from the base of your shaft and up to the end. I do this over and over, then gently bite the tip of your cock with my teeth and carress it with my tongue. I continue to do this over and over and over.

"Fuck me now!" you say forcefully but I don't think you are quite desperate enough yet so I continue licking, biting and carressing. It's taking all my strength to hold back but I want you to want it so badly.

"Do it, fuck my cock!" You are ready. The veins in your cock look as though they are about to burst and you are bigger and harder than I seen you all night.

I grab your cock in my mouth and suck. Sucking powerfully whilst pushing my head up and down on you and pushing the vibrator in and out of your bum hole. Pushing and sucking, pushing and sucking. I increase the speed and intensity until you cry out. You explode everywhere, it gushes out of you with such strength. Your body heaves with the force of it until you are totally spent and lie back down on the bed. Gently I release your wrists and ankles and watch your face as it relaxes back to its gorgeous masculine self, satisfied!